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J.H. Waddell Pte HLI 2375  
R.S. Waddell S/Sgt RE 5917 Capt'd Crete
J. Waddington Gnr RA 253  
J. Waddington Gnr RA 253  
Arthur Wade       10029/GW
Frederick A. Wade Gnr RA 8303 10859/GW
G.E. Wade Pte 2/1 Fd. Co. 8350 Australia
Harry H. Wade Sgt R Sigs 1110 Capt'd Kalamata; transf'd to Stalag 357
R.A. Wade Gnr   4918 New Zealand
R.J. Wade Pte 7 Div. Prov. Co. 6094 Australia
A.G. Wadelton Cpl 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3873 Australia; MOC 1735/L
C.L. Wadsworth Pte   6062 New Zealand
John Wadsworth Pte Seaf. H. 7259 94/GW, 821/L
Joe Wadsworth       Taranaki, NZ; 10030/GW
W. Wagstaff L/Cpl RE 2660  
W.J. Wagstaff Spr RE 2968 199/GW
John C. Wahl Dvr RASC 7368 Capt'd Crete; transf'd to Stalag 20A
Ernest Henry Wahl Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6603 Australia; 107/GW
Richard (Tiny) Wainwright   RAC 7744 Yorkshire, UK; 4 Hussars; repatriated
W. (Bill) Wainwright       18A/Z
M. Waipouri Pte   4660 New Zealand
R. Waite Spr 2/2 Fd. Pk. 5740 Australia
E.E. Waites Gnr RA 6752  
W. Wajgiech   6 Fld. Coy.   New Zealand
E.J. Wakefield Pte RASC 7739  
Lionel Henry Wakefield L/Cpl   3798 Auckland, New Zealand;  839/L
William H. Wakeford Pte RASC 7755 Capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 357
D.C. 'Shorty' Wakeham Pte   23064 White's Line, N.Z.; 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 8B
P.C. Wakelin Gnr RA 6961  
Alfred W. (Bill) Wakeling Pte RAVC 2144 Sheffield; capt'd Greece; 924/GW, 59/GW
S.J. Wakeling Spr RE 3246 10084/GW
D.I. Wakely Pte   171 New Zealand
R.M. Wakeman Fus North. Fus. 6261  
John C. Walby Gnr RA 6820 London; 2083/L
M. Walden Gnr RA 5572  
G. Walding Pte Green How. 8582  
J. Wales Pte RASC 8197  
L.H. Wales Pte 7 Div. Prov. Co. 6074 Australia; 100/L, Stalag 18B (18A/Z)
A.E. Walford Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 5165 Australia
B. Walford Dvr RASC 1424  
? Walker Sgt     MOC 280/L
? Walker       11041/GW
A. Walker Dvr RASC 1330  
A. Walker Spr   4152 New Zealand
A. Walker Gnr RA 7106  
A. Walker Tpr RAC 8203  
Bill Walker        
C. Walker Pte Foresters 7228  
D.H. Walker Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 5743 Australia
D.H. Walker       MOC 102/GW
D.R. Walker Pte 25 Bn.   Italy POW; hospitalized
David Lancelot Walker Pte   136 New Zealand
Donald Walker S/Sgt Air Corps   South Dakota, USA; capt'd 1944
Ernie Walker Pte RAVC 4372 296/L & 233/L
E. Walker Cpl R Marines 6823  
E.C.F. Walker Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 5207 Australia
E.J. Walker Pte   8038 New Zealand
E.L. Walker Pte Inf. (Rifle)   Louisiana, USA; capt'd Tunisia, 1943
G.A. Walker Tpr RAC 5511 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
