ID Photos

One part of the 2013 Lagerstadt Exhibition in Wolfsberg consists of a series of photographs of individual POWs with their POW number. These photos are a batch numbered from 1 to 5000 which are held at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. The photos were probably taken in the latter part of 1941 when POWs from Greece and Crete arrived in Wolfsberg after the nightmare train journey in cattle trucks through Yugoslavia. The photos clearly show the strain and exhaustion of the POWs.

Dr Margit Berner (Email: at the museum has kindly offered to scan any particular image from the set. If you wish to contact Margit, then bear three things in mind:

1. The archive of photos does not include the names of the POWs and so you must have the POW number.

2. The ID numbers run from 1 to 5000. Any POW whose number is outside that range is not included.

3. There was some duplication of POW numbers. This series of 5000 seems to relate to those POWs who were transferred directly to Stalag 18A from Greece in 1941, rather than those who were transferred from another Stalag, such as Stalag 18D or 18B.



Arthur Anderson Ralph Anderson Alfred Atkinson    


Victor Balls Jack Bavister Horace Beardmore Noel Beattie Doug Beckett
Ken Bee Bob Behan B. Beith Halachiny William Bell Walter Betts
Shlomo Biegun Lionel Bigmore Ken Blakey Alfred Bonner   S.L. Bradley
Nick Brady William Briggs Albert Brown John Burns Yaharia Butel
Yehia Butel Kevin Byrne      


Bill Campbell Finlay Campbell Bernard Cashmore Bill Chalker Paul Churton
Harold Christofferson   Joseph Conn aka J. Orr Francis Cooper   Frank Cox Cyril Crawford
Gus Curtin        


Bluey Daniel Roy Dobson Ralph Dolphin Robert Douglas  


William Eastwood Max Elliott      


Frank Forde William Fountain Allan Freebody Henry French Davie Fulton
Patrick Fury        


Shlomo Galant Nisim Gamal Charles Garratt (3469) Richard Gary   Les George
Martin Goldman Ivor Gordon Moshe Gottlieb   William Grant Gordon Gray
Percy Green Colin Greiner Ernest Griffiths Gersz Grinblum  


Alfred Harvey Allan Harvey Robert Heares  Albert Hellyer  Ronald Henderson
  Frank Herbert Kapene Hiroti  George Hopewell   Dick Horan Ian Houston
Alfred Hutchings  Mervyn Hutton Sidney Ingleby    


Bill Jardine Hugh Jessop Charles Johnstone    


Hans Katz Fred Kenney Reg Kett Yosef Kreitmann  


Robert Laidlaw Jacob Lakovsky Szlama Lauffer Leon Levin Reg List
Kenneth Lockwood Jack Lynch      


Matt McColm Mania MacDonald Ian McEwan John McHale Baruch March
William Maris James Meade Garnet Moir Henry Morgan Horace Mott


David Napier Jack Newton Doug Nix Alfred Noll George Nutley


James Ord (died 1942) Claude Over Norman Oxley    


Herbert Panther A.M. Pattison Jack Pearce George Perry   Norman Perry
Owen Perry Stan Peters Thomas Phillips   Arthur Plowman Frank Purdy


George Raditz Robert Ragg Thomas Raine Arthur Reasbeck Tom Reeves
Mordehai Reuch John Reynolds Jack Richardson Louis Robinson 'Blue' Roddy
Charlie Roe Joe Ryan      


Arnold Salpeter Patrick Simmons William Smith Eric Steele Ernest Stevenson
Laurence Stodart Stewart Stubbings George Swan Jack Swinnerton  


Samuel Taslitzki William Thompson Jack Tilsley Herbert Townsend Kenneth Turner


Denys Vette        


Daniel Ward William Watson Bill Webb Aron Weizmann Stephen Whitfield
Peter Whitworth Aron Wigrajzer John Wilde Len Wood Edwin Wyatt


Gordon Young John Young Leon Zamory    

Unknowns and Possibles

I have received a few photos where the POW is not the one expected. If you recognise any of the men shown below, then please contact me.

Natan Blau?    Cyril Crook?    
Karl Rosenblatt? Shaul Stern? J.G. Porteus? Jack Bumfrey?  

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