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W.H. Pace Gnr RA 7006  
W.T. Pacey Dvr RASC 1826  
A.J. Packer Pte   39325 New Zealand
C.E. Packer L/Cpl RASC 8500  
E.H.W. Packer Pte   39675 New Zealand
W.R.  Packham Spr RE 5046  
Harold Padfield L/Sgt RE 89228 18C; Stalag 12A
H.F. Padget Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4710 Australia
W.H.B. (Bill?) Padgett Rfmn Rifle Bde. 5991 1768/L?
E.R. Page Gnr RA 6008  
J. Page Tpr North. Fus. 39196  
Rod H. Page Pte 2/48 Inf. Bn. 3312 Australia; 11041/GW
S.T. Page Dvr RASC 7032  
K.E. Paget Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 7123 Australia
L.B. Pagin Pte RAOC 6712  
H. Pahau Pte   4780 New Zealand
Sidney Leonard Paine Cpl KRRC 3865 Middlesex, ; capt'd Greece; 576/L
Edwin N. Painter Pte RAVC 2027 945/GW
F. Painter Pte RAVC 1226  
A.W. Paisley Gnr H.Q. Co. Arty. 5129 Australia; 522/L?, 839/L
J.C. Paisley Pte   8763 New Zealand
R. Paku Pte   594 New Zealand; 10029/GW
G.E. Palfrey Dvr RASC 1213  
Sid  Paling       England; Marburg (64-66/GW)
H. Pallant L/Cpl RASC 3123  
Joseph Richard Pallett Dvr RASC 7862 Birmingham; capt'd Greece
J.W. Palliser Pte   39770 New Zealand
Kenneth Pallister Marine R Marines 6247 Capt'd Crete
C.W.M. Palmer Gnr RA 2816  
D.P. Palmer Cpl RASC 8154  
F.J. Palmer Spr RE 2618 Loughborough; 10620/GW
G.H. Palmer Dvr R Sigs 768 11017/GW
G.H. Palmer Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6459 Australia
Gerard Palmer Spr   4112 New Zealand
H. Palmer Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 5225 Australia
H.C. (Charles) Palmer Gnr RA 5118  
H.L. Palmer Dvr RASC 8101  
Johnny Palmer Pte   4354 New Zealand
L.E. Palmer Pte   39765 New Zealand
L.C. Palmer Gnr RA 6773  
L.R. Palmer Spr RE 5108  
R.E. Palmer Pte Bord. 6710  
R.E. Palmer Dvr RASC 8155 MOC 116/L
R.L. Palmer Gnr RA 803 11079/GW
Sid Palmer       11096/L
W.R. Palmer Dvr R Sigs 5772  
B.V. Pannell Gnr RA 7708 Kent; transf'd to Stalag 344
F.A. (Tony) Pannell Cpl RASC 7266 MOC 1749/L
H.J.G. Panther Pte   976 New Zealand; 11079/GW
R.F. Pantland Dvr RASC 5747  
Tutu Paraone Pte   462 Ruatoria, NZ; Hut 1/6, 10030/GW
Rufus Parent Pte Essex Scot. Rgt.   Canada; died 25.10.43
A. Parfitt       Huddersfield, UK
E.P. Parfitt Dvr RASC 8229  
Kenneth Rees Parfitt Tpr RAC 2842 Transf'd to Stalag 344
Les Pearce Parfitt Sgt RA 6216 London; capt'd Crete; 223/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
T.A. Parfitt Tpr RAC 5653 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
T.C. Parfitt Dvr RASC 1256  
Tom Parfitt       Glamorgan, Wales
W.J. Parham Marine R Marines 8246  
C.H. Parish Gnr RA 5707  
F.A. Parish Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7467 Victoria, Australia
G. Park       Wanganui, NZ; 10030/GW
J.M. Park Cpl R Sigs 4757  
R. Park Pte Bk. Watch 5126  
? Parker       13048/L
A. Parker       942/GW
A. Parker       Middlesborough, UK
A. Parker Dvr RASC 2982  
Bob Parker       821/L
C. Parker Sgt B&H 7764  
C. Parker   RAC   785/GW
C.A.W. Parker Dvr RASC 39156  