G.M. Walker Pte   4091 Auckland, New Zealand; 11072/GW
Gordon Walker       10029/GW
Harry G. Walker Sgmn R Sigs 4100 Leeds; capt'd Greece; 11072/GW
H.G. Walker Pte   4111 New Zealand
H.G. Walker Gnr RA 6762  
J.E. Walker Tpr RAC 6084  
J.P.B. Walker Pte   4077 New Zealand; 18A
J.R. Walker Sgt RA 7528  
J.Y. Walker Sgmn R Sigs 4188  
John Walker       821/L
L.S. Walker Spr RE 2899  
M. Walker Bdr RA 5757  
N. Walker       Notts; 924/GW
Patrick J. Walker Pte Inf.     New Jersey, USA; capt'd 1944
R.C. Walker Cpl RE 1539 Edinburgh; 940/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
R.R. Walker Bdr RA 9015  
S. Walker Pte Worcs. 6775  
S. Walker Pte DLI 7582  
T. Walker Spr RE 1162  
T.H. Walker Pte   39650 New Zealand
T.R. Walker Pte   8764 New Zealand
T.W. Walker Pte N'hamp. 7328  
Tom Walker       Boston, Lincolnshire, UK
H.G. Walkett Spr RE 2407  
C.E. Wall L/Cpl Rifle Bde. 8031  
F. Wall Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6527 Australia
F.H. Wall Dvr RASC 5522  
G.A. Wall Pte RWK 5985  
H.R. Wall Spr RE 2068 Liverpool; 10030/GW
Harry G. Wall       Liverpool; 839/L
A. Wallace Pte   535 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 18C
D. Wallace L/Cpl RE 7303  
G. Wallace Dvr RASC 6975  
John R. Wallace Sgt RAC 39639 11006/GW
K.L. Wallace Tpr RAC 5567 945/GW; transf'd to Stalag 344 (5564 in Moosburg)
M. Wallace Spr   4714 New Zealand
Neil Gordon Wallace Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3761 NSW, Australia; capt'd Greece; 18D, 132/GW
R.M. Wallace Pte 21 Bn. 39488 New Zealand; 11010/GW; esc 12/44
W. Wallace Pte   7939 New Zealand
A. Waller Ch.M.M. RN 8960  
A.J.McD. Waller Spr RE 5350 18A
J.P.B. Waller L/Cpl   7163 New Zealand; 18A
R. Waller Gnr RA 3455  
R.J. Waller Sgt 2/3 Inf. Bn. 7121 Australia
S.A. Waller Pte B&H 3038  
K.F. Wallhead Marine R Marines 6127  
A.J. Wallis Pte DLI 7221  
J. Wallis T/L/Cpl   3826 New Zealand
W. Wallis Dvr RASC 2438  
W. 'Nellie' Wallis Dvr RASC 2438 785/GW
R. Wallwork Marine R Marines 5864  
H.E. (Ewe) Walmsley Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3280 Australia; 11041/GW
Cecil "Charlie" Walsh Dvr 1 Cps Trp Supp. 4073 Australia; capt'd Greece; 10029/GW; repat'd 1943
H. Walsh Pte KORR 7145  
J.F. Walsh Sgt 3 A/Tk. Rg. 7658 Australia
J.P. Walsh Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 7412 Australia
K.F. Walsh Pte 2/7 Fd. Amp. 6574 Australia
L.J. Walsh Pte   7950 New Zealand
M. Walsh Dvr RASC 8570  
Tom Walsh       18A/Z
William H. Walsh Bdr RA 5149 Liverpool; 10911/GW
W. Walshaw Gnr RA 4630  
Arthur John Nicholas Walter S/Sgt 2/2 Fld. Wkshps. 3958 Australia; transf'd to Stalag 383
J.F. Walter Gnr RA 6217  
D.F. Walter  Bdr 3 A/Tk. Rg. 7461 Australia; Don Walters?
