Wolfsberg 2017

Sunday morning at Wolfsberg Town Hall


Sunday morning saw us all collect together for the last time at Wolfsberg Rathaus (Town Hall) in the magnificent Festsaal, to say our thankyous and goodbyes. The two Deputy Mayors of Wolfsberg, Manuela Karner and Ewald Mauritsch were presented with small gifts to express our appreciation for all their help in organising the Weekend. Kim Ralston from the Australian Embassy addressed the group and thanks were given to Daniel, Christine and Alex for their magnificent efforts in helping to create the whole weekend. Thanks also were given to Sue & Iulia, Phil & Wendy, Nigel & Jean for all their organising skills and especially to Carole for putting up with me. As a fitting end to the Weekend, Rai, Lisl and Barbara sang the Maori farewell song, 'Now is the Hour'. Many a tear was shed.

We'll have to do this again...


Gathering The Festsaal 2017sun03 2017sun04 2017sun05 2017sun06 2017sun07 2017sun08 Lyn & Margaret (with Geoff at the back) Me with Ewald & Manuela Daniel, Christine & Alex - the All-stars 2017sun12 2017sun13 Starting proceedings Kim Ralston from the Australian Embassy The Weekend Organisers Nigel presenting Carole & I with the thoughts of the group Flowers for Alex Flowers for Christine The ever-lovely Christine Flowers for Manuela Ewald receives gifts for Hans-Peter Rai, Lisl & Barbara sing 'Now is the Hour' The whole group The Kiwis The Aussies The Brits The Austrians Me with the Ace Photographer, Armin Lisl at the piano Lisl plays us out
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