Wolfsberg 2017

Saturday morning at the Stalag 18A site


Saturday morning dawned bright and hot as our coaches picked us up from the hotels for the short drive to the location of the Stalag 18A camp. I had this great idea of a guided walk-through from the site of the main gate to the British & Commonwealth sector. Well, that didn't work out! I hadn't accounted for the traffic using Lagerstrasse and the size of our group. Rather than get anybody knocked down, we moved down Arlingbachweg where I tried to address the crowd. Unfortunately I was now competing with noisy machinery and the first cries of 'Can't hear you, Ian!' were heard. So I finally got to say something whilst standing on the steps of a local Night-Club, much to the puzzlement of a cleaning lady. After that auspicious start, all plans were reassessed and we walked down to what had been the centre of the Stalag where a few more words were shouted and finally up to the corner of the camp to look at the information board erected in 2013. Despite Bronnie and Mick's efforts, we got everybody back on the coaches and set off for Klagenfurt and lunch.


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Saturday lunch

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