Stalag 18A

 Phil Cleary's Site: A wide-ranging web site devoted to all matters Australian, outlining the experiences of a group of POWs from Brunswick, Victoria.

Burg Bernstein Web Site: Details of Bernstein Castle, which is now a hotel, and the Almasy family.

Missions 19 & 20: The POW supply missions to Wolfsberg flown by the B24 Liberator piloted by Lt. Traetta of the 451st Bomb Group. If you are want to know more about the role of the Liberator in WWII, this is the site to visit.


POW Camps in general

Prisoner of War: (another one!) This site is much more wide-ranging, providing information on many POW camps.

Barbed Wire: Memories of Stalag 383: This site, created by Raine Alexander in memory of Sgt Eric Evans, RASC,  contains a transcript of the book 'Barbed Wire' by M N McKibbin.

Moosburg Online: an extensive web site with details of all POW camps.

Full text of the Geneva Convention

The National Archives: The Reference for Stalag XVIIIA is WO 224/45

The Greek Campaign, 1941

The Brotherhood of Veterans of the Greek Campaign: This website is in honour of Allied Veterans and their fallen comrades who served in Greece in World War Two.

Greece 1941: the Order of Battle of Force 'W', the Allied force.

Operation Marita: an account of the campaign from the German point of view.


General Military Sites

World War 2 Nominal Roll: contains details of all Australian Servicemen and women who served during WW2. That's about one million individuals.

World War II, a British Focus: a Web Ring concentrating on the British and Commonwealth experience of WWII.

World War Two Memories Project: a website devoted to collecting the memories of those who lived through the Second World War.


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