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H.W. Tabor Tpr RAC 39166 Leeds, UK; 11072/GW
Maurice G. Taft Spr   374 New Zealand; 11057GW
G.E. Tagg Dvr RASC 1255  
H.Q. Taggart Marine R Marines 6824  
J. Taggart Sgt RA 9497  
G. Tait Spr RE 5440  
G.S. Tait L/Cpl RASC 1583  
J. Tait Pte RAVC 895  
J.J. Tait Cpl RE 9146  
Jack (Geordie) Tait       Newcastle
Thomas Tait L/Sgt RA   died 22.12.44
Malcolm Neil Talbot Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3854 Victoria, Australia; died 15.2.45
S. (Smiler) Talbot Pte RAVC 4181 18D, 260/L
F.G.G. Talboys Dvr RASC 7000  
Leonard J. Talliss Spr RE 1207 Birmingham, UK; 10134/GW, 10234/GW
W T Tamaki Pte   4709 New Zealand
F.V. Tanner Gnr RA 8573  
G.H. Tanner L/Cpl RAC 8336  
Jack Tansey Pte RASC 2485 Lancs; capt'd Greece; 942/GW
T. Tanton Tpr North. Fus. 6938  
A.E. Tantrum Spr RE 7747  
Reneti Tanginoa Tapa Pte   4300 New Zealand
F.W. Tapper Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3528 NSW, Australia
F. Tapping Tpr RAC 6015  
Jim Tapping Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 5340 Perth, Australia; 10030/GW
Philip George Tapping Pte 25 Bn.   New Zealand; 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
Robert Claude Tapscott Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3743 Victoria, Australia
G.A. Targus Sgmn R Sigs 7546  
P. Tarney Tpr RAC 5796 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 357
Herbert Donald William Tarrel Tpr RAC 8364  
G. Tasker Dvr RASC 8966  
John G. Tasker Tpr RAC 1696 Alias A.G. Hayton; Zugliet Camp, Budapest (May 1945); 11027/GW
Thomas H. Tasker SSM RAC 7813 Capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 344
W. Tasker Tpr RAC 8593 260/L
Samuel Taslitzki Pte 603 Pal.P.C. 4807 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 8B
A . Tate Fus Lanc. Fus. 6058  
A.J. Tate Pte   4160 New Zealand
H. Tate Dvr RASC 5503 18B
Hugh Conway Tate Sgmn Div Sigs 3374 New Zealand
J. Tatham Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6481 Australia
A. Tattersall Gnr RA 564  
E.L. Tattoo Spr RE 2448  
W.H. Taudevin L/Cpl R Sigs 591  
R.J. (Bob) Taunt Gnr   8685 Dunedin, New Zealand
A.F. (Bert) Taunton Dvr RASC 2787 Petersfield, Hants, UK
J. Tavendale Dvr RASC 2101  
A.R.A. Tavener Dvr RASC 2712  
G.T. Tavener Pte   7876 New Zealand
? Taylor Sgt     18A Theatre artwork
? Taylor       956/GW
A. Taylor Pte RAVC 1315 10931/GW; transf'd to Stalag 357
A. Taylor Tpr RAC 2871 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
A. Taylor Cpl RAC 5587 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
A. Taylor Pte Foresters 6259  
A. Taylor L/Cpl Bk. Watch 7286  
A. Taylor Gnr RA 8317  
A. Taylor       Scotland; Gmund Work Camp
A.A. Taylor Pte RAOC 5891  
A.G. Taylor Pte Essex 8201  
A.J. Taylor Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3913 Australia; 18D
Allan Stanley Taylor Sgt H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3971 Australia; 18D, MOC 34/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.W. Taylor L/Cpl RAC 5705 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
A.W. Taylor Sgt 2/48 Inf. Bn. 7679 Australia
Andy (Jock) Taylor       839/L
C. Taylor       10029/GW
C.E. Taylor Pte DLI 6171  
