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Key to abbreviations:

George Babillotte 2eme Classe 124eme Rgt.   France
Singh Bachan Sepoy 13th FFR 9682 India
S.J. Backhaus Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 4767 Australia; 2/3 Inf. Bn. on C&A; Transf'd to Stalag 8B
N. Backhouse Pte Bord. 7136  
B.A. Bacon Dvr RASC 2090  
E. Bacon       240/L
E. Bacon Gnr RA 5781  
E.A. Bacon Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 5756 Australia
F.A. Bacon Marine R Marines 6796  
W.A. Bacon Gnr RA 4527 924/GW
A.C. Baddock Dvr RASC 1558  
H. Badger Spr RE 2442  
Les Bagley Sgt     1760/L
A.M. Bagnall L/Cpl   9193 New Zealand
W.S. Bagnall Gnr RA 39671 Stoke on Trent; 11072/GW
William Bagshaw Dvr RASC 7004 Derbyshire
C.H. Baguley Sgt RA 4190  
C. Baigent Sgt RA 657  
John George Campbell Baikie Pte 25 Bn. 7299 New Zealand
A.W. Bailey Marine R Marines 6122  
A.W. Bailey Pte   3348 New Zealand
E. Bailey       22/GW
E.P. Bailey Tpr RAC 5309  
F.W.  Bailey Spr RE 1618 10234/GW
J.G. Bailey Spr RE 9616  
Leslie J. Bailey Dvr RASC 8261 Italy POW
Lewis Frederick Bailey Pte 6 Div. AASC 7086 Australia; 10294/L
N. Bailey Gdsmn CG 7794  
R.R. Bailey Dvr RASC 3066  
S. A. Bailey Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3691 NSW, Australia; 18D
Snow Bailey       10029/GW
T.W. Bailey Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3929 Australia
V.C. Bailey Tpr RAC 5291 Capt'd Greece
Victor Leonard Bailey Gnr RA 4512 Capt'd Greece; 68/GW, 143/GW, 7010/GW
Wilf Bailey Dvr RASC 1598 Halifax; 11072/GW
Wilfred Angus Bailey Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 3829 NSW, Australia; 10029/GW
J.G.C. Bailie Pte   7299 New Zealand
Bill Baillie       Theatre; possibly 10029/GW
A. Baillie Pte A&SH 6177  
J. Baillie Cpl Cam. H. 7458  
J.T. Baillie Pte DLI 6393  
A.N. Bain Tpr RAC 2747  
H. Bain WO RASC 9452 18A/Z, 18C
Harold Bain Gnr RA 5999 Sheffield; capt'd Greece; 1929/L
Kevin Roy Bain Pte 1 A/T Rg. 3890 Australia; capt'd Crete
R. Bain L/Bdr RA 6812  
R.G. Bain Pte   4161 New Zealand
Fred Baines Spr RE 5801 Hull, UK; 2056/L; 785/GW
Charles Bainman       Theatre, 18A 
Alan Baker Gnr RA 359 C&A; 91/GW; died 1946
A. Baker Sgt RA 9372 C&A
A.J. Baker Tpr RAC 1537  
Clyde D Baker PFC Inf. (Para)   USA; capt'd Belgium, 1944
F. Baker Tpr RAC 4488  
F.E. Baker Pte   7218 New Zealand
F.E. Baker Dvr RASC 7795  
G. Baker Dvr RASC 7743  
H.J. Baker Spr RE 5964  
I.L. Baker Sgt   7370 New Zealand
J.N. Baker Dvr RASC 39665 Yorks; 11072/GW
J.R. Baker Gnr RA 7855  
L.P. Baker Spr RE 2582  
M. Baker Tpr RAC 5675 Capt'd Greece
Melvin H. Baker Ord. Smn RN 4867 South Africa; HMS Gloucester; 1760/L, 59/GW
P. Baker       11010/GW
R.C. Baker L/Cpl RE 2956 199/GW
S. Baker Marine R Marines 6136  
S. Baker Dvr RASC 6011  
S. Baker Cpl RAC 7459  
Sam Baker L/Cpl CG 7791 95/GW
Sydney Baker       Birmingham, UK;  100/L
W.E. Baker Spr RE 5432 Gravesend; 11072/GW
W.R. Baker Tpr RAC 7154  
William Richard Charles Baker Dvr R Sigs 819 Liverpool; possibly 10232/GW, 10931/GW; 18A/Z
E.F.K. Balcombe Gnr   39490 New Zealand
C.L. Baldock Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6529 Australia
William George Baldry Sgmn R Sigs 4207 Capt'd Greece; 18D, 86/GW, 11025/GW, 76/HV, 970/GW
W.G. Baldry Gnr RA 8812  
E.C. Baldwin Pte   7181 New Zealand
H.F.H. Baldwin Tpr RAC 5589  
J.L. Baldwin Gnr RA 5490 10911/GW
J.T. Baldwin Dvr RE 1153  
Kenneth Vincent Baldwin Dvr RASC 2298  
T.S. Bale Marine R Marines 4378  
Peter D. Balfe Sgt 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3751 Australia; 18D, 132/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
D.S. Balfour Pte RAVC 776 C&A
A. Ball       18A/Z
A.A. Ball Gnr RA 6312  
Alf Ball       1748/L
F.G. Ball Gnr RA 6555 260/L
G.L. Ball Gnr RA 5764 C&A, 980/GW
Harry T.R. Ball Pte H.Q. Div AASC 7414 Melbourne, Australia; 59/GW
R.J. Ball Gnr RA 8519  
S. Ball Tpr RAC 5483 Capt'd Greece
W. Ball Dvr RASC 7697 266/L?
W. Ball Tpr RAC 8223 266/L?
W. Ballantyne Dvr RASC 3100  
A.J. Ballard Dvr RASC 7657
Cecil George Ballard WO   1049 Weymouth
F.W.C. Ballard Sgt RAC 5461 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
H.F. Ballard Gnr 2/2 Fd. Rg. 3702 Australia
R.H. Ballard Pte AAC 7296  
Snowy Ballard       Australia; 11041/GW
Karel Ballaux Lt   1503 Belgium; Oflag 18B
George B. Ballentine Tech. Sgt. Inf.   North Carolina, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
Richard Ballentine Dvr RASC 8225 Manchester; capt'd Greece; 522/L; 223/L
F. Balloch Spr 6 Fld. Coy. 4247 New Zealand
Frederick (Frank) George Balls Dvr RASC 8092 Harwich, Essex; 934/L
Victor William Balls Sgmn R Sigs 455  Suffolk; 10030/GW
A. Balmer Pte RAVC 2607  
Archie Balmer   RSG   Niklasdorf Work Camp
T.H. Balmer Pte DLI 155102  
J. Balshaw       18A/Z
R. Bamber Spr RE 2079  
A. Bambridge L/Bdr RA 6969  
Syd E. Bamfield Tpr RAC 8157 95/GW
Frederick Joseph Bamford L/Cpl RAC 9508 Bristol; capt'd N. Africa; 576/L
J.L. (Jack) Bamford Sgmn   166 New Zealand; 10030/GW
Vladimir Bandarenko       Russian; died 21.11.41
F. Banfield Spr RE 2445  
G.E. Banfield Pte   7393 New Zealand
D.C. Banfill Dvr RASC 8030  
E.C.A. Banks Spr RE 2094  
J. Banks Pte RAVC 4365  
Leslie H Banks       Theatre player, 18A
M.L. Banks Cpl RASC 7594  
R. Banks Dvr RASC 3337  
R.L. Banks Sgmn R Sigs 4148  
W. Banks Dvr RASC    
S.D. Banner Spr RE 39221  
W.J. Banner Dvr RASC 1596 Birmingham, UK
Charles Bantick Dvr RASC 3368 London; capt'd Crete; Theatre, 18A (wife died whilst POW)
W.F. Bannister Spr RE 8057  
F.B. Bantock Sgmn R Sigs 4831  
Ernest Raymond Banton Pte RAOC 6271 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 10012/GW, 1025/GW, 180/GW
R.A. Barach Gnr   4916 New Zealand
Ivan Baranov       Russian; died 23.11.41
J. Barber Dvr RASC 7892  
J.E. Barber Pte 9 Div. AASC 7359 Australia
Wally Mc. Barber Pte   139 Christchurch, New Zealand; 10030/GW
W.P. Barber Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3916 Victoria, Australia
Raymond Henry (Snowy) Barbour Pte 26 Bn. 7287 New Zealand; 136/L, 826/L, 10044/GW
W.G. Barclay Dvr RASC 7674  
W. Bardell Pte 2/2 M.G. Bn. 6547 Australia
H.P. (Bert) Barden Gnr RA 9290 18A/Z (theatre); 18C
G.L. Barder Gnr RA 978  
Eric Bardsley Sgmn R Sigs 1037 Capt'd Greece; 7010/GW
H.J. Barichievy Pte   9154 South Africa
A. Barker Gnr   4127 New Zealand
A.J. Barker Dvr RASC 5749  
E. Barker Pte RAVC 162 Hull ; 10030/GW
Edgar Barker BSM RA 9401 Nottingham; transf'd to Stalag 357
F. Barker Dvr RASC 39801  
George Barker Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 960 Australia; 18A Activities Organiser; esc'd to Yugoslavia
G.L. Barker Tpr NZ Div. Cav. 118 New Zealand; 1203/L
H. Barker Tpr RAC 5275  
Ian F. Barker Gnr 3 Lt. A.A. Rg. 8674 Australia