D. Parker Tpr   5040 New Zealand
D. Parker Pte Foresters 8647  
F. Parker Dvr RASC 3203  
F. Parker       10029/GW
H.S.R. Parker Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3464 Australia
H.W. Parker Spr RE 2447  
J. Parker       18A/Z
J. Parker Spr RE 3254  
J.E. Parker Mech. RN 7373  
J.H. Parker Cpl RASC 7388  
J.H. Parker Tpr RAC 8450  
J.R. Parker Pte RAVC 4221  
L.E. Parker Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4712 Australia
Lofty Parker       18A/Z (theatre)
N. Parker Pte RAVC 2684  
R.C. Parker Spr RE 5331  
S.J. Parker Gnr RA 5649  
S.R. Parker Dvr RASC 2718  
T.W.H. Parker Gnr RA 39023 18C
W. Parker Tpr RAC 1280  
W. Parker L/Cpl KORR 9663  
W.C. Parker Sgt RA 9129 18C
B.W. Parkes       Birmingham, UK
Bryan William Ernest Parkes Pte 18 Bn. 5123 New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 18D, 18B, 18A
R. Parkes       Theatre, 18A
R.W. Parkes WOII 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7402 Australia
W.C. Parkes Gnr RA 6965  
E.C.E. Parkin Pte Green How. 6951  
R.F. Parking Pte E. Yorks. 7949  
Dennis Parkinson Spr RE 2530 Capt'd Crete; 7010/GW
J. Parkinson Pte RASC 6942  
J.H. Parkinson Gnr RA 5663  
Ronald Victor Parkinson Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 7431 NSW, Australia
Michael Leonard ('Peggy') Parlon Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 1453 Australia; 10925/GW
W.F. Parnell Gnr   4291 New Zealand
A.P. Parratt Sgmn R Sigs 329 Surbiton; 10030/GW
J.E. Parris Spr   7483 New Zealand
George Parrish Tpr RAC 2190 Capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 344
George David Parrish Pte NZMC 5068 New Zealand; 18D
Edgar Parry Pte RAVC 2343 Interpreter; 2056/L; 785/GW
E.C.E. Parry Dvr RASC 3284  
J. Parry Gnr RA 6997  
W.L.B. Parslow Dvr RASC 3366  
E.H. Parsons Marine R Marines 6284  
E.S. Parsons W/Bde RA 8996  
Eddie Parsons       Bristol, UK; 100/L
F.B.R. Parsons Gnr RA 5444 London; 11072/GW
Ivor H.W. Parsons Spr RE 2098 Sussex; Stage carpenter, 924/GW
J.W. Parsons Gnr RA 6923  
L.J. Parsons Pte 2/1 Fd. Amb. AMC 6564 Australia
Richard Frederick Robert Parsons Gnr RA 4209 Capt'd Greece; 296/L & 233/L, Weinberg
Robert Ethelbert Parsons WOII 2/1 Inf. Bn. 7127 Australia; 331/L, 1707, 1711, 1761, 18B
T.E. Parsons Pte   39817 New Zealand
A.E. Partridge Dvr RASC 1991  
G.M. Partridge Gnr RA 218 London; 10030/GW
S. Partridge Gnr RA 218 London
J.H.L. Partridge Cfmn REME 8443  
S.G. Pascoe L/Sgt RA 7507  
A.E. Pashley Gnr RA 6001 235/L
F. Pashley Gnr RA 7104  
C. Pass Pte Welch 3315  
S.M. Pass Gnr   3538 South Africa
Edmund Patchett Gnr RA 6814 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW
G.A. Pateman Dvr RASC 7655  
F. Paterson       942/GW
F.R. Paterson Gnr RA 7092  
H.R. Paterson Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 4131 Australia; 18D
I.W.F. Paterson Sgt AAC 7688  
J. Paterson Dvr RASC 2859  
J.G. Paterson Pte   5840 New Zealand
J.C. Paterson Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6622 Australia
S. Paterson Pte DLI 6115  