C.S. Taylor L/Cpl RAC 5314 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR;transf'd to Stalag 344
D. Taylor Pte N'hamp. 7188  
E. Taylor Marine R Marines 6163  
E.C. Taylor Tpr RAC 5403  
E.G. Taylor Marine R Marines 6168  
E.P Taylor L/Cpl   9444 South Africa
E.T. Taylor Tpr RAC 6052  
F. Taylor Cpl RAC 5375 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
F. Taylor Gnr RA 8433  
F. Taylor S/Sgt   9343 South Africa
F.A. Taylor Dvr RASC 1141  
F.W. Taylor Spr RE 1490  
Fred Taylor       Stoke-on-Trent
Frederick Arthur Taylor Cpl RASC 1141 MOC 11033/GW
G. Taylor       Surrey; 924/GW
G. Taylor Pte   5395 New Zealand
G. Taylor Sgt RAC 39249  
G.H. Taylor Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3847 Australia
George H.W. Taylor Gnr RA 5094 Liverpool; capt'd Crete
G.T. Taylor Gnr RA 8479  
G.W. Taylor Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 5221 W. Australia
G.W. Taylor Pte E. Surr. 8186  
H. Taylor Sgmn R Sigs 255  
H. Taylor Pte   7186 New Zealand
H.E. Taylor Dvr RASC 3487  
H.J. Taylor Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6645 Australia
H.S. Taylor Pte RAVC 217  
H.S. Taylor Gnr   8869 South Africa
I.C. Taylor Spr   742 New Zealand
J. Taylor       10029/GW
J. Taylor Gnr   4157 New Zealand
J. Taylor Tpr RAC 6021 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
J. Taylor Rfmn Rifle Bde. 39318  
J. Taylor Tpr RAC 9052  
J. Taylor Spr RE 39634  
J. Taylor       Theatre
J.S. Taylor Dvr H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 349 Australia
Jack 'Doc' Taylor       1768/L?
James Taylor Pte   4083 New Zealand
L.A. Taylor Dvr RE 1793  
L.G. Taylor Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 9523 Australia
Leslie William Taylor Tpr RAC 5729 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
Leslie   Taylor Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6544 Australia
M. Taylor Pte   7185 New Zealand
Maurice Taylor       Capt'd Greece
N. Taylor Sgt RAC 7496  
Norman Taylor       11006/GW
R. Taylor       York; 924/GW
R. Taylor Pte RASC 3142  
R.A. Taylor Pte 2/48 Inf. Bn. 3939 Australia
R.H. Taylor Gnr RA 718  
R.J. Taylor Cpl 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3993 Australia; 18D
R.J. Taylor Pte R. Suss. 7914  
Robert Stanley Taylor Sgt RAOC 5167 Newlyn; transf'd to Stalag 383
S.H. Taylor Tpr RAC 8154  
S.W.T. Taylor Dvr RASC 1217  
Sidney Taylor Pte N'hamp.   died 28.8.44
T. Taylor L/Cpl Lanc. Fus. 7290  
T.F. Taylor Sgmn R Sigs 4828  
T.H.  Taylor Pte E. York. 8809  
Thomas H.S. Taylor Gnr RA 5885 Stoke-on-Trent, UK; 10029/GW, 11057GW, 11066/GW
W. Taylor       Surrey; 924/GW
W. Taylor Pte DLI 7292  
W. Taylor Pte Green How. 8803  
W.G. Taylor Gnr RA 4477  
Jim Te Namu T/L/Cpl   838 N. Auckland, New Zealand; 10030/GW
H. (Jumie) Te Rore Pte   4540 New Zealand; 522/L
Hamiora Tawaho Te Weehi Pte 28 Bn. 4962 Tokomaru Bay, NZ; capt'd Greece; 924/GW
W. Teal Gnr RA 6216  
E.H. Tearall Dvr RASC 2766  
Eddie H. Teare L/Cpl Innis. Fus. 6254 94/GW, 821/L
P. Teasdale Pte RASC 986 10030/GW
F.H. Tebb  Pte RAOC 1851 MOC 47/GW, 924/GW
Alf W. Tebbutt Pte   8933 Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
F. Tebbutt Cpl N'hamp. 7548  
B.L. Tegg Dvr RASC 1822  
T.R. Tekani T/L/Cpl 28 Bn.   156176 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 17A?