? Walters Gnr RA   10012/GW
A. Walters       South Africa
Bill Walters        
Clarence J. Walters Pte Inf.   Washington, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
E. Walters L/Bdr RA 39371 Rhondda, Wales; 11072/GW
G.D. Walters Dvr RASC 6916  
John Walters        
Robert E. Walters Pte Inf. (Rifle)   Pennsylvania, USA; capt'd 1944
W.J.C. Walters Tpr RAC 1166 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
Joseph L. Walther S/Sgt Air Corps   Massachusetts, USA, capt'd 1943
A.D. Walton Tpr RAC 5637 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
A.W. Walton Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6444 Australia
B. Walton Spr RE 2976 10030/GW?
E.L. Walton     5197 18A
F. Walton Pte DLI 6443  
L.J. Walton Pte RAVC 2590  
R. Walton Pte RAOC 4569  
R. Walton   RAF 8626  
S. Walton Pte DLI 6055  
W.A. Walton L/Cpl RE 8576  
J. Walworth Pte   788 New Zealand
T. Wanless Gnr RA 7124  
John E. Warburton Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 5728 Australia; 10029/GW
W.R (Bill) Warburton Gnr RA 5040  
Daniel John Ward Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3739 Narrabri, NSW, Australia; capt'd Crete; 924/GW
G.W. Ward L/Cpl KORR 7524  
H.T. Ward Pte N'hamp. 7189  
J. Ward Pte RAVC 2606  
Jack Ward Sgt RA 5230  
J. Ward L/Cpl RAC 5574 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
J.A. Ward Cpl   7348 New Zealand
J.E. Ward Gnr RA 6838  
J.F. Ward Tpr RAC 6026  
J.L. Ward Pte   747 New Zealand
J.L. Ward Dvr   792 New Zealand
Jack Ward Pte 18 Bn. 727 Wellington, NZ; Stage curtains, 924/GW
L.A.H. Ward Tpr RAC 5574  
'Red' Ward       Wisbech; 18D
S. Ward       Hastings, UK; 10030/GW
S.E. Ward Pte RAOC 3165  
S.J. Ward Cpl   737 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 18C
T. Ward Pte Cam. H. 6668  
W. Ward       924/GW
A.D. Warden Pte 2/1 M.G.Bn. 3955 Australia; 18A; transf'd to Stalag 383
P. Warden Pte Bk. Watch 6159  
A. Wardle Gnr RA 4626  
Thomas Wardley Tpr RAC 1254 MOC 10205/GW
E.F. Ware Dvr RASC 7781  
J.J. Ware L/Sgt GG 9087  
W. Ware Cpl Hamp. 7372  
Ernest F. Wareham Pte RASC 3319 11701/L
F.G. Warner Pte RAMC 7100  
G.W. Warner Tpr RAC 5387 Herts, England; capt'd Greece; 3RTR;18D; transf'd to Stalag 344
P. Warner BSM RA 39885  
'Plum' Warner       Northants; 924/GW
S.E. Warner Pte RASC 2175  
W.J. Warner Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 3956 Australia
G.E. Warnes L/Cpl RASC 7131  
D.R. Warren Spr   39411 New Zealand
F.A. Warren Cpl H.Q. Gd. Bn. 5229 Melbourne, Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 357
H.K.W. Warren Tpr RAC 8387  
Harlock George Warren Spr RE 5611 18A; died 13.10.41
J. Warren Pte N'hamp. 7157  
Joseph Burns Warren L/Cpl RASC 7716 St Lambrecht Work Camp
J.F.A. Warren Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 1533 Australia
J.H. Warren Gnr RA 8907  
J.R. Warren Capt SAMC 9518 South Africa; M.O.; 10030/GW
W.F. Warren Gnr RA 6946  
W. Warrender Pte DLI 9674  
H.W. Warwick   RAC 5235 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
Tom Warwick Pte RASC 5586 Chesterfield; 977/L
R.S. Waslin Dvr RE 1487  
Cecil A. Wasson Pte   694 Marton, New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 11017/GW
Robert Samuel (Sam) Wasson Pte   548 Marton, New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 11017/GW
H.H. Waters Pte   9645 South Africa
J.S. Waters Tpr RAC 5517 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR;transf'd to Stalag 20B
K.W.G. Waters Gnr   394 New Zealand
P.G. Waters Pte   652 New Zealand
Reginald Aubers Waters   RE   Newcastle; capt'd Crete; 18D
J. Waterson Dvr RASC 8335  
W. Waterson Spr RE 1430  
G.A.W. Waterton Dvr RASC 6890  
David Watkins Spr   6061 New Zealand
? Watkins       11041/GW
Francis Ivon Watkins Pte   7199 New Zealand
G.E. Watkins Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 3944 Australia
V. Watkins Gnr RA 7053  
W.C. Watkins L/Sgt RA 7519  
H.J. (Bert) Watkinson Spr RE 1429 Xylophone, orchestra, 18A
A. Watson Cpl RASC 7375  
C. Watson Dvr RASC 8150  
G. Watson Pte RA 4500  
Herbert Leonard Watson Pte   5891 New Zealand; 11066/GW?
