Wolfsberg 2017

Friday afternoon at the Kuss


In planning this event, we decided that there needed to be an opportunity for all the visitors to meet up and share information. I brought over from the UK about 30 kilos of books and other Stalag 18A material (many thanks to Lufthansa for not charging me for extra baggage)  and everybody was encouraged to bring their own memorabilia. Once again, we used the Kuss function rooms in Wolfsberg. Like any decent convention, we provided a programme, a pen and a commemorative badge.

Every group had an official photo taken by Armin Bardel, who did a marvellous job over the weekend, taking hundreds of photos of the event. Christian Kloesch and Margit Berner, from the Natural History Museum in Vienna were on hand to answer questions about Stalag 18A. Everybody just talked, swapping memories and photographs. A great start to the weekend.

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