P. Tekauru Pte   5455 New Zealand
W. Tempest Spr   8525 South Africa; 18A/Z
H. Templeman Tpr RAC 1082 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
R.J. Templeton Pte   7866 South Africa
E.J. Tenbeth Pte DCLI 8583  
H.P. Terblanche Gnr   8772 South Africa
E.S. Ternent Sgmn   8070 South Africa
J.R. Terrance Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 7078 Australia
J. Terris Gnr 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3898 Australia
C.J. Terry Gnr RA 6846  
Joseph Samuel John Terry Dvr R Sigs 1014 Exeter, UK; capt'd Greece (in boat off Kithira)
T.H. Terry Cfmn REME 6060  
W.F. Terry Rfmn R Ulster Rif. 6328  
A.A. Tester L/Cpl RAC 8217  
E.J. Tester Pte R Sussex 332 10084/GW
Douglas E.E.F. Tetlow Sgt RA 1226 Transf'd to Stalag 344
John Henry Thacker Tpr Div. Cav. 4245 New Zealand; 11041/GW
P.N. Thacker Pte   8659 New Zealand
A. Thackeray Tpr RAC 5749 18B
J.W. Thackery L/Cpl RASC 3450  
Leslie Thackray Spr RE   Capt'd Kalamata; repat'd Autumn '43 via Stalag 8B
F.C. Thain Gnr RA 7306  
Bert Edward Thatcher Tpr RAC   Rm 3, 924/GW; died   9.2.45 (due to air-raid on 107/GW, 1.2.45)
T.W. Thaw Pte Bk. Watch 6408 18D
Pierre Thebaud 1ere Classe 505eme Rgt de Chars d'Assaut 116761 Pluvignes, France; 10333/L
R. Theobald Pte   4066 New Zealand
Pierre Thevenot Pte     France
Robert Theveny     37573 France; killed in air-raid 18.12.44
C. Thickett S/Sgt RAOC 9214  
A. Third Pte   4238 New Zealand
Charlie A. Thollar Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3503 Victoria, Australia; 11041/GW; 10084/GW
C.A. Thom Pte   874 New Zealand
J. Thomaine Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3751 Australia
A. Thomas       Lancs; 2083/L
A. Thomas Gnr RA 6835  
A. Thomas   R Sigs   Chester, UK; Stalag 18A/Z
A. (Tony) Thomas       11096/L
A.D. Thomas Pte   39412 New Zealand
A.J. Thomas Gnr RA 695  
A.O. Thomas Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3746 Australia
A.W. Thomas Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 3984 Australia
Basil Gwyn Thomas Tpr RAC 5944 Capt'd Greece; 10029/GW
C.F. Thomas Sgt RAOC 9272  
C.J. Thomas L/Cpl SWB 7065  
D. Thomas Pte RE 2206  
D.R. Thomas Fus R Scots 6017  
D.W. Thomas L/Cpl RE 2005  
Dave Whitley Thomas L/Bdr   8167 Cape Town, South Africa, 934/L
Edward Thomas Sgmn R Sigs 954 Chester; 924/GW, 10049/GW
Eric Thomas Dvr RASC 5342 Stalag 18B; 2044/L
E.A. Thomas Cpl Lanc. Fus. 7720  
E.F. Thomas Sgmn R Sigs 4440 Stalag 18B
Evan H. Thomas Dvr RASC 1988 Torquay, Devon, UK; 10134/GW, 10234/GW
E.R. Thomas Pte E. Surr. 7267  
E.T. Thomas Tpr LG 1407  
Fred Thomas       18A/Z (theatre)
G. Thomas Pte DLI 7297  
H. Thomas Pte RAVC 2573  
Henry E. Thomas Gnr RA 4687 11057GW
I.F. Thomas L/Cpl RAC 5620  
J. Thomas Dvr RASC 7671  
J.F. Thomas L/Cpl RAC 5620 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
J.W.M. Thomas L/Cpl 2/3 Inf. Bn. 3536 Australia
M. Thomas Gnr     MOC 386/L
Mick Thomas       10029/GW
R.A. Thomas Spr RE 2410  
R.A. Thomas Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 4018 Australia; 785/GW
Reginald Ivor Thomas Spr RE 1640 Wales; capt'd Greece;  7001/GW, 1872/GW
R.W. Thomas Fus North. Fus. 6939  
Ronald Thomas        
T.F. Thomas Pte RA 1040 Swansea; 18B, Gmund Work Camp
T.H. Thomas Pte RASC 8302  
T.S. Thomas Gnr RA 5665  
W.A. Thomas Pte   8301 New Zealand
W.H. Thomas Pte DCLI 6684  
? Thompson       Italy POW; Klein Kirchheim
? Thompson   Ches. Yeo.    
