Visit to the site of Stalag 18A


Saturday dawned bright and hot. We all congregated at the Museum to board coaches, which then took us the short distance to the light industrial estate which now occupies the position where Stalag 18A once stood. One we had disembarked, Christian and I said a few words to set the scene, pointing out where the various sections of the old camp had been and then we walked down Lagerstrasse, getting in the way of several rather nonplussed locals, wondering why all these strange people found these factory buildings so interesting. At the end of Lagerstrasse, we turned up Swabenhofstrasse to the south-west corner of the old camp, where a new display board has been erected, giving some details of Stalag 18A. Many photos were taken.

Then it was back to the coaches for the next stage - the cemetery.


The coaches arrive at the camp site Igor beginning to stress about time The camp site is now an industrial estate More of the estate.... ...but the views are nice Christian points out where everything was... ...and so does Ian Carole looking calm and Ian looking stressed We set off along Lagerstrasse Looking down Lagerstrasse The corner of Lagerstrasse and Swabenhofstrasse We start to fill up the road... ...and get in the way of the locals Eric was always ready to answer questions Leon Dolphin by the Lagerstrasse sign Walking up Swabenhofstrasse The south-west corner of the camp Eric being quizzed again Something interesting here.. ..very interesting Christian doing some explaining The new display board All the rebels ducking into a shop to buy lollies That's Fred Unsworth in the buggy Walking back - the castle in the background
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Saturday morning: Wreath-laying at the Cemetery

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