W. Paterson Spr RE 1990 Dumfries; 924/GW
W.D. Paterson Spr RE 5990  
W.J. Paterson Pte A&SH 6099  
A. Paton Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 7416 Australia
G.L. Paton Pte RAOC 7060  
S.T.V. Paton Pte Cam. H. 39364 Hants; 11072/GW
William Nisbet Paton Gnr RA 6879 Scotland; capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 18C, 10012/GW
C. Patrick Pte Green How. 8056  
R.W. Patterson Gnr RA 39722 Wallsend, England; Italay POW; 18C
Vincent G. Patterson Pte 26 Bn. 4508 New Zealand
L. Pattinson Dvr RASC 3548  
Dick Pattinson       18A Theatre
R. Pattinson   RAC   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
W.R. Pattinson Spr RE 1063  
A.H. Pattison Tpr RAC 39657  
A.M. Pattison Gnr RA 1038 London; Gmund Work Camp
Doug T. Pattison Pte RASC 156121 Edinburgh; 223/L; transf'd to Stalag 17B
J. Pattison Dvr RASC 7992  
K. Pattison Pte Bk. Watch 6172  
E.J. Patton Gnr 1 A.C. H.Q. 3314 Australia
Robert Patton Dvr     Capt'd Italy; repatriated
T. Patton Pte RASC 5585 Mansfield; 977/L
J. Patwell       Berkshire, UK
H.E. Paul Pte   8095 New Zealand
J.R.H. Paul Tpr RAC 7153  
John Ronald Paul       Edinburgh, Scotland
Matthew Paul Sgt Bk. Watch 7348  
Maru Paul Pte   4976 New Zealand
William Richard Paul Pte   3850 New Zealand
John A. Paull Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3658 Australia; MOC 47/GW
W.R. Pavelin Dvr RASC 6575  
Philip Pawsey Pte Essex 6840 59/GW
C.H. Paxton Pte Cam. H. 6111  
F.G. Pay Marine R Marines 6574 65/GW
H.J. Pay Spr RE 6932  
A. Payne Tpr RAC 7023  
A.C. (Charlie) Payne Cpl 2/28 Inf. Bn. 8905 Australia; 107/GW
Albert Edward Payne Gnr RA 5158 Capt'd Crete; 10487/GW
C. Payne       18A/Z
C. Payne Dvr RASC 8733  
C.B. Payne L/Cpl Prov. Co. 7 Div. 6079 Australia; MOC 1748/L
Douglas George Payne Marine R Marines   died 18.5.42
Douglas H. Payne Sgt RAC 8914 11006/GW
E.J. Payne Gnr RA 5394  
Frederick C.W. Payne Dvr RASC 3249 Biggleswade; 10029/GW
Frederick Edmund Payne Cpl RAC 8082 Colchester, Essex, UK; 934/L
F.S. Payne S/Sgt RE 2422 Transf'd to Stalag 383
F.W. Payne Gnr RA 39074  
H.M. Payne Cpl RE 3229 Ramsey, Essex; transf'd to Stalag 383
J.C. Payne Pte RAOC 950  
K.G.(Pat) Payne Sgt 1 A.C. H.Q. 3412 Melbourne, Australia; 18A editor of POW-WOW; transf'd to Stalag 357
R.A. Payne Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 5805 Australia
V.A. Payne Pte   9183 New Zealand
Lionel C. Paynter Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 4052 NSW, Australia; capt'd Greece; 11072/GW
Ted Paynter       Notts, UK
A. Peacock Dvr RASC 7578  
Allan Douglas Peacock Marine R Marines 6550 Capt'd Crete
E.F. Peacock Gnr RA 3973  
F. Peacock Gnr RA 4057  
J. Peacock Gnr RA 4056  
Edward Peake       11066/GW?; 10029/GW
? Pearce       Kalsdorf Work Camp
C.W.  Pearce Cpl RAC 7723  
D.A. Pearce Dvr RASC 1764  
D.G. Pearce Cpl Welch 5901 Belfast; transf'd to Stalag 344
E.E. Pearce Tpr RAC 5453  
G.C. Pearce Spr RE 2282  
G.H. Pearce Pte 2/48 Inf. Bn. 4056 Australia
George Pearce       Theatre player; from Cannock?