A. Thompson Gnr RA 39567 Stalag 18C
Arthur D. Thompson A/Sgt 2/6 Inf. Bn. 5152 Victoria, Australia; 223/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.E. Thompson Pte   858 Christchurch, NZ; 10030/GW
A.E. Thompson Gnr RA 5496  
Albert Edward Thompson Gnr   3496 New Zealand; Hut 1/6, 10030/GW
A.J. Thompson Marine R Marines 6109 Transf'd to Stalag 8B
B. Thompson   4 RNES?   New Zealand
Bill Thompson       Theatre, Stalag 18A
C.G. Thompson Spr RE 2054  
C.H. Thompson Pte DLI 7150  
Charles Edward Victor Thompson Gnr RA 6994 Capt'd Tobruk, 1942; Italy POW (Campos 68, 57?)
Douglas  William Thompson Pte Foresters 6360 Killed by bomb on farm, Graz, 24.5.44
E.H. Thompson Pte 1 Cps. H.Q. 1420 Australia
Frank C. Thompson Sgmn 1 Cps. Sigs. 3466 Australia; MOC 12040/L
F.G.  Thompson Gnr RA 7289  
Fred O. Thompson Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6517 Australia; capt'd El Alamein; Italy POW; 95/GW
Frank Thompson       Australia; 11022/GW
Fred Thompson Gnr RA 5256 injured in air raid, Klagenfurt, 31.1.44
G.R. Thompson L/Sgt R Sigs 9025  
H.C. Thompson       Victoria, Australia
J. Thompson   RAC   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
J. Thompson Gnr RA 5027  
J.A. Thompson Pte   7927 New Zealand
J.G. Thompson S/Sgt Int. Corps 9383  
J.T. Thompson Dvr RASC 1267  
Johnnie Thompson Desp. Rdr. RASC   London
Keith D. Thompson S/Sgt Air Corps   California, USA; capt'd 1944
N. Thompson Spr RE 2174  
P.M. Thompson Tpr RAC 8028  
R. Thompson Pte B&H 6166  
R. Thompson Gnr RA 39145  
R.J. Thompson L/Cpl   4715 New Zealand
S. Thompson Tpr RAC 5518 Stalag 18B
S. Thompson   AMPC    
Stephen Thompson Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 2895 Australia; transf'd to Stalag 383
T.D. Thompson Bdr RA 5065  
W. Thompson Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 4045 Victoria, Australia
W. Thompson Pte   8579 New Zealand
W. Thompson       Stalag 18A/Z
W.H. Thompson Tpr RAC 5297  
W.H. Thompson Boy 1Cl. RN 1590  
William Henry Thompson Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn.   Australia
Woodrow C. Thompson Pte Inf.   West Virginia, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
A. Thomson Spr RE 2132  
A. Thomson Pte DLI 7281  
A.R.A. Thomson Pte   8849 New Zealand
Andrew Purvis Thomson Pte RAVC 216 East Lothian, Scotland; capt'd Greece; 11096/GW
Blair William Thomson Pte   7196 New Zealand
D. McI. Thomson Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 5209 Australia
F.G. Thomson Sgt RASC 8216  
G. Thomson Pte A&SH 6182  
H.J. Thomson Gnr RA 3591  
J. Thomson   RA   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
J. Thomson Pte N'hamp. 6155  
J.E. Thomson Pte   8861 South Africa
J.M. Thomson Tpr RAC 7120  
M.McL. Thomson Spr RE 6962  
N.E.G. Thomson Pte 2/23 Inf. Bn. 9034 Australia
R.T. Thomson Sgt   213 Nelson, NZ; 10030/GW
S.H. Thomson Cpl     MOC 299/GW
W. Thomson       11079/GW
W. (Bill) Thomson       11041/GW
W.G. Thomson Pte   133 New Zealand
W.G. Thomson Pte   8830 New Zealand
W.J. Thomson Pte   8141 New Zealand
Wm Thomson Dvr RASC 1190  
H. Thorburn Pte KORR 5719  
V.A. Thorley Gnr 3 A/Tk. Rg. 7778 Australia
Bob Thorn       Kent
Cecil Trevor Thorne Pte 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3854 Australia; capt'd Greece; 18D, 576/L, 410/GW
H.R. Thorne Dvr RASC 1128 956/GW?