J. Barker       London
J.W. Barker Gnr 7 A/Tk. Rg. 3832 New Zealand; C&A; 980/GW, 11089/GW
J.R. Barker Dvr RASC 2333  
L. Barker L/Cpl RASC 39662  
N. Barker Pte   4128 New Zealand
R. Barker Dvr RASC 5559  
Reg Barker Spr RE 5761 10859/GW
W. Barker Gnr RA 8452  
Henry Robert Barkshire Cpl DCLI 9346 London
R.H.M. Barling Gnr RA 5668 Watford; 11072/GW
? Barlow       2056/L
Archie Barlow L/Bdr RA 5095 Liverpool; C&A
Ernie Barlow       Manchester; 785/GW, Weissenbach
Harold E. Barlow Dvr RE 5047 10620/GW
J.A. Barlow Sgmn R Sigs 5850 2056/L, 785/GW
K.P. Barlow Pte 1 C.P. HQ 5840 Australia
L. Barlow Marine R Marines 6123  
O.E.T. Barlow Dvr RASC 3445  
S.W. Barlow Tpr RAC 1898 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR 
W.W. Barlow Dvr RASC 1610  
G. Barnaby Gnr   7152 New Zealand
Eric Francis Barnacle Dvr RASC 7777 Capt'd Kalamata; 10084/GW
C.C.W. Barnard Dvr RASC 3571  
C. Barnden Dvr RASC 6281  
? Barnes       2056/L; 785/GW
A.J. Barnes Dvr RASC 1999  
A.R. Barnes Tpr     MOC 986/GW
E (Tanky) Barnes Tpr RAC 5274 Capt'd Greece; 11057/GW
Eric Barnes       110/L
H. Barnes       Notts, UK
J. Barnes Gnr RA 4638  
J. Barnes L/Bdr RA 5747  
J. Barnes Spr RE 5127 10859/GW
J.C. Barnes Pte   39533 New Zealand
Jack Barnes        
L.H. Barnes Dvr RASC 1020  
L.J. Barnes Spr RE 7651  
R.A.J. Barnes Dvr RASC 3488  
W? (N?) Barnes   RE   St Lambrecht Work Camp
W.A. Barnes Spr RE 5538  
W.R. Barnes Gnr RA 8505  
J.T.M. Barnetson Lt R Scots 9574  
Leslie H. Barnett Gnr RA 5021 Ilford; Hut 1/6, 10030/GW; transferred to Stalag 18C
S.J. Barnett Pte RASC 2309 C&A; 980/GW
H.D. Barnford Pte   39589 New Zealand
E.E. Barnham Gnr RA 8386  
R. Barningham Dvr RASC 7702  
A.J.A. Barnsley Gnr   4601 New Zealand
William Edward Baron L/Cpl RAC 5714 Capt'd Greece
D.A. Barr Bdr RA 9168  
J.S. Barr Sgt Seaf. H. 7568  
A. Barraclough Pte Y&L 8896  
Des Barratt       18A/Z
F. Barratt Spr RE 1029  
F.D. Barratt Gnr RA 5418  
G.M. Barratt Pte RAOC 7015  
D.K. Barrett Sgt R Marines   Capt'd Crete; 1749/L; transf'd to Marlag Nord
E. Barrett Gnr RA 80  
Eddie Barrett       Theatre productions
R.A. Barrett Pte     Victoria, Australia
W.S. Barrett Dvr RASC 5554  
J.H. Barrie Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 7408 Australia
M.R. Barrington L/Cpl 7 Div. Prov. Co. 6073 Australia
L.L. Barritt Gnr RA 7998  
E. Barron Pte KORR 6988 Co. Durham
F.C. Barron Pte   961 New Zealand; 956/GW, 980/GW; C&A
Fred Barron       Auckland, NZ (same as F C Barron?)
Alan J.A. Barrow Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 3740 Australia
C.T. Barrow Dvr RASC 3294 11022/GW
Norm D. Barrow Pte   9140 New Zealand
R.W. Barrow Spr RE 5491  
J. Barrowcliffe Dvr RASC 6815  
R.F. Barrs   RE   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
D.W. Barry Sgt 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3801 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
P. Barry Dvr RASC 7362  
W.H. Barry Able Smn RN 7220  
A.V. (Acker) Barsley Sgt R Sigs 9355 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 18C
Jimmy Bartlett Spr RE 2196 945/GW
R. (Bob) Bartlett Pte   4375 New Zealand; 10029/GW
W. Bartlett Pte 2/3 Pnr. Bn. 43738 Australia
C. Bartlett-Taylor Bdr 3 A/Tk. Rg. 7657 Australia
Edgardo Bartolucci       Italian; 18A cook
Edward G. (Ted) Barton A/Cpl 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 1522 Australia; capt'd Milos (Greece);  Stalag 17B
George Thomas Barton Rfmn KRRC 5762 London; 720/L
H.G. Barton Dvr RASC 1362  
J.A. Barton Gnr RA 5068  
J.D. Barton Dvr RE 2335  
N. Barton Pte RAOC 3199  
Richard Barton   RASC   110/L
S.W. Barton Spr RE 1971  
V.G. Barton Sgt RA 8749 18C
F.L. Bartosh L/Cpl   4954 New Zealand
Victor R. Bartram Dvr RASC 1421 288/GW
Ivan L. Bartrum Pte   7540 New Zealand; 1855/L
J.L. Barty Gnr RA 456 18C ; 10030/GW
F. Barwell SQMS RASC 5526 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
E.J. Bascombe Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 68 Australia; C&A
Tom G. Basey Pte RASC 6979 Llandovery, Wales; 977/L
Bryan Hamilton Baskin S/Sgt   542 Wellington, New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.F. Bass Dvr RASC 3072  
John Bassett Smn RN 4275 Tavistock; HMS Gloucester; 1770/L, 1769/L, 77/L
T.B. Bassett Tpr RAC 5942 Capt'd Greece; 10029/GW
J.J. Basson Pte   8753 South Africa
Arthur Arnold Bastable Gnr RA 761 Derbyshire; capt'd Crete; 10030/GW
Ernest Howard Batchelor Sgt RE 906 Capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW;  18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 18C
H.D. Batchelor Spr RE 5100  
A.E. Bate Pte RASC 5385  
R.L. Bate Pte RASC 7324 320/L?
A. Bateman Tpr RAC 6196  
E.J. Bateman Pte   8200 New Zealand
E.S. Bates Dvr RASC 5393 Leicester; 10620/GW
H. Bates Tpr RAC 5552 MOC 396/L?
G. Bates       18A/Z
J. Bates Gnr RA 577  
J.H. Bates Pte RAVC 6921  
J.W. Bates Sgmn R Sigs 264  
J.W. Bates Gnr RA 8324 South Shields; Italy POW
John Bates       Bishop Aukland; Gmund Work Camp
R. Bates       924/GW924GW, Niklasdorf
R. Bates Dvr RASC 1967  
R.W.G. Bates Gnr RA 5402  
T.W. Bates Dvr RASC 5997  
W.J. Bates Gnr RA 537  
Terence Joseph Bateson Spr RE 2400 180/GW Camp Leader; MOC 1025/GW, 2056/L, 10084/GW
Arnall Thomas Bath Pte 2 Transvaal Scot. Bn. 8135 South Africa; capt'd Tobruk
K.A.E. Bath Gnr RA 5001  
Eric Sidney Batty Sgmn R Sigs 645  
Eric Lawrence (Butch) Baty Pte 4 Fd Amb   New Zealand; 410/L, escaped  Yugoslavia, 8.4.44; C&A
Vic (F.W) Baum F/Sgt RAF 9179 Shot down 6/42; 18A/Z (theatre)
George Baumann Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3622 Victoria, Australia; 839/L
Jack Bavister Pte 21 Bn. 4192 New Zealand, 107/GW, 182/GW,  956/GW, 980/GW, 1029/GW, 7001/GW; C&A
F.R. Baxter RSM 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7110 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
J.A. Baxter Pte 19 Bn. 4185 New Zealand; C&A; 10104/GW
J.F.  Baxter Gnr RA 25181 C&A
Joe Baxter Gnr RA 583 Transf'd to Stalag 3A
L.C. Baxter Gnr RA 5784  
L.F. Baxter Spr RE 2560  
N.R.P. Baxter Spr   4164 New Zealand
J.R.T. Bayford Gnr RA 6847  
A. Bayley Gnr RA 580  
A.E. Bayley Dvr RASC 2142  
C.B. Bayley Pte   8272 New Zealand
George Stanley Bayley Dvr     capt'd Kalamata?; repat'd 1945
P.C. Bayley Spr   8657 South Africa
J.J. Bayliss Pte   8532 South Africa
J.H. Bayliss Pte SWB 6805  
Alban F. Beach Cpl H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 437 Australia; 11025/GW
James Victor Beacon S/Sgt RA 612 MOC? 11017/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383 (possibly POW  1413)
G.A. Beale Dvr RE 5708 1107/L
R.C.N.B.F. Beale Pte Buffs 8490  
W.F. Beale Pte E Surr. 39504  
H.J. Bean       18A/Z
Ernest Bearcroft Cfmn REME 6949 Middlesborough; 522/L??