J. Watson Pte RAVC 2100  
J. Watson Cpl DLI 9476  
J. Watson   R Sigs    
John Haselwood Watson Dvr R Sigs 4578 Capt'd Greece
J.H. Watson Tpr RAC 8621  
J.P. Watson Pte   39463 Auckland, New Zealand; 11072/GW
J.W. Watson Pte RASC 7729  
Jack Watson       New Zealand; 109/L
Leslie Jessie Watson Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6626 Australia; capt'd N.Africa; Italy POW; 18A/Z, 95/GW
P. Watson       Theatre  10029/GW
Peter R. Watson Spr RE 1615 Selkirk, Scotland; Rm 3, 924/GW
R.E. Watson Gnr RA 6860  
Ron T.K. Watson Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 3858 NSW, Australia; Matrei
S.J. Watson Pte RAVC 640 Lancs; Gmund Work Camp
T.W. Watson Dvr RASC 2738  
Thomas Henry Watson L/Bdr RA 5211 Capt'd Crete; 10859/GW
Tommy Watson       199/GW
W.I.C. Watson Pte Cam. H. 7039  
William Watson Tpr RAC 1385 capt'd Kalamata
G. Watt Dvr RASC 5955  
M.W.C. Watt Pte   507 New Zealand; 11010/GW
Charles Watters Smn RN 147 HMS Gloucester (sunk 1941)
Roderick S. Watters Pte Inf.   Michigan, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
T.J. Wattley Drm SWB 7325  
Alf E. Watts Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3920 NSW, Australia; Matrei
E.E. Watts Pte Hamp. 8204  
G. Watts Dvr RASC 3007  
G.W.H. Watts L/Cpl DLI 7099  
J.A. Watts Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 7400  Victoria, Australia; Stalag 18B
J.W. Watts Pte DCLI 8591  
K. Watts Pte RASC 5722  
K. Watts       223/L
L.F. Watts Dvr RASC 7035  
R.G. (Dodo?) Watts Pte RAVC 1525 Devon, UK
W.E. Waumsley Tpr RAC 6739  
Auguste Wavelet     64236 France; killed in air-raid 18.12.44
J.W. Way Dvr RASC 5542  
W. Wayling L/Cpl RAC 39462 Italy POW; Klein Kirchheim
V.H. Wayman Sgmn 1 Cp. Sigs. 5174 Australia
W. Wayman Spr RE 1474  
Emil E. Waymon 2nd Lt Air Corps   USA; Heavy Bomber; capt'd 1944
G.H. Weadley Gnr RA 6300  
E.R. Weake Sgmn R Sigs 4069  
W. Wearing Dvr RASC 3051  
Sam A. Wearne Pte DCLI 6866 Cornwall; 22/GW
Fred G. Weatherald Dvr RASC 7664 924/GW
Syd G.A. Weatherill Marine R Marines 6137 London; 977/L, 561/L
N.E. Weatherley Pte   8983 New Zealand
R. Weatherson Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3836 Australia
W.A. Weaver L/Sgt RAOC 2323 Transf'd  to Stalag 383
R.A.C. Weaving Tpr RAC 5396 Stalag 18B
A. Webb       11010/GW
A.I. Webb Pte RASC 2665  
A.J. Webb L/Bdr 4385 New Zealand
Bernard M. Webb L/Cpl RAC 2779 10760/L, Matrei; transf'd to Stalag 344
D.G. Webb Tpr RAC 5598 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
E.C. Webb Gnr RA 3519  
E.J. Webb L/Cpl E. Surr. 6101  
F.C. Webb Sgmn R Sigs 5934 18B
H. Webb Gnr RA 4169  
H. (Bert) Webb       Olbendorf Work Camp
J.F. Webb Pte Green How. 8014  
Jack R. Webb Spr NZ Eng. 184 Aukland, New Zealand; 10030/GW, 1203/L
R.J. Webb Gnr RA 7084  
T.E. Webb Pte Green How. 8213  
William F. (Bill) Webb SQMS RAVC 2268 Surrey; capt'd Greece; 955/GW (MOC)
B. Webb  L/Cpl RAC 2779 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