H. Pearce L/Cpl RASC 3288  
J.J. Pearce Rfmn KRRC 2258  
J.W. Pearce L/Cpl RE 5694  
John W. Pearce Spr RE 3132 London; 10620/GW
Lesley Albert (Jack) Pearce Pte RAVC 2067 Berks; capt'd Greece; 916/GW, 10487/GW, 11006/GW
L.A. Pearce Sgmn R Sigs 64 10030/GW
R. Pearce Dvr RASC 6173  
Sam Pearce   RN   561/L
W.G.A. Pearce Dvr RASC 1656  
W.G.E. Pearce L/Cpl RE 1314 11017/GW
W.J. Pearce Pte RASC 3392 18C
E.J. Pearman Tpr RAC 1477  
Lemual Pearse Pte   7538 New Zealand
A. Pearson Pte RAOC 5967  
A. Pearson L/Cpl AAC 8852  
A.J. Pearson Pte   9421 New Zealand
A.E. Pearson Dvr RASC 5308  
Alec Pearson Pte RAOC 5967 522/L 
C.A. Pearson Pte Bk. Watch 6359  
G.G. Pearson Gnr RA 5141  
H.B. Pearson Spr RE 5448  
J. Pearson L/Cpl RE 8434  
J. Pearson Sgt Green How. 9362  
John Edward (Jack) Pearson Pte Lincs   Jaw blown off by a hand grenade; transf'd to Stalag 339
R. Pearson Pte Green How. 8874  
R.M.  Pearson S/Sgt North. Fus. 9281  
R.S. Pearson Gnr RA 6841  
S.W. Pearson Gnr RA 8063  
W. Pearson Dvr RASC 8194  
A. Pease Gnr RA 39465  
E.F. Pease Dvr RASC 7371  
Harold V. Peck Pte RASC 5811 318/L, 1783/L
J.J.J. Peck Gnr RA 6849  
S.H.A. Peck Pte Buffs 6308  
L.C. Peckover Dvr RASC 8100  
H. Peckston Dvr RASC 5382  
Robert Anderson Pedley Pte 25 Bn. 8961 Castlecliff, NZ; died 1.4.45
H. Peet L/Bdr RA 311  
J. Peevor Pte RAVC 1240  
D.B. Peffors Spr RE 6056  
A.L. Pegg Gnr RA 6679  
G.A. Pegg Sgt N.Staffs. 9185  
G. Pelos Gnr RA 8348  
Vic Pelton Pte Berks. 6310  
S.A. Pemberton Pte     Victoria, Australia
Stan Pendlebury Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3118 Australia; 10029/GW
J. Pendleton Dvr RASC 8263  
S.A. Penfold Gnr RA 8235  
G. Penman Tpr RAC 7599  
James Penman Pte 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3787 Australia; 18D
L.F. Penn  Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 7419 Australia
R.W. Pennells   RE   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
J. Pennery Pte RAVC 1847  
Norman Pennington Sgt RA 7646  
L. Pennock Dvr RASC 2986  
G.E. Penny Spr RE 8577  
O.J. Penny Pte   4716 New Zealand
S.A. Penny Pte   7899 New Zealand
D. Penrose Dvr RASC 6982  
V.G. Penrose Dvr R Sigs 877  
R.B. Penton       Australia; 18D
A.A. Pepper  Gnr RA 6882  
H.H. Pepper Pte 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3765 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
? Pepperell       956/GW
H. Pepperell Pte A&SH 7190  
L. Pepperell Gnr 2/2 Fd. Rg. 5751 Australia
Eduerdo Perez Pte Inf. (Rifle)   California, USA; capt'd Italy, 1943
E.L.W. Pergamenter Rfmn   8087 South Africa
W.J. 'Muscles' Perkins       Theatre, 18A
C.E. Perkins Pte   7580 South Africa
W.T. Perkins A/Bdr   342 New Zealand; 10030/GW
Desmond Sydney Perkinson Pte   7192 New Zealand
H. Perks Pte S. Staffs. 6138  
R.A. Perram Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3944 Australia; 18D
Victor Perrot     103752 France; killed in air-raid 18.12.44
? Perry       Musician
E.J. Perry Gnr RA 8437  
George Ernest Perry Pte 2 NZ Eng. 4194 Wellington, NZ; capt'd Greece; musician, 924/GW
Joseph Cyril Perry Spr RE 5488 capt'd Crete; 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
W.J. Perry Pte 20 Bn. 7486 New Zealand
Norman Perry  Sgmn R Sigs 128 York; capt'd Greece
E. Perryman Tpr RAC   Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
R.N. Persse Gnr   8537 South Africa
R.G. Pestell Dvr RASC 4528  
Vivian C.G. Petch Pte   7167 New Zealand
William Peter Cook Indian GSC   Italy POW; died 18A/Z, 6.11.43, pneumonia
A.L. Peters L/Cpl RAMC 7156  
B.J. Peters Gnr   4542 New Zealand