H.E. Beard  Spr RE 39709  
Horace Beardmore Spr RE 2010 Stoke on Trent; capt'd Greece; 924/GW
C.V. Beardow Sgmn R Sigs 357 'Vic'; built the radio in 18A
Alan J. Beare Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3721 Victoria, Australia
E.G. Beasley Pte   8033 South Africa; 
Dennis Percival Beaton Dvr RE   Somerset; capt'd Crete; killed air raid 20.12.44
D>W>A> Beatson Marine R marines 6259  
J. Beattie Pte RAOC 8144  
L. Beattie Gnr RA 7086  
Noel D. Beattie Pte 19 Bn. 364 New Zealand; capt'd Greece (Corinth)
Norman David Beattie Gnr 2/1 M.G. Bn. 1454 Brisbane, Australia; capt'd Greece; 11041/GW
Peter H. Beattie L/Cpl RE 1331 Theatre Player, 924/GW
Robert B. Beattie Capt. NZMC 9520 M.O.; Wolfsberg; 924/GW (theatre)
W.F. Beattie L/Sgt RA 7560  
Lucien Beaudoin Lt Abb   1685 France; killed air-raid 18.12.44
Frank Beaumont       Yorkshire, UK
F.J. Beavis Gnr RA 9468  
Sydney W. Bebbington Pte Ches. 39685 capt'd N Africa, Italian POW PG 73
Alexander Beck Pte Pal.P.C. 4997 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
D.McL. Beck Pte   39588 New Zealand
J.H.M. Beck Gnr   7665 South Africa
L.G. Beck Pte   7536 New Zealand
F.W. Becker Sgmn R Sigs 843  
Doug ('Joe') Beckett   RAOC 2497 Ipswich; capt'd Kalamata; 980/GW; C&A
W.A. Beckett C/Sgt R Marines 6177  
Ernest John Beckham Marine R Marines 6320 died 6.5.45
M.G. Beckwith Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 5183 Australia
W. Beddie Cpl R Sigs 5376  
A.A. Beddis Cpl RASC 3103  
H.L. Beddoes Dvr RASC 1725 Birmingham, UK; 11030/GW?
H.L.F.A. Beddoes L/Cpl RASC 5290 Birmingham; 18D
J. Beddows Pte Bord. 7125  
Aubert Charles Bedford Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3845 Australia; C&A
Albert Charles Bedford Gnr RA   died 12.4.44
N.V. Bedingfield Pte   266 New Zealand
John Bednarczyk Pte Inf. (Para)   New York, USA; capt'd Sicily, 1943
C.H. Bedwell Dvr RASC 3990  
Fred C. Bee Sgmn R Sigs 4850 Capt'd Greece; 1735/L
Ken Bee Pte RAOC 2584 Capt'd Kalamata; 18D, 352/GW, 1301/L
Albert Beeby Gnr RA 411 Doncaster, UK; 10134/GW
A.W.R. Beech Pte RAMC 9020  
Charles James Beech Tpr RAC 5516 Capt'd Greece; 35/L, 1929/L
L. Beech Pte RE 1961  
H.E. Beechey Dvr RASC 2577  
Eric Arthur Beeching Bdr RA 8085 Gravesend, Kent, UK; 934/L
C.S. Beel Pte   7485 New Zealand
W.J.H. Beer Cpl R Marines 6579  
J.J. Beeslaar Gnr   7987 South Africa
Eddwin K. Beet Gnr RA 5849 11034/GW
P. Beeton L/Cpl RASC 2155  
William Frederick Begley Tpr RAC 8133 18D, 266/L
Robert John Duncan (Bob) Behan Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3790 Australia; 11041/GW, 10029/GW
J.L. Beharrell Gnr RA 5447  
N. Beharrell Cpl RASC 39799  
Danny Behrman Dvr RASC 7383 London; 1107/L, 10760/L, 11033/GW
G. Beith Gnr RA 6746  
Benyamin Beith Halachiny Dvr RASC 4423 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
William David Beitz Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 4796 Queensland, Australia; 18D; 487/L; transf'd to Stalag 17B
Lebja Bejmusowsky Spr 1039 Port Op.Coy. 4622 transf'd to Stalag 344
B.H. Belcher Pte   8932 South Africa 
Vivian R. Belcher Tpr RAC 5715 Scotland; capt'd Greece; 1783/L, 789/L
Harry Belfield Tpr RAC 1196 956/GW
Arthur G. Bell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3796 Australia; 11041/GW
A.J. Bell Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6507 Australia
C. Bell Spr RE 1919  
C. Bell Dvr RASC 2272  
D. Bell Gnr RA 4684 alias Berlofsky
E.A. Bell Tpr RAC 5379  
F. Bell Gnr RA 6962  
G. Bell Spr RE 5898  
G.G. Bell Pte   4244 New Zealand
G.H. Bell Dvr RASC 1635  
George J.H. Bell Pte DLI 8323 Stockton on Tees; Italy POW
Gilbert Bell Pte RAOC 5961 522/L
H. Bell Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6604 Australia
H. Bell Dvr RASC 8224  
H.D. Bell Gnr RA 8566  
Harold Walter Bell Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3759 NSW, Australia; capt'd Greece; 18D, 132/GW
I.S. Bell Gnr   997 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 383
J. Bell Dvr RASC 3124  
J.G. Bell Gnr   739 New Zealand
John Hugh Bell Sgmn R Sigs 4382 Capt'd Greece; 561/L
J.J. Bell Pte Bord. 7202  
John Leslie Bell Spr   1437 New Zealand; MOC 826/L
John Robert (Jack) Bell W.O. RAAF   Brisbane, Australia; capt'd N.Africa; Italy POW, transf'd to Stalag IVB
N. Bell Gnr RA 5731  
P. Bell Spr RE 3003  
R. Bell Dvr RASC 3189  
R. Bell Pte W. Yorks 8514  
R. Bell       10029/GW
R. (Bob) Bell       18A/Z (theatre)
Robert William Bell L/Cpl   8496 New Zealand; 95/GW
Ronald Edward Bell Sgt R Marines 6929 Gosport; capt'd Crete, 223/L; transf'd to Stalag 383 & Marlag
R.T. Bell Sgt REME 9389  
R.W. Bell Spr RE 5676  
Tom S. Bell Spr RE 2545 ; Matrei
W. Bell Pte RAVC 4083  
W.A. Bell Pte   4452 New Zealand
William Gordon Bell Cpl 24 Bn. 901 Auckland, New Zealand; 924/GW, 10049/GW
C. Bellamy Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 4608 Australia
J.E. Bellamy Pte E. Yorks. 39227  
R.C. Bellis Pte   9399 New Zealand
R.J. Bellwood Gnr RA 4559  
R.J. Belsham Gnr RA 6281  
A.L. (Artie) Bender Tpr RAC 970 Hut 1/6, 11030/GW; Flachau Work Camp, 1941
? Benge       2056/L
Abraham Henry Bennett Dvr RE 1033 C&A
A.J. Bennett Pte RAOC 5449  
Ben Bennett       Theatre productions; 18A
C. Bennett Dvr RE 6872  
C. Bennett Dvr RASC 8091  
E.W. Bennett Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6499 Australia
Eric Bennett Dvr RASC 8285 Bradford, Yorkshire; capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 95/GW
F. Bennett Gnr RA 5486  
G.G.R. Bennett Pte   7221 New Zealand
G.C. Bennett Gnr RA 4289  
George A. Bennett Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3398 Victoria, Australia; 11041/GW, 10859/GW
H.A. Bennett Gnr RA 9192  
J. Bennett L/Cpl   3442 New Zealand
J.B. Bennett Pte     Victoria, Australia
J.T. Bennett       Gisborne, New Zealand; Theatre player, 18A
Jack Bennett       18A/Z
Jim Bennett       New Zealand
Jim Bennett       11041/GW
L.N. Bennett L/Cpl S. Staffs. 8545  
R. Bennett Tpr RAC 1168  
R. Bennett       924/GW
R.G. Bennett       Warrington ; 10030/GW
R.S. Bennett L/Bdr RA 588  
T.F. Bennett Pte   251 New Zealand
W.J. Bennett Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3912 Australia
G.W. Bennion Dvr RASC 2765  
E. Benson Gnr RA 39931  
F. Benson Pte RAVC 4084  
L. Bent       Huddersfield, UK
P.J. Bent Cpl Hamp. 7618  
Charley Bentick       Theatre, 18A; transf'd to Stalag 357
Edward John Bentley Pte   4249 New Zealand; 10134/GW
J. Bentley Spr RE 1263  
S.G. Bentley Dvr H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 794 Australia
P.M. Benton Spr RE 2205  
G. Beresford Gnr RA 5804  
Eric Carl Albert Berg Pte 2/48 Inf. Bn. 6553 Australia; capt'd El Alamein; Italy POW; 95/GW
L. Bergdahl Gnr RA 6883  
E Beristianos Pte   8456 South Africa
Louis Berkovitch Rfmn Rifle Bde.   died 22.2.45
T.A. Bermingham Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 3693 Australia; 924/GW
I. Bernardout Dvr RASC 7782  
D.E. Berndt Gnr   8467 South Africa
C. Bernie Dvr   245 New Zealand
R.F. Bernie Pte   4178 New Zealand
Sidney Berridge L/Cpl R Sigs 628 Hull; transf'd to Stalag 383
Jean Berrogain     91051 France; 117/GW
? Berry       Musician
A.J. Berry Spr RE 1968  
Arnold (Alan) Berry Sgt     Australia
B.J. Berry Spr RE 5070 1107/L
Den Berry L/Cpl RE 1790 Coventry; musician,  924/GW
George Peter Berry Dvr RASC 6897 Durham; capt'd Crete
H. Berry Dvr RASC 5987  
Harold Berry Pte RASC 7682 Devon; capt'd Greece
James Berry Dvr RASC 2492 Capt'd Crete; Stalag 18B; 10029/GW, 7010/GW?