A.J.R. Webber Sgt RAC 1903 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
Percy Webber Pte RAVC 2638 785/GW, 945/GW
R.C.E. Webber Marine R Marines 6789  
Robert Mace Webber Lt 2/2 Fld. Wkshps. 262 Australia; transf'd to Oflag 7B
Fred N. Webster L. Smn RN 4865 South Africa; HMS Gloucester; 1760/L, 59/GW
G. Webster Tpr RAC 6339  
George Webster       11096/L
Herbert Reynold Wood Webster Gnr RA 6817 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 18A/Z, 95/GW
J. Webster Spr RE 1285  
Joseph Eric Webster Pte Leic. 5711 Notts; capt'd Crete; 200/GW, 91/GW, 10044/GW
Joe Webster       Surrey
S.J. Webster Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 7079 Australia
T.C. Webster Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3095 Victoria, Australia
W. Webster Pte RAOC 6210  
W.A. Webster Tpr RAC 5918 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 18B
C. Weddell Tpr RAC 1595 18A: transf'd to Stalag 344
E. Wedge Dvr RE 5101  
W. Weeder L/Bdr RA 7800  
E. Weeks Sgmn R Sigs 4519  
T.M. Weepu Pte   743 New Zealand
J.C. Weide Gnr RA 6002 235/L
A.S. Weightman Gnr RA 3547  
S.C. Weightman Marine R Marines 6257  
C.G. Weir   RAF 9447  
R.McL. Weir Pte   4232 New Zealand
Bob Weir       22/GW
F.B. Weissmann Pte 2/13 Inf. Bn. 6470 Australia
Aron Weizman L/Cpl Pal. P.C. 4875 Palestine; capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 8B
Francis Welch Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 3636 Australia; 10029/GW
H. Welch Pte QRR 39826  
M.A. Welch Gnr 3 A/Tk. Rg. 6535 Australia
David Victor Weller L/Sgt R Sigs 4383 Capt'd Greece; 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 357
P. Weller Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6463 Australia
S.J.R. Weller Spr RE 5686  
William Henry Wellington L/Sgt 2/28 Inf. Bn. 7368 WA, Australia; Italy POW; 18A/Z
Alfred Wellock  Gnr RA 4537 Res Laz IIIB; liver enlargement; died 14.3.43
Albert Wells L/Cpl R Irish Fus. 5994 capt'd Sicily; Italy POW, 715/L
F.G. Wells     7724 Auckland, New Zealand; 785/GW
H.C. Wells       London
L.C. Wells Gnr RA 5115  
L.R. Wells Marine R Marines 6203  
P.V. Wells Pte RAVC 884  
R. Wells       11010/GW
R.H. Wells Pte   4177 New Zealand
R.J. Wells Spr RE 2908  
S.C. Wells Pte DCLI 7077  
William J. Wells RQMS RAC 7038 Stapleford, Cambs; capt'd Greece; 3RTR; MOC 18A (1942)
D. Welsh Spr RE 1707 942/GW
F. Welsh L/Cpl DLI 39102  
G. Welsh L/Cpl Seaf. H. 39872  
J.F. Welsh Sgt RA 6215 223/L
J.M. Welsh Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6633 Australia
R.N. Welsh Tpr RAC 8371  
J.C.F. Welthagen Pte   7663 South Africa
W. Wemyss Pte Cam. H. 859  
C. Wendell       Co Durham, UK
B.T. Wensley Dvr RASC 8161  
C.R. Werner Cpl 21 Bn.  7208 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 357
John C. Werry Pte   816 Wanganui, New Zealand; 924/GW
L.R. Wescombe Gnr   4301 New Zealand
B.N. West Pte RAVC 3216  
C. West Pte B&H 6758  
E.M. West Dvr RASC 7806  
G.E. West L/Cpl RAC 5313 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 18B