Bernard Peters       Stalag 18B, Spittal Drau
F.A. Peters Gnr RA 6808  
J. Peters Gnr RA 8661  
Ronald Peters Pte 21 Bn. 4124 New Zealand; 785/GW 
Stanley Albert Peters Pte NZ Dental Corps 60 Invercargill, NZ; capt'd Corinth; dental unit (18A); 10030/GW, Flachau, 18A/Z
S.S. Peters Pte   856 New Zealand; 10030/GW
L.J. Petersen Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 7446 Australia
Alfred Hector Peterson Pte 22 Bn.   New Zealand; murdered at 256/L; 3.12.42
Ernest H. Peterson Sgt Air Corps   USA; capt'd Austria, 1944
J. Peterson Dvr RASC 2946  
Tiny Peterson       10029/GW
F.G. Petherick Pte   4203 New Zealand
Gavino P. Petillo Pte Inf. (Rifle)   New Jersey, USA;  capt'd Italy, 1943
R.O. Petrie Pte   7597 New Zealand
? Petter       2124/L
F. Pettinger L/Cpl RE 39829  
R.W. Pettitt Gdsmn CG 6983  
K.P. Pettman Spr   4584 New Zealand
C. Petty Pte E. Yorks. 39660  
Bernhard C. Pfeuffer PFC Inf. (Rifle)   New Jersey, USA; capt'd Italy; 1943
H.D. Pheeney Pte 2/1 M.G. Bn. 4801 Australia
Danny P. Phelan Tpr RAC   3rd Queen's Own Hussars
W.J.T. Phelan Pte   590 New Zealand
A.J. Phelphs Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3813 Australia
? Phelps        
A. Philbin Spr RE 187  
Heinrich Philipson Cpl 605 Pal. P.C. 6748 Palestine
W. Philipson Dvr RASC 8189  
A. Phillips Pte KSLI 361  
A.L. Phillips Cpl   7136 New Zealand
Alexander Moreland Phillips Tpr Div. Cav. 4640 New Zealand
Al Phillips       Pittsburg, USA
E. Phillips Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 4895 Australia
E. Phillips Dvr RASC 9464  
E.F. Phillips Gnr RA 5010  
E.L.W. Phillips       NSW, Australia; 977/L
F. Phillips Gnr RA 5671  
G. Phillips Gnr RA 8711  
G.E. Phillips Pte RAOC 7815  
George   Phillips     5638 Reserve Lazaret IIIb; bullet wound 8/42; repat?
George Phillips         New Zealand; 18A/Z
H. Phillips Gnr RA 7489  
J.R. Phillips Pte Hamp. 9119  
J.W. Phillips Fus R Fus. 5397 18C
Joe Phillips A/Sgt 6 Div. Prov. Co. 6083 Australia; Theatre 18A; transf'd to Stalag 383
L.P. Phillips Gnr 2/3 Fd. Rg. 4924 Australia
N.R. Phillips Spr RE 1301  
R. Phillips Spr RE 1013  
R. Phillips Tpr RAC 5510  
R.M.S. Phillips WOII 1 Cp. H.Q. 5194 Australia
S.A.H. Phillips Cpl   9072 New Zealand
T. Phillips Cpl RASC 8135  
Thomas Oswald (Ossie) Phillips Tpr   698 New Zealand; 956/GW MOC
H. Phillipson Gnr RA 4213  
J.T.G. Philp Dvr RASC 6878  
C.J. Philpotts Spr RE 6252  
C. Phippen Tpr RAC 5674 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
Louis Piantadosi PFC Inf.   USA; capt'd 1944
A.J. Pickard L/Cpl RAC 2126  
R. Pickavance Bdr RA 8898  
Albert E. Pickering Dvr RASC 1545 Barking, UK; 924/GW
Charles Henry Pickering Tpr   3815 New Zealand
E.W. Pickering Dvr RE 1266  
J.E. Pickering Dvr RASC 5645  
Jim Pickering       Australia
L. Pickersgill Pte Bk. Watch 6394  
C.H. Pickett Gnr RA 7024  
G. Pickford Pte DLI 1766  
Neville Pickling       Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK
L. Picton Tpr RAC 1985 Deal; 924/GW; transf'd to Stalag 344
H. Pidcock Gnr RA 8663  
L.J. Pidoux Tpr RAC 8279  
Daniel J. Piedmont Sgt Air Corps   New York, USA; capt'd 1943
E.W. Pierce Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 5153 Australia; 223/L
Peter Douglas Henry Pierson L/Bdr RA   died 19.10.42
Bartholomew W. Piffero Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3782 Australia
A. Pike Dvr R Sigs 4903  
A.R. Pike Pte   7184 New Zealand
E.G. Pike Pte RAVC 4769  
C.H. Pilgrim Dvr RASC 2727  
G.N. Pilgrim Sgt RE 2890  
J.E. Pilkington Pte   7188 New Zealand
R. Pilkington Gnr RA 4636  
G.H. (Harry) Pilling Sgmn R Sigs 7318 10029/GW?, 11057/GW?