John Dennis Berry Gnr NZ Arty 3060 New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 11006/GW; repat'd 1943
R. Berry Spr RE 5864  
R.R. Berry Tpr RAC 5732  
W. Berry Tpr RAC 5694 Capt'd Greece
L.A. Berryman Tpr   4042 Waihi, New Zealand; 1040/GW
R. Berryman Gnr RA 11944  
Ray Berthelsen Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3819 Australia; 18D, transf'd to Stalag 357
F. Bertram Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6461 Australia
C.C. Bertrand Gnr   8047 South Africa
C. Berwick Dvr RASC 1691  
Tony Berwick       945/GW
Archie Bessell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3685 Melbourne, Australia; 18D
M. Bessette Cpl Welch 7653  
F. Bessford L/Bdr RA 7904  
Wilfred Gibson Bessford Dvr RE 5895 London; capt'd Greece; 790/L, 94/GW, 1783/L, 148/GW, 94/GW
A.S. Best Marine R Marines 6129  
A.W. Best Pte 2/24 Inf. Bn. 6450 Australia
H. Best Pte Worcs. 8515  
John T. Best Sgt Air Corps   Kentucky, USA; capt'd 1944; died as POW
W.B. Beston Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 9365 Australia
Ron Beswick MSM RASC 8944 11006/GW
W. Betcher   RE   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
D.C. Betteridge Dvr RASC 6004  
E.A. Betterman Pte 2/43 Inf. Bn. 6594 Australia
John Sanderson Betton L/Cpl R Sigs 653 Manchester; transf'd to Stalag 383
Walter Edwin Betts Pte 2/2 Fd. Wkshps. 3976 Australia; capt'd Greece; 10084/GW
Walter J. Betts Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 4164 Queensland, Australia
T.L. Bettsworth Pte RASC 2777 11010/GW
F.J. Bevan Pte Welch 3351  
F.L. Bevan Pte SWB 6901  
E.R. Beven Pte 2/10 Inf. Bn. 3669 C&A
Alfred Goulder Bevis       Theatre;  10029/GW
H. Bevis Dvr RASC 1347 11057/GW
Leo Charles Bevis Pte 2/12 Inf. Bn. 3459 Tasmania, Australia; 10030/GW
W.E. Bexley Sgmn R Sigs 4267  
Philip Oswald Beynon Dvr RE 5808 Capt'd Greece; 999/L, 942/GW
C.C. Bezar Dvr   4862 New Zealand; 65/GW
Singh Bhagwan L/Naik 11 Sikh Rg. 9679 India
Kahn Bhahwal Sepoy   9687 India
J. Bibby Gnr RA 5276  
Robert Bibby Marine R Marines 5877 Capt'd Crete; 18D, 224/L
J.F. Bickerstaffe Dvr RE 2506 22/GW
L.F. Bickmore Rfmn KRRC 7874  
A.C. Bicknell Gnr RA 8438  
J. Biddulph Dvr RASC 7719  
C.W.L. Bidlake Pte   39723 New Zealand
Walter John Bidois Pte 21 Bn. 4481 New Zealand
Shlomo Biegun Cpl 604 Pal.P.C. 4370 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 8A
Sidney Albert Biffin Spr RE 2449 785/GW
W.H. Bigford L/Cpl RASC 2344 Wolverhampton; 924/GW; transf'd to Stalag 357
R. Biggens       240/L
J.A. Biggs Marine R Marines 6198  
J.J.C. Biggs Spr   8638 New Zealand
E. Bigland Pte Bk. Watch 2225  
Lionel Bigmore Gnr 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3808 Geelong, Australia; 10029/GW
E.G. Bigwood Dvr RASC 2483  
J.J. Bilbrough Pte H.Q. 1 Cp. 4004 Australia; C&A
John North Bilby Cpl RAC 9132 St Helens, Lancs
G.F. Billett Sgt   9336 South Africa
R.C.  Billett Spr RE 5661  
G. Billsborough Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 839 Australia
E.A. Bingley Marine R Marines 6236  
J.W. Binks Dvr RASC 39761 260/L
A.H. Binney Pte   39672 New Zealand
George Binnie Pte 21 Bn. 4138 New Zealand; died 19.7.41
J.B. Binnie Tpr RAC 8020  
J. Binns Fus North. Fus. 9496  
A. Birch Dvr RASC 7235  
F. Birch Sgt Cam. H. 9236  
N.M. Birch Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6575 Australia
A.W. Birchall Pte   109 Oldham, NZ; 13048/L
G. Birchall Pte A&SH 9536  
T. Birchall Pte DLI 39788  
W.A. Birchall Spr   9080 New Zealand
Arthur Bircham       Theatre 18A
A.L. Birchmore Sgmn R Sigs 279 London; Hut 1/6, 10030/GW
Alfred Goulder Bird Spr   4063 New Zealand; 10029/GW
D. Bird Fus R Fus. 5256 Essex; 18D
F.B. Bird Gnr RA 5882 Northamptonshire, UK
H.C. Bird       "Dicky"; Croydon, Surrey, UK
H.E. Bird       10911/GW; Harry?
Harry Bird   REME   possibly 10911/GW; esc'd to Yugoslavia
N.P. Bird Tpr RAC 5943 Capt'd Greece
Stanley Quinton Bird L/Cpl RASC 8559 capt'd Tobruk, Italian POW
W. Bird Spr   85253 South Africa
W.A. Bird Gnr RA 8837 95/GW?
G.L. Birkett L/Cpl 1 Cps. Sigs. 5151 Australia
T.A. Birkett Gnr RA 5341 Maryport, UK; 11017/GW
F. Birks Dvr RE 2671  
T. Birks Sgt     18A School
A.J. Birnie Dvr RASC 9037  
Frank B. Birrell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4225 Australia; 821/L
L. Birt Marine R Marines 5865  
F. Bishell Marine R Marines 6162  
Arnold H. Bishonden Dvr RASC 2774  
E.A. Bishop Rfmn Cam. H. 7143  
E.A. Bishop Dvr RASC 7776  
F. Bishop L/Sgt RE 2441 940/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
G.D. Bishop Spr RE 5279  
H.E. Bishop Pte RASC 2554  
H.E. Bishop Pte DCLI 8489  
J. Bishop Marine R Marines 6248  
R.H. Bishop Sgmn R Sigs 4435  
William Edward Bishop Pte Worcs.   died 4.7.44
G. Bisseker Sgt RAC 7817  
C. Bisset Spr RE 5994  
C.F. Bisset Dvr RASC 3129  
George Knight Bisset Spr RE 3576  
Jack Bissett Pte RASC 156120 Edinburgh; 223/L; transf'd to Stalag 17B
Jack Bissett       10029/GW
J.S. Bithell Gnr RA 702 11079/GW
C.E. Black Dvr   730 New Zealand
Claude D. Black Gnr RA 836 148/GW
E.L. Black Pte     Australia
Eric Black Pte 6 Div. AASC 220 Australia; 11041/GW; died 8.11.43 (shot after escape)
F.J.S. Black Tpr RAC 1963  
George Black     74148 640/GW Camp Leader
I.G.T. Black Pte   8467 New Zealand
Johnny Black       Rm 3, 924/GW
T. Black Dvr RASC 7608  
T. Black Spr RE 8222  
T.. Black       Scotland
W. Black Tpr RAC 1942  
W. Black Pte RAMC 8989  
Eric T. Blackbourn Pte   3981 New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 1735/L
H. Blackburn Dvr RASC 2746  
S. Blackburn Dvr RASC 2058  
S.B. Blackham Dvr RASC 8110 MOC 1967/L Bohnersdorf
K.L. Blackith Dvr RASC 2283  
J.B. Blackmoore Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6581 Australia
F.V. Blackmore Pte   413 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 18C
Chester L. Blackwell Tech. Sgt. Air Corps   Missouri, USA; capt'd Austria, 1944
William M.G. Blackwood Gnr RA 39924 11057/GW, 11017/GW
A. Blair Pte A&SH 6136  
C.D. Blair Pte   4765 New Zealand
G.E. Blair Spr   4914 New Zealand
J. Blair WO2   770 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 357
J.C. (Jake?) Blair Spr RE 2723 11088/GW?