H.A. West Sgt DCLI 39887  
J. West       18A/Z
J.S. West Sgt RA 9079  
R.G. West Sgmn R Sigs 519  
T.H. West Cpl 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3925 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.R. Westbrook Pte RASC 5531 Aldershot; transf'd to Stalag 383
Donald L. Westbrook Pte RASC 2785 10029/GW
L.H. Westbrook Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7111 Australia
A. Westcott Pte RASC 5930  
J.G. Westcott Pte RAMC 1062 11025/GW
William Thomas Westhead Cfmn REME 3192 Lancs, UK; capt'd Kalamata; 11010/GW
J. Westmorland Pte Green How. 7572  
? Weston       11034/GW
Arthur Weston Gnr RA 8309 Ilkestone, Derbyshire, UK; 934/L
C.A. Weston Dvr RASC 1111 924/GW
E. Weston       Sheffield, UK
J.R. Weston Dvr RASC 5829  
L. Weston Pte RASC 1589 Sheffield; 11072/GW
William G. Weston Spr RE 5833 10760/L
W.S. Weston Gnr 2/1 Fd. Amb. 540 Australia
? Westwood       13048/L
Charlie Westwood Tpr RAVC 3217 Capt'd Greece; Charlie Shadow; transf'd to Stalag 20B
F. Wetherald 7664 18A
F.G. Whale Pte   863 New Zealand
G.V. Whale Pte   4993 New Zealand
R.S. Whale Cpl 2NZEF 315 New Zealand; 10030/GW; transf'd to Stalag 383
Arthur   Wharton Tpr RAC 2781 Blackpool; 10030/GW; 18C
F. Wharton Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6489 Australia
G. Wharton Dvr RASC 39673 Notts; 11072/GW
Frank Wheatcroft Tpr RAC 5363 2054/L
C.M. Wheatley Pte 2/2 Inf. Bn. 3282 Australia
D. Wheatley Pte RAOC 5968  
Dennis Wheatley   RAC   Royal Tank Rgt
Frank H.G. Wheatley Pte   5868 New Zealand; 2056/L, 980/GW
J. Wheatley Tpr RAC 5545  
Les Wheatley       Derbyshire
A. Wheeler Pte RASC 2782  
D.H. Wheeler Cpl Worcs. 9289  
Frederick (Hooky) Wheeler       Lancashire, UK
M. Wheeler Tpr RAC 5736 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
R.E. Wheeler Cpl   9187 South Africa
J.C. Whelan Gnr RA 6277  
L.A. Whelan T/Cpl H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4016 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 383
W. Whichello L/Bdr RA 8402  
A.C. Whillock Sgmn 6 Div. Sigs. 7080 Australia
H. Whitaker Gnr RA 888  
P.H. Whitbread Tpr RAC   Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
J. Whitby L/Cpl 7 Div. Prov. Co. 6091 Australia
A. White Gnr RA 6907  
A. White Cpl Foresters 7619  
A. White Gnr RA 7797  
A.G. White Pte 18 Bn. 4155 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 344
Alan Kenneth White Dvr 1 Cps. Pet.Pk. 3692 Australia; capt'd Greece; repat'd 1943
A.P. White Dvr RASC 7762  
C.P. White Pte S. Staffs. 6105  
'Chalky' White       945/GW
D.G. White Gnr RA 39691  
D.P. White Gnr RA 1929  
F.T. White Pte   8040 New Zealand
G. White Marine R Marines 6150  
G. White Gnr RA 5838 10760/L
G. White       Godalming, Surrey; 10620/GW
G. White       Halifax, UK
George White Pte DLI 7232 Wales; 10012/GW
George White       Surrey
George Steven White Spr   865 Nelson, NZ; 10030/GW
H. White Gnr RA 445  
Henry White Pte W. Yorks. 9488 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 107/GW?
