Andy Krečič

Andy Krecic was not a POW.  He came from Slovenia in northern Yugoslavia. His relationship to Dvr Donald Munns, RASC, a POW in 10029/GW and 10620/GW, provides a glimpse of life in Austria as the war came to an end.
Andy was a locomotive driver who regularly drove trains from Slovenia to Klagenfurt in Austria. Along with his friend, Zorko Simcic, he somehow came into contact with the POWs in 10029/GW at Weidmannsdorf, which is just to the south of Klagenfurt. He managed to supply the POWs with radio sets, topographic instruments and small arms, which were all smuggled into the camp. At the time they were working out of Ljubljana, the area was occupied by the Germans and under Gestapo jurisdiction. On 14th January 1945, a leak in their organisation led to the arrest, interrogation and even torture of both POWs and civilians. This led to Andy and Zorko going into hiding in Austria until British troops arrived in Klagenfurt in May. Donald Munns then introduced the two to the British forces. Zorko was subsequently taken on as an interpreter and Andy worked for the General Staff Intelligence of the 6th Armoured Division, assisting in the interrogation of ex-partisans and suspected Communists.
In 1949, Andy and Zorko emigrated to Argentina.

(Information supplied by Janet Durbin, neice of Donald Munns, from letters written to Donald from 1945 to 1949.)

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