H. Pilling Marine R Marines 6098  
F. Pindard Gnr RA 6809  
E.N. Pinder Dvr RASC 7654  
William Donald (Bill) Pinder Dvr RE 2213 Lichfield, Staffs; 107/GW, 955/GW
B. Pineaha Pte   4384 New Zealand
Angelo Pini 2nd Capt Marines 30334 Italy
J. Pinkerton Pte 2/13 Inf. Bn. 6467 Australia
Leslie A. Pinson Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3767 Australia; 18D, 132/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
Jack Piorc       18D
Reg A. Piper L/Cpl RE 2004 Theatre player
G.D. Pipkorn Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 65 Australia
Noel Piret       Belgium
Wiwi Pirini Pte   5857 New Zealand; 785/GW, 2056/L
F.J. Pirrie Cpl RAC 5355 Capt'd Greece; 924/GW
A.S. Pitcher Dvr RASC 2453 785/GW
A.W.I. Pitcher Spr RE 2119  
Cecil George Pitcher Spr RE 1401 11079/GW
S. Pitchford Spr RE 5144  
E.R. Pitman Sgmn R Sigs 920  
Jack Pitt       10029/GW
W.J. Pitt Spr RE 2944 Southampton; 10620/GW
F.H. Pitts Dvr RASC 2726  
F.S. Pivac Pte   9466 New Zealand
J.L. Plackett L/Cpl Hamp. 7784 517/L
B.F. Placquet Pte RASC 7691  
Norman A. Plant L/Bdr RA 6953 59/GW
E.J. Plato Pte   4171 New Zealand; 11041/GW
F. Platt Gnr RA 8153  
J.J. Platt Spr RE 1268 924/GW
Richard Platt Dvr RE 1736  
V. Platt Pte SWB 7017  
W.V. Platts Pte Y&L 3477  
J.W. Plaxton Cpl E. Yorks. 7537  
S.V. Playford Gnr RA 6269  
W.E. Playford BSM RA 5204 Ramsgate; transf'd to Stalag 357
R.V. (Dick) Pleace Gnr RA 6819 London; 571/L
George A. Pledger Sgmn R Sigs 8174 Capt'd Greece; Kokinia Hosp. (41); 18D (41); 18B (42)
C.W.E. Plimmer Cpl RAVC 1982 940/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
Arthur Percy Plowman Spr 6 Fld. Eng. 3648 New Zealand; capt'd Corinth; 10760/L
John William Plumb Pte E. Yorks. 8549 Capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW
R.J. Plumb L/Cpl 7 Div. Prov. Sec. 6068 Australia
P.W. Plume Pte RASC 1483 Sudbury, Suffolk, UK; 11072/GW
F.G. Plumridge Spr RE 7943  
W.J. Plumridge Pte R. Sussex 5463  
? Poidevin Sgt     Australia; escaped Marburg, Sep '44
L. Pointon Gnr RA 7514 18C
J. Poland Gnr RA 6850  
G.E. Poleykett Gnr RA 7021  
R.M.S. Polglase Tpr RAC 1431 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR;10911GW; transf'd to Stalag 344
Philip J. Polizzi PFC Inf.   Pennsylvania, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
N.C. Polkinghorne Pte DCLI 7825  
B.H. Poll Gnr RA 8382  
H.A. Pollard Tpr RAC 5806  
R.J. Pollard Spr RE 3043  
W.S. Polley Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3909 Australia
Gerard H. Pollock Spr 2/1 Fd. Co. 5204 Australia; 18D, 410/GW, 76/HV, 511/L, 107/GW
H. McD. Pollock Pte   4165 New Zealand
Henry Pomet       Lancashire, UK
C.A.N. Pont Rfmn   4487 New Zealand
Dennis Thomas William Ponting Cpl R Marines 6186 Capt'd Crete; 18A; 76/HV; transf'd to 18C
L.H. Pook Spr RE 5699  
E. Poole   RAC   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
H. Poole Gnr RA 5226  
H.T. Poole CSM RE 9229  
T.F. Poole Sgmn R Sigs 305  
Tom R. Poole Gnr RA 4589 Sheffield; 1929/L
Eric H. Pooley Pte H.Q. 17 I. Bde. 3654 Victoria, Australia ; 11022/GW
H. Pooley Dvr RASC 3120  
J. Pooley Pte AAC 7246  
P. Popata Pte   3990 New Zealand
A.G. Pope Spr RE 5122  
Arthur Percy Pope   RA   Somerset; 59/GW
C. Pope Pte RASC 7785  
H.W. Pope L/Cpl RAC 5521  
J. Pope Marine R Marines 6821  
J.D. Pope Bdr 3 A/Tk. Rg. 7417 Australia
Jack Pope       Hastings; 133/L
W.C. Pope Dvr RASC 5974  
Reginald William Popplestone Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 4166 Australia
Orm Poppleton Pte 22 Bn. 8988 New Zealand; capt'd N. Africa, Italy POW (PG57)
Diletto Porchetta L/Sgt A&SH 7402  