J. White Pte   5230 Victoria, Australia; 18D; esc'd
J. White Pte 18 Inf. Tng. Bn. 4790 Australia
J. White Fus Lanc. Fus. 6347  
J.McV. White Pte Seaf. H. 7201  
J.N. White Sgmn R Sigs 1975  
J.R. White Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 96 Sydney, Australia; 10030/GW
J.T. White Tpr RAC 6181  
K. White Pte B&H 6318  
K.R. White L/Sgt 3 A/Tk Rgt 7378 NSW, Australia; Italy POW
L.F. White Pte RAVC 4635 266/L
Lyle Leslie White Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6516 WA, Australia; Italy POW; 10620/GW
L.P. White Dvr RASC 7780  
Norman F. White Pte   932 Wellington, NZ; Rm 3, 924/GW
R.S. White Spr RE 2996  
S. White       10030/GW?
Stan C. White Dvr RASC 1461 London; 11079/GW, Gmund Work Camp
T.A. White Gnr RA 5601  
T.A. White Dvr RASC 7811  
T.W. White Dvr RASC 5830  
W. White RSM RAC 7040 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 18A Camp SM; transf'd to Stalag 344
W. White Dvr RASC 8462  
W.G. White Pte Hamp. 39382  
W.R. White Tpr RAC 5825  
W.R. White L/Bdr RA 7842  
R. Whitfield Dvr RASC 7002  
Stephen F. Whitfield Dvr RE 1928 Wigan; capt'd Crete; 940/GW
? Whitehead       Musician
C. Whitehead Marine R Marines 6193  
E.F. Whitehead Gnr RA 1042 10084/GW
Eric   Whitehead       Saxophone player. 924/GW
F. Whitehead L/Cpl RE 2207  
F.A.W. Whitehead Bdr RA 575 10911/GW
F.K. Whitehead Pte   4099 New Zealand
G.D. Whitehead Pte   4098 New Zealand
Geoff Whitehead       18D
J. Whitehead Pte Gord. H. 7225  
J.A.E. Whitehead Dvr RASC 3587  
Jack Whitehead       10029/GW
L. Whitehead Tpr RAC 7037  
P.G. Whitehorn Pte AAC 8191  
Arthur Whitehouse Tpr RAC 1961 possible; MOC 975/GW; transferred to Stalag 4B?
Arthur Leslie Whitehouse Cpl R Sigs 1969 Wolverhampton; possible; transferred to Stalag 13C?