R.J. Thorne Cpl RE 5499  
W.N. Thorne L/Cpl RASC 1645 Bath, UK; 11072/GW
W.O. Thorne Pte Welch 5689  
G.A. Thornely Pte 2/1 Pnr. Bn. 4804 Australia
A.G. Thornhill Gnr RA 4942  
C. Thorns Marine R Marines 6183  
Robert James Thornton Rfmn R Ulster Rif. 7283 95/GW
F.W. Thorogood L/Sgt RAC 9002  
W.J. Thorp  Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6528 Australia
? Thorpe        
B.H. Thorpe Pte Foresters 8512  
W.A (Bill) Thorpe Tpr RAC 5451 Walsall, UK; capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 99/L; 839/L
F.W. Thorpe Gnr RA 8299  
J. Thorpe Tpr RAC 8695  
Roy Ernest Thorpe Pte 2/12 Inf. Bn. 4320 Australia; 10029/GW
W.G. Thorpe Dvr RASC 5555  
W.R.S. Thorpe Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3813 Australia
John A V. Thow L/Cpl RASC 1728 Aberdeen, Scotland;  11030/GW?
A.S. Thrasher Pte Hamp. 6290  
Percy Threfall Pte RASC 7607 10084/GW
H. Thurkettle Sgt RASC 8119  
D.R. Thurlow Cpl   860 New Zealand; 10030/GW
W.H. Thurlow Rfmn KRRC 7928  
B.H. Thurston Pte   8712 New Zealand
Dudley Merton Thurston Pte   7140 New Zealand
P.A. Thynne Cpl 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6429 Australia
R. Thynne Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6428 Australia
Compton Tickle Pte   7148 New Zealand
Harold Joseph Felix Edgar Tideswell Sgmn R Sigs 4434 Capt'd Crete; 68/GW, 539/L, 1010/GW
W. Tier Pte 21 Bn. 881 New Zealand
Raymond Tietjen Pte 20 Bn. 5718 New Zealand; 13048/L
G.D. Tiffany Tpr RAC 7975  
H.T. Tilbrook Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6556 Australia
A. Tilburn Gnr RA 6940  
B. Tilbury Pte RAMC 9018  
Leslie Augustus Tilby Pte   7509 New Zealand
Les   Tilden       1735/L
Eric Norman Till   RE   Stoke; Capt'd Kalamata; 10030/GW; 10911/GW; esc'd to Yugoslavia
Ken G. Till Spr RE 1187 Cousin of E.N. Till; Stoke; 10134/GW, 10234/GW
Les R. Tillbrook Sgt R Marines 6262 Essex; HMS York; capt'd Crete; MOC 1735/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
F.N. Tilley Dvr RASC 7085  
Albert A. Tilling Sgmn R Sigs 3535 Ellesmere Port, UK; 11057GW, 10029/GW
F.H. Tilling Pte   8806 South Africa
T. Tillotson Pte B&H 6069  
John Lawrence (Jack) Tilsley Sgmn   234 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 18C
W.M. Timbrell Pte RASC 5413  
G.W. Timcke Pte RWK 8339  
R. Timlin Spr   8656 South Africa
M.J. Timmo Gnr   153 New Zealand
H.W. Timms Gnr RA 878 11079/GW; transf'd to Stalag 8A
M.H. Timms Pte Essex 39113  
W.G. Timms Gnr RA 8198  
R.A. Timothy Sgmn R Sigs 3974  