R.G. Port Pte   9371 New Zealand
A.C. Portchmonth Rfmn KRRC 8651  
R. Porter       10029/GW
Robert Porter Dvr RASC 1731 Aberdeen, Scotland; 11030/GW
Stanley George Porter Dvr RASC 2463  
T.W. Porter Pte DLI 39117  
Jack Gordon Porteus Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3890 NSW, Australia; 11072/GW
A.E. Porthouse Tpr RAC 4532  
J.S. Potgieter Pte   8613 South Africa
D. Potter       18A/Z
D. Potter Marine R Marines 6242 Transf'd to Stalag 4B
F. Potter Pte RAVC 1846  
G.E. Potter Dvr RASC 5339  
H. Potter Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 8669 Australia
Harold Rupert Potter Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 5189 Victoria, Australia; capt'd Greece; 18D, 18B, 1731/L
L.S. Potter Dvr RASC 5935  
S.B. Potter Pte E. Yorks. 6324  
A.J. Potts Pte Bk. Watch 39104  
J.J. Poulson Dvr RASC 3109  
K.G.  Poulson Pte   4212 New Zealand
H.C.M. Poulter Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3967 Victoria, Australia
Harry (Polly) Poulton       Theatre, 18A
W. Poulton Sgmn R Sigs 731  
W.J. Pound Spr RE 5114  
J.T. Pounder Sgt E. Yorks. 7761  
? Powell        
A. Powell       942/GW
A.F. Powell Sgmn R Sigs 517  
Albert George Powell Pte SWB 6829 capt'd Tobruk, 1942
C.W. Powell Gnr RA 8234  
Denis W. Powell       St. Albans, UK; 18A (hospital)
E.D. Powell Pte S. Staffs. 6065  
J. Powell Gnr RA 6320  
R. Powell Tpr RAC 5317 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
R.F. Powell Spr RE 5695  
R.G. Powell Spr   4403 New Zealand
R.H. Powell Pte   3794 New Zealand
Reg Powell       Theatre Player, 924/GW
Sid  Powell Gnr RA 5517 11022/GW
T.W. Powell Dvr R Sigs 644  
Tom Powell       10029/GW
V.H. Powell Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3684 Victoria, Australia
G.T. Power Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3907 Australia
J.C. Power Sgmn   8722 South Africa
Jack Power       18A/Z
R.H. Power Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 3646 Australia
S.W. Power Dvr RASC 2308  
A.E. Powers Pte   5036 New Zealand
F. Poynter Bdr RA 9139  
Fred G. Poynter       11006/GW
P.C. (Charlie) Prato Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 4889 Australia; 18D,  318/L, 1783/L
A. Pratt Pte Worcs. 6160  
C.R. Pratt Dvr RASC 5862 785/GW, 2056/L
F.J. Pratt Pte RAOC 8269  
H. Pratt Pte Bord. 6707  
R.C. Pratt Pte   39649 New Zealand
Jesse Preddy Col RAC 1954 Wales; capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 383
E.L.G. Preitz Pte 2/1 Ord. St. Co. 7054 Australia
A.M. Prendergast L/Cpl   5005 New Zealand
J.F. Prendergast T/L/Cpl   5071 New Zealand; 10029/GW
H.J. Prenter Pte A&SH 6188  
Alf E. Prentice Dvr RASC 5937 375/L
H.E.A. Prentice Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4229 Australia
J.T. Prentice Dvr RASC 2396  
P. Prentice       11010/GW
P. Prentice Pte Essex 7031  
R.V. Prescott Cpl B&H 9585  
W.G. Prescott L/Cpl RASC 8228  
A.W. Presling Pte   8123 New Zealand
Fred E. Presmeg Pte   7021 South Africa
David J. Preston Tpr RAC 1678 London; 10134/GW, 10234/GW
E.J. Preston Gnr RA 4143  
N.W. Preston L/Cpl RASC 5400  
C.H. Pretorius Pte   8635 South Africa
F.J. Pretorius L/Cpl   9493 South Africa; 18A/Z
H.A. Pretorius Pte   732 South Africa
H.S. Pretorius Pte   8824 South Africa
J.H. Pretswell Dvr RASC 5348  
T.H. Prevette Dvr RASC 1909  
A.P. Price Pte W. Yorks. 8860  
Albert Edwin Price Spr RE 1130 Stoke-on-Trent; capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 357
C.T. Price Dvr RASC 8092  
D.E. Price L/Cpl   7332 South Africa
E. Price L/Cpl SWB 8003  
Ernest Edward Price Pte RAVC 1210 18A/Z?