John Blair       East Lothian, Scotland
N.I. Blair Pte   4119 New Zealand
Norman Blair   RAF Rgt 7770 Dundee; capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW; trransf'd to Stalag 357
Peter Blair       18D
R. Blair Pte   8067 New Zealand
T.A. Blair Fus Innis. Fus. 6742  
Arthur J. Blake Dvr RE 1746 London; Theatre player, 924/GW
C.R. Blake Pte   9516 New Zealand
E.T.H. Blake Pte SWB 6976  
S. Blake CSM Gn. How. 39890  
Wilfrid C. Blake   RE   Capt'd Crete
A.R. Blakeham L/Bdr RA 539  
S. Blakemore Dvr RASC 4957  
A.V. (Vern) Blakeway Spr   185 New Zealand; 10030/GW
Kenneth Alan Blakey Pte 21 Bn. 4140 New Zealand; 11041/GW (beaten by guard)
Leonard Blakey Pte Hamp. 3211  
Grard Blanches     101443 France; killed air-raid 18.12.44
G.A. Blanchard Pte E. Yorks. 8680  
R. Blanchard Dvr RASC 7003  
T.S. Blanchard Spr   4913 New Zealand
V.W. Bland  Cpl RAC 5473 Capt'd Greece;  3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 357
V.R. Blandford Pte Hamp. 6016  
G.H. Blanshard L/Cpl RE 8100  
Frank Blashill Cpl RASC 9472 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW
A.S. Blatchford Sgt RAC 5889 Capt'd Greece
W.S. Blaylock BQMS RA 7516  
G.E. Blazeby Pte Essex 6875  
George Henry Blencowe Dvr RASC 7384 Capt'd Crete
R. Blenkinsop Tpr   4588 New Zealand; 133/L
S.A. Blenkiron Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 7459 Australia
A.R. Blewett Pte   298 Napier, New Zealand
B.N. Blissett SSM RASC 9471 18C
B.G. Blitz Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7453 Victoria, Australia
J.C. Block Pte RAVC 5286  
Stuart Hardie Blofeld Tpr RAC 5805 Birmingham; 522/L; 223/L
Fred .J. Bloom Spr RE 3934 1971/L
F. Bloom  Gnr RA 8596  
H. Bloomberg Pte Cam. H. 8211  
Albert Bloomer Dvr RASC 2414 Birmingham?; 91/GW
J. Bloomer Spr RE 1923  
A.T. Bloomfield Dvr RE 1641  
Ike E. Bloomfield Pte 1 Cp. Sal. Unit 3641 Australia
Robert Bloomfield Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3752 NSW, Australia; 18D, 18A; killed accidentally 10.5.45
T.H. Bloomfield Dvr RASC 5785  
E.G. Blowers Pte RASC 2863 Surrey
Jack Bloxham Spr RE 1446 Coventry, UK; Gmund Work Camp, 11072/GW
K.T. Bloxham Tpr RAC 3244  
P.D. Bloxham Pte RAVC 3080  
W.C. Blucher Pte   7139 New Zealand
Alex Blyth Pte 4 Fld. Amb. 110 Hamilton, New Zealand; repat'd 1943
R. Blyth   RAF 9345  
C.H. Blythe Tpr RAC 8237  
William H. Blythe Sgt 6 Div. AASC 4234 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
Cecil Graham Boakes Dvr RASC 1705 died 24.3.45
Albert John Board Pte RASC 2651 959/GW Camp Leader
F.G. Board Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6491 Australia
E.A. (Fred) Boardman Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 433 Sydney, Australia ; 10030/GW
G. Boardman Gnr RA 481 C&A; 980/GW
George Boardman       Lincs; 839/L
G.V. Bode Pte 2/15 Inf. Bn. 8319 Australia; 18A/Z
D.E. Boden Pte RAMC 5027 189th Field Ambulance
Edward George Boden Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3792 Australia; C&A; 13048/L
Walter John Boden Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3719 Australia; 10104/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
Jack Alexander Boddie Pte 18 Bn. 4156 Te Kuiti, New Zealand; 10859/GW; Matrei
George W. Bodman Spr RE 2761 apt'd Greece; 10105/GW, 11088/GW
C.W. Bodsworth Gnr RA 5782 240/L
W.B. Bodsworth Pte Foresters 7802  
William Douglas Bodycomb Pte RWK 39383 Capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW
James W. Bofinger Pte 6 Div. Prov. Co. 6928 NSW, Australia; 18A/Z
A.D. Bogie Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6616 Australia
E. Bolam Pte 2/15 Inf. Bn. 7396 Australia
G.F. Bolam Gnr RA 5902  
C.F. Boldsworth Dvr RASC 7317  
Michael Patrick Bolger Gnr RA 5024 Liverpool
L.J. Bollington A/L/Sgt 2/7 Fd. Co. 7687 Australia
M.J. (Jim) Boloski Pte   4839 New Zealand; Kalsdorf Work Camp; 565/L
R. Bolt  Dvr RASC 7733  
E.J. Bolton Rfmn   8466 South Africa
F. Bolton Spr RE 775  
J.W. Bolton Gnr RA 6902  
? Bond       10234/GW
Albert Bond Pte   8122 New Zealand
B.A.V. Bond Pte Essex 39121  
R. Bond Sgt RAC 1543  
R.C. Bond Pte   8417 New Zealand
Raymond Bond Spr   5248 New Zealand
Alec Bone Pte Hamp. 7158 789/L
E.F. Bone Marine  R Marines 6246 Z Battery, Coastal Artillery Brigade
W.J. Bone Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6523 Australia
Alfred George Bonner Gnr RA 510 London; capt'd Greece; 10030/GW
Frank Bonner Pte RAVC 4177 18D
R. Bonner L/Bdr RA 7627  
W.J. Bonner       Birmingham; 11030/GW?
W.J. Bonnett     3912? Australia; 18D
E.G.(or E.C.) Bonsor Cpl RE 1359 Dover, UK
I.J. Boobyer Pte   578 New Zealand
A. Booker       Sheffield, UK
Jim Booker L/Cpl R Sigs 662 London; 1715/L
Jack Booker       London
V. Boon Pte Green How. 39745  
Fred W. Boos PFC Inf.   Massachusetts, USA, capt'd Italy, 1944
C. Booth SSM RAC 7036 Capt'd Greece
Charles Booth       Theatre, 18A 
D.B. Booth Pte Cam. H. 8172  
F. Booth Dvr RASC 7772  
F. Booth Gnr RA 8423  
F.S. Booth Marine R Marines 6147  
G.H. Booth Spr RE 5780  
J. Booth Gnr RA 471  
Jack Booth Dvr RASC 5593 522/L
J. Booth Tpr RAC 6048  
J.W. Booth Spr 2/3 Fd. Co. 6378 Australia
R. Booth Dvr RASC 3078  
Robert Tye Booth Dvr RASC 1363 103/L
S. Booth Dvr RASC 2426  
S.R.C. Booth Dvr RASC 7853  
W. Booth Pte RAVC 741  
W.A. Borovich Pte   4256 New Zealand; C&A
A.P. Borris Bdr RA 7486  
P.W. Bosgard A/Cpl 2/15 Inf. Bn. 8695 Australia
D.J.C.S. Botes Pte   8740 South Africa
P.J.J. Botha Pte   8752 South Africa
C.R. Bott SQMS RAVC 4048 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
William Edwin John (Billy) Bott Gnr 1 Cps. Art.   Victoria, Australia; capt'd Crete
Leslie Herbert Botten Pte RAOC 3251 924/GW
P. Bottin Pte   4930 New Zealand
H. Bottomley Sgt RASC 7651  
Maurice M. Boucher Sgt RAC 2869 Commissionaire, Theatre, 18A; capt'd Greece
Lucien Boudoux     1099 France; killed air-raid 18.12.44
Edgar Boughey Dvr RASC 5325 Derby; 18D
G.H. Boughton Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3430 Australia
H. Bougourd Pte RAOC 3242 Jersey; 18D
A.J. Boulton Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7475 Victoria, Australia
Greg C. Bourchier Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3831 Australia; 13048/L, 2054/L
I.R. Bourke Gnr   4666 New Zealand
S. Bourn Pte Worcs. 9306  
Alfred Bourne   RE 1178 Lancashire; 10911/GW
R. Bourne Dvr RASC 1009  
R. Bourne Pte RAMC 9326 18C
H. Bouskill Gnr RA 4514  
Anthony F. Bovino PFC Inf.   Massachusetts, USA, capt'd Italy, 1944
L. Bowd Dvr RASC 7641  
A. Bowden Spr RE 5428  
Albert Tony Bowden Bdr RA 398 Castleford; Theatre 18A; 11041/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
C.F. Bowden Gnr RA 8482 C&A
E. Bowden Dvr RE 5614  
D.J. Bowditch Pte SWB 6861  
G.W.F. Bowen Gnr RA 5031  
A. Bower Pte Foresters 6975  
C. McD. Bower Pte 6 Div. Sigs. 854 Australia
T.C.B. Bowers Tpr RAC 8879  
Alan E. Bowey S/Sgt 2/8 Inf. Bn. 7334 Australia; 18A/Z
P.J.J. Bowie Pte   7960 South Africa
R.J. Bowkett Spr RE 2186  
E. Bowler S/Sgt RAOC 1432 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
R. Bowler Tpr RAC 8258  
J.W.W. (Jerry) Bowles   R Marines 6234 1749/L
W.L. Bowley L/Cpl RASC 2800  
Harry Bowling       571/L?