A.W. (Bill) Timson Spr RE 1552 Nuneaton; 11072/GW
Harold E. Tindall Dvr RASC 3150 Tadcaster, Yorks; Italy POW; 95/GW
L.R. Tinsley Pte   7285 New Zealand (Appears in UK records as Dvr, RASC)
C.A. Tinworth L/Cpl RAC 5577 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
R. Tiplady Dvr RASC 7252  
L.W. Tipper Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3605 Australia; 10029/GW
Donald John Tisdale Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 4032 NSW, Australia; 18D; esc'd Yugo 1945
B. Titherington Dvr RASC 3505  
E. Tittensor Spr RE 2008  
A. Todd Gnr RA 6000  
E.J. Todd Dvr RASC 8330  
H.H. Todd L/Cpl   7838 South Africa
Norman George Todd Pte   5251 New Zealand
Oliver Johnstone Todd Dvr RE 1164 Scotland; played violin
P. Todd Pte RA 570  
P. Todd Gnr RA 6956  
R.S. Todd Pte   283 Raetihi, NZ; 10030/GW; transf'd to Stalag 18C
W Todd Fus North. Fus. 7323  
W.F. Todd Pte Seaf. H. 6224  
Patrick Toki Pte   7484 New Zealand
Clarence Tolchard Gnr 4 Fld. Art. 451 New Zealand
D.C. Tollan Able Smn RN 4027  
D.H. Toller Rfmn KRRC 3884  
C L Tolley Pte   416 New Zealand
H.H. Tolley WO 2 3 A/Tk. Rg. 7702 Australia
W.J. Tolley Dvr RASC 5434  
D.R. Tomblin Dvr RASC 8125  
P.E.L. Tombs Dvr RASC 5756  
Jim Henry Tomkins Pte 2/24 Inf. Bn. 8649 Victoria, Australia; capt'd N. Africa, Italy POW, 95/GW
S. Tomkins Fus R Irish Fus. 7315  
William Corbett Tomkins Cpl A&SH 7550 Dundee; capt'd Sicily; Italy POW; 1032/GW, 107/GW
E. Tomkinson Dvr RE 5278  
W.J. Tomkinson Spr RE 1276  
A. Tomlinson L/Cpl RAC 5942 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
A.B.S. Tomlinson Dvr R Sigs 5665  
F.H. Tomlinson Cpl   9580 New Zealand
J. Tomlinson Dvr R Sigs 1529  
J. Tomlinson Gnr RA 4168  
J. Tomlinson L/Cpl KORR 6989  
John Tomlinson       7001/GW
K.G. Tomlinson Spr RE 8120  
E.C. Tompkins Gdsmn CG 7034  
R.E. Toms Pte   8521 South Africa
W.J. Toms Cpl DCLI 7078  
William Toner Spr   233 New Zealand; Capt'd Corinth Canal; 10030/GW; transf'd to Stalag 18C
W.H. Tonks Gnr RA 5813  
W. Tonner Gdsmn SG 8184  
F. Toogood Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 3942 Australia
Eric   Toole       568/L
J. Toole L/Sgt North. Fus. 9268  
P. Toolen Gnr RA 8618  
C.E. Tooman Pte   291 New Zealand
A. Toomey Gnr RA 6977  
J. Toomey Gnr 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3676 Australia
H. Tooms Marine R Marines 6097  
T.C. Toon Pte S. Staffs. 6275  
D. Toone Spr RE 2202  
Harold Tootell Cpl R Marines 6251 Bolton; 109/L
James Torke     2951 MOC 11010/GW (possibly misspelling of Forbes, 2451)
