Dinner at the Gasthaus zum Wirt in Pollheim

After our visit to Schwabeck dam, we were driven back to Wolfsberg and all went back to our hotels for a shower and a lie-down (well, I did). Then it was get changed and back to the Museum to board our coaches and off up into the hills to the Gasthaus zum Wirt for a traditional Austrian meal. We all piled into a big room filled with long tables. Meats and cheeses were brought on huge platters. Beers and wines were spread across the tables (Cheers to the Mayor for footing the drinks bill!) and we all tucked in.

Music was provided by a quirky duo on trombone and accordion. Drinking songs were sung. Arms were linked. There was even some dancing.

What a great night.



Gathering at the Museum Arriving at the Gasthaus At the Gasthaus Going in Taking our seats Settling in Making new aquaintances... ...and friends They seem to be enjoying themselves They definitely are Getting the drinks in The band arrives... ...and gets stuck in Possibly asking for requests Mary doing a selfie Mein Host gives us a twirl Definitely a drinking song A lovely mover The singing starts In the mood now No stopping the band... ...or the guests Carole, Carol, Carol &, er, Carol
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