S. Bowling Dvr RASC 3175  
B.A.V. Bowman Tpr RAC 2510  
Frederick James Bowman Sgt RAC 3162 940/GW; MOC 11025/GW (as F.D.A. Bowman)
F.S. Bowman     3167 MOC 11025/GW; Co. Leader V/910
H.J. Bowman Gnr RA 6845  
Jack (Slim) Bowman Cpl 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3302 Victoria, Australia; Matrei
R. Bowman       977/L
R.F. Bowman Sgmn R Sigs 703  
R.L. Bowman L/Cpl RASC 6204  
S. Bowman Dvr RASC 3367  
S.A. Bowman Gnr RA 5912  
S.G. Bowman Pte E. Yorks. 8691  
Tom Bowman       England; 2056/L
D.W. Bowron Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6462 Australia
W.J.P. Bowsher Pte RAOC 5776  
F.D. Bowyer Dvr RASC 5717  
L. Bowyer Dvr RASC 5414 1929/L
S. Bowyer Pte OBLI 9563  
J.E. Box L/Sgt RA 39913 11006/GW
J. Boxall Sgt RA 9021 11006/GW
J.T. Boxell Dvr R Sigs 714  
F. Boyce Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6479 Australia
G.W. Boyce Gnr RA 6950  
John A. Boyce Tpr RAC 1039 Aberystwyth; transf'd to Stalag 383
J.F. Boycott Tpr RAC 7358  
A.E. Boyd Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6599 Australia
E.W. Boyd Gnr RA 8526  
R.H. Boyd Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6526 Australia
R.J. Boyd Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3756 Australia; 18D; transferred to Stalag 357
W.J. (Bill) Boyd Cpl 20 Bn. 4438 New Zealand; capt'd Kalamata; 18D, 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.G. Boyer Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 3758 Australia
A.L. Boyer Tpr RAC 1078  
T. Boyer Tpr RAC 5917  
P.M. Boylan Pte A&SH 6665  
Tom  P. Boyle Pte   4484

Otago, New Zealand; 99/L

H.V. Brace Tpr RAC 5940 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 20A
J. Bracegirdle Dvr RASC 5766  
E.A. Bracewell Pte DLI 8761 95/GW?
Richard Henry Bracken Pte   4664 New Zealand; 1760/L
R.J. Bracken Gnr RA 8077  
Ernest Edward Bradburn Pte 1 Cps. Sigs. 3804 Australia; 10029/GW
George C. Bradbury Spr RE 5876 capt'd Crete; 2056/L, 758/GW
L.C.F. Bradbury Spr 2/8 Fd. Co. 7421 Australia
W. Bradbury Spr RE 5270  
E.A. Bradding Pte   7133 New Zealand
Arthur Sidney Bradey Cpl 2/3 Inf. Bn. 3717 Sydney, Australia; wounded Greece; repat'd 1944
? Bradford       10760/L
J.W.A. Bradford Spr RE 2198 C&A; 980/GW
R. Bradford L/Cpl E. Yorks. 39900  
R.D. (Dave) Bradford Tpr RAC 2246 1783/L, 789/L; 18A theatre
Brad Bradley       945/GW
C.H. Bradley Pte   4181 New Zealand
Charles Henry Bradley L/Cpl KRRC 3866 London; capt'd Greece; MOC 576/L, 410/GW
George Lawrence Bradley Gnr   4087 New Zealand
J. Bradley Spr RE 1647 Dudley; 11072/GW
John Franklin Bradley T/L/Cpl 21 Bn. 1464 Wanganui, N.Z.; 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 383
Kenneth Bradley Sgt RE 5075 Capt'd Crete; transf'd to Stalag 383
L. Bradley       Dudley, UK
O.G. Bradley Spr   4199 New Zealand
S.L. Bradley Cpl   4246 New Zealand; 10029/GW
Spider Bradley       18A/Z (theatre)?
Thomas L. Bradley Gnr 2/8 Fd. Co. 3963 Australia; 18D
? Bradshaw       10234/GW
C L Bradshaw Gnr   4811 New Zealand
S.T. Bradshaw Dvr RASC 3237  
W. Bradshaw Pte RAMC 6025  
E. Brady Gnr RA 8367  
J.P. Brady Pte   7966 New Zealand
Nicholas Leonard Brady Pte 19 Bn. 478 New Zealand; 11086/GW, 11041/GW, 10084/GW
T.R. Braid Gnr RA 5279  
H. Brailsford Tpr RAC 5509  
R. Brain Pte RASC 7740 18A/Z
E.H. Braithwaite Bdsm RAC 5746  
J.B. Braithwaite Gnr RA 8374  
V.J.S. Braithwaite Tpr North. Fus. 8289  
W.M. (Merv) Bramble Pte   651 New Zealand; 956/GW
G. Brammall Dvr RASC 7101  
H.J. Bran RSM RA 9094 18A/Z
William (Twiggy) Branch L/Sgt RA 1564 Theatre, 18A; C&A
G. Brandrick Dvr RASC 6902  
James A. Brannigan Gnr RA 3257 199/GW
F. Branson Dvr RE 5931  
H.A. Brasier Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3759 Australia
Frank J. Brassell Cpl   4139 New Zealand
F. Bratherton Tpr RAC 5731  
J.S. Bratton Dvr RASC 5685  
Albert Bray Pte RASC 5415  
Lew P. Bray Spr RE 1617 Theatre, 18A; transf'd to Stalag 357
Joe  E. Brayen Gnr RA 5441 Northumberland, UK; Theatre, 18A
John Oliver Braysher Gnr RA 5938 571/L 
L. Brazier       Australia; 2048/L
W.J. Brazil Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6389 Australia
A.G. Bready Pte   7339 New Zealand
N. Breakspear Pte RASC 1604 Birmingham, UK; 11072/GW
H. Brearley Pte RAVC 1132  
Sam Brearley Cpl RASC 5925 Bacup; 233/L&296/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.R. Breayley Cpl   4815 New Zealand
Clifton Leslie Brebner L/Cpl 7 Div. Prov. Co. 5855 Australia; capt'd Crete
J. Brechney Pte Cam. H. 8355  
Victor Bregeon 2eme Classe 20eme Rgt. D'Art. 89238 11338/L
A. Bremner       North Berwick; 11086/GW
A.S. Bremner Spr RE 2933  
Rex Bremner       NZ?; 568/L
F. Brennan Pte DLI 6022  
H.M. Brennan Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4479 Australia
J.F. Brennan Pte KORR 7089  
Graeme Stainton Bretherton Pte 19 Bn. 4183 Wanganui, New Zealand; 11072/GW
? Brett       Kalsdorf Work Camp
A.R. Brett Spr RE 5508  
S.C. Brett Pte Green How. 8369  
W.J. Brett Rfmn KRRC 3829  
W.J. Brewer Marine R Marines 6106 Chatham, Kent; 522/L?
T. Brewin Gnr RA 289 18C
R. Brewis Pte RASC 2791  
R.E. Brewis Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3826 Australia; C&A
D. Brewster Tpr RAC 8592  
S. Brewster Pte Bk. Watch 6726  
H. Bricker Pte   8480 South Africa
Geoff C. Brickwood Sgt RASC 5927 Theatre, 18A; transf'd to Stalag 357
K.E. Bridgeman Spr RE 1994  
R.J. Bridger Pte RASC 8115  
R.J. Bridges Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 7462 Australia; 11022/GW
W. Bridges Dvr RASC 6690  
J. Bridgewood Gnr RA 4378  
W.F. Bridgman Tpr RAC 6980 Capt'd Greece
A.J. Bridle Spr RE 7538  
R. Brier Spr RE 2740  
A.H. Brierley Gnr RA 4558  
R. Brierley Gnr RA 8228  
A. Briers Spr RE 8684  
A.J. Briggs Gnr H.Q. 1 Cps. Arty. 3981 Australia
E.R. Briggs Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6437 Australia
L. Briggs Bdr RA 7333  
Ron Briggs Gnr RA 4064 2044/L
Reginald John (Peter) Briggs Dvr RASC 2572 Capt'd Crete
William Briggs Sgmn R Sigs 77 Paisley, Scotland
D. Bright Gnr RA 3247  
F.J. Bright Spr RE 5576 Dunstable, UK; 11072/GW
Jack Bright L/Cpl CMP 7360 Capt'd Greece; C&A
W.H. Brightwell Cpl Buffs 7404  
G. Brignall Pte Green How. 8037  
Cecil C. Brinded Dvr RASC 2278  
? Brindley       2056/L
W.H. Brisbourne Dvr RASC 2557  
George Joseph Bristow Gnr RA 7967 London; capt'd N.Africa, 95/GW
Lloyd Walter Brittingham A/Sgt 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3771 Australia; 10029/GW
J.J. Britton L/Cpl RASC 39198  
Joe H.K. Britton Dvr RASC 3545 Birmingham; capt'd Kalamata; 10620/GW
Arthur (Archie) Broadbent Sgt R Sigs 419 Manchester; capt'd Greece; Musician, 924/GW, 10084/GW
F. Broadbent Marine R Marines 6301  
H. Broadrick L/Cpl W. Yorks 39663  
Stanley Broad Pte 2/15 Inf. Bn. 6539 Australia; Italy POW; 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
A. Broady Pte Green How. 6401  
Henderson B. Broddick 2nd Lt Inf.   Washington, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
Colin Cameron Brodie Sgmn R Sigs   London; 10030/GW; died 18.5.43
Edward Fredrick Brodie Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 985 Australia; C&A
Edward Brodie       10049/GW  (E.F. Brodie?)