A.B.S. Torlay Dvr R Sigs 304  
M. Torpey Bdr RA 9446  
S.H. Torpey Pte   4351 New Zealand
Léon Tortochaut Sous-off. 4eme Drag. 61528 Capt'd Calais; 17A, 18A
R.B. Tosh Dvr RASC 5493  
H.W. Totman Gnr RA 8428  
V.E. Tottman Dvr RE 5253  
W.H. Toward Gnr RA 5554  
B. Towers       942/GW
J.H. Towland Pte DLI 39551  
E. Towndrow Spr RE 5490 320/L?
R. Townend Marine R Marines 7014  
A. Townsend Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3680 Australia
Bert Townsend       Theatre, 18A
E.J. Townsend Gnr RA 39032  
H.F. Townsend Spr RE 4991  
Herbert William Townsend Pte 2/2 Fd. Wkshp. 3971 Australia
J.C.H. Townsend Pte E. Surr. 8788  
P. Townsend Pte RAOC 7696  
S.W. Townsend Gnr RA 2156 London; 940/GW
W. Townsend       Gloucester; 10030/GW
W. Townsend Spr RE 5829  
J.J. Tracey-Patte L/Cpl 2/28 Inf. Bn. 7452 Australia; capt'd El Alamein (Italy POW?)
H. Trafford Tpr North. Fus. 7979  
Georges Tranchon     69353 France
Henri Tranchon 1eme Classe 204eme Rgt d'Inf. 59582 France
V.H. Traue Pte   4370 New Zealand
B.J. Travers-Ball CQMS H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3677 Australia
D.S. Treadaway Bdr RA 9579  
P. Treanor Pte 2/2 Fd. Amb. 10037 Victoria, Australia; Stalag 4F?
A. Treavis S/Sgt RASC 9027  
R. Trebbick Tpr RAC 21260 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
E.T. Treble Dvr RASC 2819  
Stanley Trelease       Co Durham, UK
G.F. Treleaven Spr RE 39438  
R.A. Treleaven Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3896 Australia; 10911/GW
J. Tremble Gnr RA 4031  
Eric Douglas Tremlett Pte   256 New Zealand
F.K. Trevarton Gnr RA 6959  
W.J. Trevis Tpr RAC 1481  
Leslie Albert Trevithick Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 4925 Australia; capt'd Crete
F. Trevor Pte Green How. 8853  
W.A. Trevor Gdsmn GG 7109  
H.W. Tribe L/Cpl RAC 5771 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 18B
Ernest Trick L/Cpl CMP   died  1.12.43, Lung tumour
J. Trimble Fus R Irish Fus. 7391  
W.T. Trinder Gnr RA 2418 Theatre, 18A
B.G. Trinnaman Pte RAVC 4708  
Peter Trodden Gnr RA 5794 Altrincham; capt'd. Crete; 1107/L
M.C. Trood L/Cpl R Sigs 584  
Lionel Edward Trotman L/Cpl   3797 New Zealand
William (Big Bill) Troup Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3859 NSW, Australia; capt'd Greece; 18D, 576/L
R.G. Troutbeck L/Cpl   135 New Zealand
F.C. Trowbridge Sgt Hamp. 1680 Hants, UK
T.W. Trown Pte Green How. 7067  
John Troy Cpl     Killed in Air Raid
John Dermot (Snowy) Troy Pte 25 Bn. 3976 New Zealand; 296/L & 233/L; murdered 14.5.42,  6/L (Weinburg )
K.C. Trudgen Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3760 Australia; 18D, 132/GW
J. Trueman Gnr RA 7864  
R.D. Trueman Pte   39602 New Zealand
A.E. Truesdale L/Sgt 2/3 Fld. Rgt. 4023 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 3A
G.W. Truluck Sgt RA 9327 18A/Z
Richard Reginald Trump Dvr RASC 4364 Middlesex; capt'd Greece; 2123/L, 1419/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
George F.W. Trundley Gnr RA 6898  
A.J. Truscott Gnr RA 9328  
F.L. Tubbs Cpl RAVC 4061 924/GW?; transf'd to Stalag 383
G.C. Tubby Tpr RAC 5310  
W.E. Tubby Pte Linc. 7234  
? Tucker       10234/GW
Charles Albert Tucker L/Sgt Buffs 1373 London; capt'd Greece; 939/GW, MOC 565/L, 550/L
H. Tucker Pte Hamp. 6133  
H.W.J. Tucker Dvr R Sigs 6981  
L.W.G. Tucker Pte   8241 South Africa
William Douglas Ronald Tudor Sgt R Sigs 7577 Birkenhead, UK; capt'd Greece; 99/L, 522/L
R.J. Tuer Pte E.S. Rgt 7604 Canada; Italy POW
F.E. Tuffin Pte   8114 New Zealand
Gordon Tugwood Cpl     London; capt'd Greece; 18A Orchestra; repat'd
R. Tuhaka Pte   4936 New Zealand
Andrew Carr Tulip Sgmn R Sigs 5341 68/GW?