F. Price Sgt OBLI 9561  
Joseph Price Bdsmn Welch 3404 Belfast
J.E. Price Dvr RE 5042  
R.E. Price Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3875 NSW, Australia; 11072/GW
T.E. Price Rfmn Rifle Bde. 39688 London; 11072/GW
Victor Joseph Price Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 5890 Australia
W. Price       Marton, NZ; 924/GW
W. Price Pte Welch 3031  
W. Price Bdr RA 9255  
W.E. Price Pte   39810 New Zealand
W.H. Price Pte   8846 New Zealand
A.R.F. Priest  Pte   7135 New Zealand
Thomas B. Priestland Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3800 Australia; 18D
C.J. Primrose Gnr RA 6293  
A. Prince Spr RE 5580  
John R. (J.W?) Pringle   RASC 1282 Northumberland; Gmund Work Camp
W.R.J Pringle Pte   8789 South Africa
S. Pritchard Gnr RA 8679  
T.J. Pritchard Dvr RASC 6989  
W.F. Pritchard Sgt RASC 39562 Italy POW; Klein Kirchheim
A.H. Probert Pte 2/15 Inf. Bn. 6504 Australia
? Procter       Kalsdorf Work Camp
A.C. Procter Dvr RASC 2461  
Harold Procter Tpr RAC 5684 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 107/GW, 132/GW
H. Proctor Marine R Marines 6275  
Thomas Proctor Marine R Marines 5859 Millom; 565/L
D. Profit Sgmn R Sigs 8193  
A. Prosser Tpr RAC   Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; MOC 300/L
A.W.T. Prosser Dvr RASC 7592  
Edwin Freeman Prosser Dvr RASC   died 15.11.43
R.H. Prosser Boy 1Cl. RN 4414  
Tubby' Prosser       568/L
Harry J. Proud Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3427 Victoria, Australia; 11094/GW
N . Proud S/Sgt RASC 3062  
Stan Prout Sgt RM 5880 South Shields; capt'd Crete; 223/L, 522/L; transf'd to Stalag 383 & Marlag
William Henry Prout Dvr RASC 7280 Capt'd Crete
J. Provan Spr   525 New Zealand
G.A. Pruce Spr RE 7939  
R.McN. Prussing Pte   8121 New Zealand
Ian Leonard Pryce Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 4006 Australia; 18D; wounded, repat'd 1944
C.E. Pryke QMS REME 9208  
John Pryor Dvr RASC 8145 568/L
R.E. (Butch) Puckey Pte   4153 New Zealand; 7001/GW
F.J. Pugh Cpl RASC 5783  
G.W. (Bill) Pugh Spr RE 5771  
F.M. Puklowski Pte   4641 New Zealand
A.R. Pulford Pte 24 Bn. 1002 New Zealand
A.E.C. Pull Dvr RASC 2482  
W. (Bill) Pullan Dvr RASC 7579 1107/L
J. Pullar Pte Seaf. H. 7121  
N.V. Pullen Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6498 Australia
R.T. Pullen Sgmn R Sigs 3501  
T. Pullen Gnr RA 4388  
Peter Puohotaua T/L/Cpl   4149 New Zealand; 18A/Z, 11041/GW
H.G. Purches Pte   4247 New Zealand
H. Purdie Pte Gord. H. 9553  
Frank Purdy Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 608 Australia; capt'd Greece; 10030/GW
J.M. Puren Pte   8190 South Africa
Percy C. Purnell Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 4075 Tamworth, NSW, Australia
D.G. Purtle Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 5131 Australia
D. (Jock) Purves       Theatre; 10029/GW
H.R. Purvis Pte 2/13 Inf. Bn. 6513 Australia
K. Purvis Sgmn   7924 New Zealand
W.H. Putland Gnr   380 New Zealand; 10030/GW
C.T.V. Puttick Gnr   91 Auckland, NZ; 10030/GW
Sidney William Puzey Pte Green How. 39642 4th Bn; Italy POW; 107/GW
George Pye L/Bdr RA 5060 Liverpool; capt'd Crete
L.T. Pye Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 3793 Australia
M.G. Pyle Gnr RA 4241  
J.F. Pyper Marine R Marines 6110  

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