H. Brogan Spr RE 5491  
Edward (Ted) Brogden Bdr RA 5373 Oswaldtwiswistle, UK; 59/GW
Frank Brogden L/Cpl RASC 39797 Hull; capt's N. Africa; Italy POW
E.J. Brogmus Pte 2/2 Fd. Rg. 5140 Australia
Louis Bromfield       18A/Z (theatre)
W.A.G. Bromfield Marine R Marines 6244  
Garth A. Bromley Spr   4228 New Zealand; Medical Orderly 18A
H.T. Bromley Pte   8660 Christchurch, New Zealand; 11072/GW
J.A. Brook L/Cpl 2/2 Fd. Rg. 7102 Australia; C&A; 11089/GW
L. Brook Pte A&SH 8248  
F. Brooker   RASC   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
A. Brookes Dvr RASC 2666  
A. (Bluey) Brookes       10029/GW
Alf A. Brookes Sgt RA 39378 11006/GW
G. Brookes Tpr RAC 5604 Capt'd Greece
A. Brooks       11022/GW
A. Brooks Pte RAVC 3117  
Alfred F. (Boy) Brooks Gnr RA 5138 Colchester; brother of S.J. Brooks; 10020/GW
F.M. Brooks Pte   39528 New Zealand
F.W.H. Brooks Pte RAOC 82  
G.M. Brooks Gnr RA 4237  
Peter Brooks Marine R Marines 6250 injured air-raid, 16.10.44, St Veit
Sid James Brooks Gnr RA 5284 Colchester; brother of A.F. Brooks; 10911/GW
T.J. Brooks Dvr RASC 8205  
W. Brooks       11057/GW
W.D. Brooks Tpr RAC 1369 11017/GW, 11057/GW
John R. Broom WO 2   573 New Zealand; MOC 956/GW
J.M. Broom Pte RASC 5380  
W.S. Broom L/Bdr RA 1199 C&A
W.J Brotchie Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3814 Australia
Ernie Brough Sgt     Australia
M.P. Brough Pte   5905 New Zealand; 13048/L; transf'd to Stalag 344
C.H. Broughall Tpr RAC 5649 MOC 2020/L
Bill Brougham Gnr RA 5112 Theatre productions
William Broughton Spr   5085 MOC 10487/GW (9/42)
S. Browell Cpl RAMC 8792 18A/Z
A. Brown Gnr RA 704  
? Brown       2124/L
Arthur Brown Pte   779 New Zealand
A. Brown Cpl RAC 5462 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
A. Brown       Tasmania; 10911/GW
A.E. Brown Marine R Marines 6551  
A.L. Brown Pte   7959 New Zealand
A.H. Brown L/Sgt RA 9241  
A.H. Brown Bdr RA 9380  
Albert Stanley Brown Dvr RASC 1341 10106/GW, 288/GW, Gmund Work Camp?
A.W. Brown Dvr RASC 2793  
Alva Telford Brown Pte NZMC   New Zealand; died 21.8.41
Arthur Sidney Brown Pte   778 Gisborne, NZ; Rm 3, 924/GW
Bertram C.O. Brown Pte   4010 New Zealand; 785/GW
C. Brown       11086/GW
C. Brown       Thames, NZ; 10030/GW
C. Brown Pte KORR 6660  
C. Brown Gnr RA 6850  
C. Brown   MDC?   C&A
C.S. Brown Pte   972 New Zealand
C.C. Brown Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3734 AustraliaC&A
C.E. Brown Sgmn R Sigs 4113  
C.H. Brown Pte RASC 2729  
C.R. Brown Pte     Victoria, Australia
C.S. Brown Dvr RASC 8101  
C.W. Brown Tpr RHG 7589  
D. Brown Dvr RE 6048  
D. Brown L/Bdr RA 8554  
E. (Topper) Brown       18A/Z
E. Brown Pte RASC 6952  
Eric C. Brown Pte RASC 2775 London; 11010/GW
Eric George Brown Pte RAVC   Birkenhead; died 13.11.42
Ernest Brown Pte A&SH 4941 Knutsford
E.H. Brown Pte RAOC 1403  
E.J. Brown SSM RASC 9449  
Edwin Brown       10084/GW
Frederick William Charles Brown CQMS RA 7386 capt'd N Africa; Italy POW; 18A/Z, 410/GW
George Brown BSM RA 5020 Transf'd to Stalag 383
George Brown Sgt A&SH 7576 Greenock, UK; capt'd Greece; 99/L, 59/GW
George Arthur Brown L/Cpl 7 Div. Prov. Co. 5854 South Australia; capt'd Crete; 18D, 410/GW, 521/L
George F. Brown Pte Seaf. H. 7882 Capt'd Sicily; PG 73; 107/GW
H. Brown Gnr RA 5814  
Harold Brown Gnr RA 7043 capt'd N Africa, Italian POW PG 57; 1107/L415/GW?
Harry (A.F.) Brown Spr RE 5019 capt'd Kalamata; Br-in-law to Maurice Jones; 11017/GW, 121/GW
J. Brown Tpr RAC 3149  
J. Brown Pte   8602 South Africa
J. Brown     4050 Melbourne, Australia
J.G. Brown S/Sgt RE 5913  
J.G. Brown Pte RAOC 8779  
J.M. Brown Gnr RA 4104  
J.R. Brown Pte 2/24 Inf. Bn. 9219 Australia
J.S. Brown   R Sigs   Manchester; Stalag 18A/Z?
J.W. Brown Pte Foresters 6770  
J.W. Brown Tpr RAC 7142  
John Brown Cpl RASC 9295 capt'd Tobruk
John Peter Brown Gnr RA   died 3.12.41
John Robert Brown WO 2   4193 New Zealand
L.D. Brown Pte E Surr. 39499  
L.H. Brown Bdr RA 39747  
N. Brown       18A/Z
N.McP. Brown L/Cpl   7162 New Zealand
N.A. Brown Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3849 Australia
N.E. Brown Cpl RAC 6026 Capt'd Greece
O. Brown Spr RE 2042 924/GW
Oswald Henry Brown Pte AA Post. Serv. 7082 Australia; 1157/L; died 7.3.42 (shot by guards)
R. Brown Gnr RA 8166  
R. (Rod?) Brown Cpl Foresters 8977 Theatre, 18A; 18A/Z (theatre)?; 18C
R. Brown       Australia; 10911/GW
R.L. Brown L/Cpl   39559 New Zealand
R.J. Brown Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3008 Australia
R.J. Brown L/Cpl 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3856 Australia
Ralph L. Brown Gnr RA 6703 Gateshead; capt'd Italy; Italy POW; 47/GW
R.M. Brown S/Sgt H.Q. 1 Cps. Arty. 5193 Australia
R.S. Brown Dvr RASC 5324  
Raymond Brown Marine R Marines 6269 Capt'd Crete; 300/L; esc'd '44
Reg Brown       11022/GW
Ron Brown       18D
Ronald William Brown Pte   1000 New Zealand
S.A. Brown Pte   204 New Zealand
S.G. Brown Gnr   5043 New Zealand
Stanley George Brown Tpr RAC 39271 Derby; capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW; 18C
T. Brown Pte   156 New Zealand
T.G. Brown Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6476 Australia
T.G. Brown Rfmn KRRC 9660  
T.J. Brown Spr RE 5703  
W. Brown Gnr RA 545  
W. Brown Dvr RASC 2722  
W. Brown Sgmn R Sigs 4387  
Walter G. Brown Tpr RAC 1376 10049/GW, leg wound; transf'd to Stalag 383
William (Bill) Brown       18D
William (Bill) Brown       10030/GW
Charles Alfred Browne Pte   3467 New Zealand; 10029/GW
F.T. Brownjohn Dvr RASC 1973  
T.C. Brownlee Pte   7147 New Zealand
J.H. Brownlow Dvr RE 2140  
Fred W. Broyd Pte Essex 1584 821/L
A.A. Bruce S/Sgt H.Q. 9 Div. 7388 Australia
E.McI. Bruce Cpl RASC 3227  
Herbert Bruce Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3397 NSW, Australia; 10029/GW
J.F.C. Bruce Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6466 Australia
L.A. Bruce Cpl   9169 South Africa
D.B. Brundell Pte 20 Bn. 4096 New Zealand; C&A
A.W. Brunet Cpl 24 Bn.   New Zealand; 11010/GW, esc'd Nov'44
P.A. Brunswick Cpl RASC 7477  
Cyril E. Brunton Dvr R Sigs 200 London
Donald Bruton Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 49994 Australia; 1971/L
Thomas Henry Bruton Sgmn Aust. Sig. Cps. 979 Australia; repat'd 11/43
? Bryan       Kalsdorf Work Camp
A. Bryan Gnr RA 39183  
Henry Bryan Spr RE 2011 Leicester; capt'd Greece; 10734/GW
H. Bryan Dvr R Sigs 4566 137/GW
Joe Bryan       Trumpet
A.W. Bryant Pte Worcs. 7070  
Bill Bryant       Theatre productions
C.D. Bryant Dvr R Sigs 4297  
Douglas   Bryant Sgt Royal Marines 6296 capt'd Crete 
Ted V. Bryant Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3775 Sydney, Australia
L.K. Bryant Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 5641 Australia
L.W. Bryant Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 5852 Australia
Lance Bryant Pte   7212 New Zealand
D.M. Bryce L/Bdr RA 8383  
Robert W. Bryce Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4868 Australia; 1760/L
N.D. Bryden Spr RE 1443  
L.G. Bryder Dvr RASC 2783  
A.A. Brydon Gnr RA 5424 C&A; Eisenerz, 980/GW
Mieczyslaw Bryl 2nd Lt Polish Army   (in Oflag 18B)
G.A. Bryson Dvr RASC 8121  
R.J. (Bob) Buchan Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 3329 Australia; 11041/GW, 10084/GW
W. Buchan Gnr RA 8340  
G.D. Buchanan Pte Y&L 5734  
Bill Buchanan        