E.J. Tull Cpl RASC 9267  
C.W. Tull  Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7440 Australia
Frank H. Tully Sgmn   4713 New Zealand
L.J. Tunbridge Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6419 Australia
D.M. Tunston       Melbourne, Australia
H. Turangi Pte 28 Bn.     Gisborne, New Zealand; 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
W.H. Turbett Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6370 Australia
George E. Turkington Gnr RA 5233 Liverpool; 11072/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
L.H.A. Turkington Pte RAOC 7715  
C.M. Turnbull Gnr H.Q. Cp. Arty. 3960 Australia
John Turnbull Pte HLI 914 Glasgow; 839/L
Thomas Weddell Turnbull Dvr RASC 6781  
? Turner       956/GW
? Turner       10234/GW
A.A. Turner Pte RAMC 9318  
A.E. Turner CQMS E. York. 39296 Italy POW; Klein Kirchheim
A.J. Turner Gnr RA 6011  
A.R.F. Turner L/Cpl RAC 8219  
C.V. Turner Pte   4121 New Zealand
Cyril George Turner Pte   4469 New Zealand
E.J. Turner Pte B&H 1918  
F.R. Turner Cpl KRRC 7017 exchanged identity with F/Lt R. Reynolds, RAF, S. Afr.,  POW 228398
G. Turner Dvr RASC 1689  
G.A. Turner Marine     MOC 1931/L
H. Turner Dvr RASC 1853 St Lambrecht?
H.P. Turner Pte Essex 1797  
Jack Turner Pte RAVC 4344 Theatre player, 924/GW
J. Turner        
J.D. Turner Pte 9 Div. Sigs. 6577 Australia
J.E. Turner Spr RE 2876  
K. Turner Fus Lanc. Fus. 7245  
Kenneth Adrain Turner Cpl 2/2 Fd. Wkshp. 3954 Australia; 10760/L
P. Turner Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 2940 Australia
S.C. Turner Gnr RA 5439  
S.C. Turner A/Cpl 2/13 Inf. Bn. 7408 Australia
Sid Turner       11022/GW
Toby Turner       Stalag 18A/Z, 11/43; Theatre
W.G. Turner Pte   7555 New Zealand
W.C. Turner Dvr RASC 1688  
W.E. Turner Spr RE 1175  
P.F. Turrell Sgmn   8781 South Africa
John Onias (Leo) Turton Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3539 Australia; 10029/GW
E.J. Turvey Dvr RASC 6331  
A.H. Tutbury Pte   39277 New Zealand
H. Tuthill Pte B&H 7147  
J.A. (Jack) Tutor Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3584 Victoria, Australia; 10029/GW
E. Tuttey Pte B&H 7177  
J.J. Tweddle Pte DLI 6066  
T. Twigger Pte Worcs. 8588  
Ernest James Twist Pte 2/4 Inf 3892 Australia; 18D
John Twizell Tpr RAC 8127 Gateshead; 109/L
Tommy J. Twort L/Bdr RA 6837 571/L
A.W. Twyman S/Sgt RE 7816  
A.G. Tyler Gnr RA 8411  
C.S. Tyler Pte C&Y 7654 Canada
E.G. Tyler Pte AAC 7082  
G.E. Tyler Sgt RA 39779  
R. Tyler Pte B&H 7148  
R.A. Tyler Pte 18 Bn. 7191 New Zealand
S.F. Tyler Gnr   4003 New Zealand
W.M. Tyler Cpl RAVC 452 10084/GW
C. Tyley Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 7406 Australia
Stan James Tyquin Pte 17 Inf. Bn. 2486 Victoria, Australia; capt'd Kalamata; 10925/GW
C.J. Tyson Cpl 2/32 Inf. Bn. 7491 Australia

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