George Buchanan Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6508 Australia; capt'd N. Africa; possibly 924/GW
W.A. Buchanan Gnr   5042 New Zealand
J.H. Buck Spr RE 1960  
L.V. Buck Cpl RAC 5981 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.V. Buck  Gnr RA 7087  
A. Buckingham Dvr RASC 8997  
Donald Buckingham Pte RAVC 1849 415/GW
A.C. Buckley Dvr RASC 6816  
A.V. Buckley Pte Cam. H. 7012  
H. Buckley Pte Bord. 7231  
L. Buckley Pte RASC 2646  
R.L. Buckley Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 4186 Australia
W.S. Buckley Gnr RA 6819  
F.H. Budd Pte   7620 South Africa
F.G. Buddle Gnr RA 7831  
G.A. Budworth Fus R Fus. 6622  
Arthur Ward Buffet Pte 21 Bn. 7507 Opotiki, NZ; capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 8A; esc'd 1943
H.W. Bugg Gnr RA 6687  
Carmelo Buhugiar L/Cpl RASC   Egypt
K.A.S. Bulbeck SQMS RASC 1220  
E.R. Bulgin Tpr RAC 6343  
C.H. Bull Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 5160 Australia
F. Bull Pte Foresters 8249  
H. Bull Dvr RASC 39168  
Leslie Clarence Bullard Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3158 Australia; capt'd Greece; 924/GW, 10029/GW, 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
G.W. Bullen Tpr RAC 6977  
H. Bullimore Gnr RA 8804  
W. Bulloch Spr RE 1634  
H. Bulman Gnr RA 39572  
Douglas Wilson Bulmer Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3688 Australia; 10925/GW
K.A.S. Bulmer Pte RASC 7896  
W.B. Bumford Tpr RAC 5370 Capt'd Greece
J. Bumfrey Gnr RA 4629  
Edwin Abyron Bundock Pte Welch 8074 capt'd N Africa, Italian POW PG 53
Walter William Bunnett Sgt RAC 3086 Capt'd Crete; 91/GW, HV/27; transf'd to Stalag 383
Frederick Arthur Bundy Sgmn R Sigs 4111 Stalag 18B; 1768/L
W.C. Bundy Pte DLI 39073  
W.G. (George) Bunston Pte 6 Div. Post 6080 Victoria, Australia; 300/L, 1046/GW; esc'd Yugoslavia
J.V. Bunting Gnr RA 4212  
R.E. Bunting Dvr RASC 1283  
Stanley Burbage Cpl DLI   died 18.1.44
Cyril Frederick Burborough Dvr RASC 3454 Thame; 10030/GW
Keith George Burbridge Sgmn R Sigs 396 worked near Klagenfurt
G.H. Burch Pte Essex    
W.B. Burchoski Spr RE 2936 199/GW
N. Burchett Spr RE 1191 C&A; 980/GW
T.W.G. Burchett Gnr RA 8598  
A.W. Burchill Dvr RASC 7265  
Tim J.A. Burden Spr RE 1649 10859/GW
W Burden Dvr RASC 1050  
A.E. Burdett Spr RE 6307  
A.J.J.C. Burger Pte   8021 South Africa
G. Burgess Marine R marines 6271  
G.A. Burgess Gnr RA 39231  
J. Burgess Dvr RE 5772  
J.W. Burgess Fus R Fus. 7840  
Jack Burgess       Escaped to France?
K. or W. Burgess       10030/GW
K.J.H. Burgess Gnr RA 436  
Samuel Burgess L/Cpl RASC 1358 Sunderland, UK; 11072/GW
S. Burgess       942/GW
S.G. Burgess Dvr RASC 3499  
T.W.G. Burgess Sgmn R Sigs 8615  
F.C. Burgoine Pte RASC 1289 10911/GW
A.J. Burke Gnr   9138 New Zealand
G.L. Burke Tpr RAC 5446  
John Burke Dvr RASC 6003 Bradford; capt'd Greece; 235/L
J.L. Burke Pte     Victoria, Australia
Joseph Patrick Burke Pte RASC 5768 Co. Durham; capt'd Greece; 18D, 18A; 223/L; transf'd to Stalag 17B
J.P. Burke Dvr RASC 8165  
J.W. Burke Pte E. Yorks. 9425  
P.T. Burke Gnr RA 1983  
Thomas Burke Pte Devon. 6056 Devon; 320/L
Tom Burke       Theatre productions
W. Burke L/Sgt RA 5014  
W. Burke Pte Green How. 6187  
Colin Burkinshaw Dvr RASC 1184 Pontefract, UK; capt'd Crete; 924/GW
T.Q. Burlinson Marine R Marines 6162  
Ronnie S. Burmeister Pte   7668 South Africa ; 11096/L
Bill Burn Gnr RA 4761 Gateshead; Olbendorf kdo
A.A. Burnett Pte Berks. 7272  
C.J. Burnett Gnr 1 A/T Rg. 3858 Australia
Graham C. Burnett Sgmn 1 Cps. Sigs. 3805 Australia
James Henry Burnham Dvr RASC   died 5.12.42, originally buried Rotenturm; 522/L?
C.C. Burningham Marine R Marines 6189  
A.R. Burns Tpr RAC 2813  
Alexander Thomson Burns Cfmn REME   died 16.6.44
Charles William Burns Pte RAVC 7879 died 6.5.45
George Burns       Dumfries, Scotland
H.M. Burns Gnr 1 A/T Rg. 3792 Australia; 11096/L
J.E.D. Burns Sgt 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3917 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
John Edward Laws Burns Gnr RA 360 10030/GW
S. Burr  Dvr RE 1582  
A.L. Burrell Spr RE 5423  
F.A.S. Burrell Pte RASC 7351  
Sid L. Burrell Dvr RE 5342  
E. Burridge       22/GW
E.G. Burridge Gnr RA 2474  
J.E. Burridge Pte RASC 2983  
C.E. Burrows L/Cpl RAVC 3383  
F. Burrows Pte Ches. 6009  
J. Burrows Sgmn R Sigs 140  
J.L. Burrows Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3668 Victoria, Australia
John Burrows       10029/GWs
John Joseph Burrows CQMS Leic. 1366  
L. Burrows Pte   70 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 9C
W.R. Burrows Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3538 Australia
C.D. Burst Pte Essex 8195  
R. Burt  Dvr RASC 8223  
T.H. Burt Marine R Marines 6103  
F.D. Burtenshaw Gdsmn CG 7792  
A.G. Burton Dvr RASC 1599  
F.A.H. Burton Tpr RAC 8460  
Harry T. Burton Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 7062 Australia; married Austrian girl; C&A
T. Burton Gnr RA 8978  
T.E. Burton Sgmn R Sigs 5582  
W. Burton Pte RASC 1034  
A. Bury Dvr RASC 7069  
Ben Busby       945/GW
Selwyn Busby Pte   4329 New Zealand
Ethrid Estrange (Curly) Busch   6 Fd. Coy. NZ Eng   New Zealand; capt'd Corinth; 924/GW;  transf'd to  Stalag (Elsterhorst?)
F.E. Bush Pte Cam. H. 8208  
F.W.H. Bush Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 5169 Australia
Robert Henry Bush Sgmn 1 Cps. Sigs. 3380 Australia; capt'd Greece; 27/HV, 929/GW, 415/GW, 107/GW; C&A
S.E. Bush Rfmn   7872 South Africa
Richard Bushby Spr RE 5434  
H.S. Bushell Tpr RAC 6845  
J.W. Bushell Sgt RE 7383  
S. Bushell Pte AAC 6412  
George Buswell       Theatre productions
H. Buswell L/Cpl RE 5113  
Dave Butcher Spr RE 1482 disappeared at end of war; 956/GW, 1014/GW
Eriic W. Butcher Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 5685 Sydney, Australia
Ernest T.A. Butcher Pte 21 Bn. 3339 New Zealand; C&A; 980/GW
Wilfred John Butcher Spr RE 1523 Birkenhead, UK; 10134/GW, 10234/GW
J.T. Butcher Gnr RA 39678  
M. Butcher Dvr RASC 3207  
Yaharia Ben Isha Jahu Butel Pte 608 Pal.P.C. 4454 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
Yehia Ben Yehia Butel Pte 603 Pal.P.C. 4455 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
C.G. Butler Dvr RASC 1910  
D.J. Butler Dvr RASC 7326  
G.L. Butler Pte   4102 New Zealand
Herbert John Butler Tpr RAC 3001 11034/GW
J. Butler Rfmn KRRC 9232  
J.W. Butler Spr RE 2934  
M.J. Butler Pte   4697 New Zealand
P.H. Butler Tpr RAC 6128  
R.E. Butler Gnr   119 Auckland, New Zealand; 10030/GW
W.G. Butler Spr RE 2576  
W.H. Butten Dvr RASC 6967  
J.M. Butterfield Cfmn REME 5670  
R.S. Butterfield Dvr RE 5833  
R.H. Butterwick Bdr RA 7766  
Arthur R. Butterworth L/Cpl   4763 New Zealand
B. Butterworth Dvr RASC 8200  
Victor John Somers Buttle Pte 2 Transvaal Scot. Bn. 8136 South Africa; capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW
Frederick John Button Gnr RA 5388  
H. Button Gnr RA 8295  
Jack G. Byard Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 3389 Australia; 11041/GW
Albert Turner Bygrave   RE 1570 10911/GW; esc'd to Yugoslavia
D.W.P. Byram Sgmn R Sigs 4123  
J.P. Byrne Tpr RAC 5010 Capt'd Greece
Kevin Alphonsus Byrne Dvr H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3705 Australia; 10029/GW
R? Byrne       13048/L
J. Byrom Pte Gord. H 7252  

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