C.M. Whitehouse Tpr RAC 569 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
Clifford Whitehouse        
James Joseph Whitehouse Bdr RA 7543 Capt'd N Africa; Italy POW (PG68)
Gerry Whitelam Gnr RA 5015 Liverpool; capt'd Crete; Theatre, 924/GW
Dennis A. Whiteley L/Cpl RASC 6986 18D panto
L.W. Whiteman Gnr RA 5399 Capt'd Crete
J. Whiteside Pte RAOC 5954  
Matangi Whiti Cpl 28 Bn. 4383 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 383
D. Whitfield Gnr RA 6984  
Roy Clarence Whitham Dvr 2NZEF 571 Petone; N.Z.; 18A/Z; transf'd to Stalag 357
A.W. Whiting Sgmn R Sigs 627  
J.W. Whiting Bdr RA 5513 18A; transf'd to Stalag 383
R.J. Whiting Gnr   4577 New Zealand
A.R. Whitley Sgmn R Sigs 567  
F.S. Whitman Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3696 Australia
Neville A. Whitman Gnr RA 7173 10205/GW
J.E. Whitmarsh Dvr RASC 7283  
H (Gus) Whitmore Gnr RA 5034 Yorkshire; 59/GW
D. Whitney Gnr RA 692  
E.F. Whittaker Sgt RA 7571  
H. Whittaker Gnr RA 888  
W. Whittaker CSM RASC 7718  
Bob Whittall       Birmingham; 924/GW
D.W. Whittall Dvr RASC 2552  
J.L. Whittet Dvr RASC 3523 10029/GW
? Whittock        
L.T. Whittock Marine R Marines 6563  
R. Whittock   RM    
Bob Whitty Sgt RA 5168 Liverpool; transf'd to Stalag 383
A.E. Whitwam Gnr RA 7116  
E. Whitwell Dvr RASC 6794  
Peter Ronald Whitworth Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 3327 Australia; capt'd Crete; 720/L, 2050/L, 373/GW
G.R. Whyatt Pte DLI 7322  
A.H. Whyles Pte RAVC 1754  
G.F. Whyman Rfmn KRRC 3853  
Charles A. Whyte Sgt CMP 2167 Capt'd Greece; transf'd to Stalag 383
William Green Whyte Dvr RASC 5643 Buckie, Scotland; Died 1941 (wounds)
N.H. Wicker L/Cpl RE 5619 St Lambrecht Work Camp
A. Wickes Dvr RASC 2127  
Ronald Brooks Wickham Pte   717 New Zealand; 11017/GW
J. Widdings   R Sigs   10911/GW
L. Wickstead Tpr RAVC 3169  
Albert Widdop Spr RE 5320 Keighley, Yorks; 18D, 1760/L
Lewis Widdup Gnr RA 5799 Capt'd Crete; 10294/L
J.M. Widdup Sgmn R Sigs 195  
C.A. Wigg Marine R Marines 6319  
A.J. Wiggins Pte   9788 South Africa
E.J. Wight Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6485 Australia
John Wight Gnr RA 8384 Scotland; capt'd Tobruk; 95/GW
Timothy Wightman Spr RE 5820 Berwickshire
J. Wightman Sgmn R Sigs 4726  
Lesley Wigley L/Sgt RE 5025 Essex
Aron Wigrajzer L/Cpl Pal.P.C. 4463 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
R. Wilburn Fus Lanc. Fus. 7293  
E.L.A. Wilby Cpl Hamp. 8104  
A.J. Wilcox Cpl   4085 New Zealand
? Wild       199/GW
A.S.J. Wiid Sgt   9231 South Africa
J. Wild Dvr RASC 7363  
J. Wild Pte RAVC 327  
L. Wildbur Pte Leic. 6072  
G. Wilde Cpl     MOC 137/L Lodersdorf
J. Wilde Pte RASC 2822  
John Edgar Wilde Pte 6 Div. Sigs. 513 Australia;  capt'd Greece, transf'd to Stalag 344?
T. Wilde Cpl RE 5269  
Tom Wilde       Oldham, UK
James Thomas Wildes Dvr RASC 7668 18D,  224/L, 331/L,  107/GW 
J.B. Wilding Pte Leic. 2836 Wolverhampton; 10029/GW
H. Wildman Pte B&H 6168  
J. Wile Bdr RA 9477  
C.H. Wiles Gnr RA 5494 NH
N. Wiley Pte   8065 New Zealand
G.W. Wilkes Spr RE 1186  
G. Wilkie Sgt 2/24 Inf. Bn. 7406 Australia
W.A. Wilkie Pte   4151 New Zealand
C.E. Wilkin Dvr RASC 5436  
Christopher W. Wilkin Sgt RE 5245 MOC 826/L; transf'd to Stalag 383
J. Wilkin Dvr H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4455 Australia
C.J. Wilkins Dvr RASC 4534  
N.F. Wilkins Dvr RASC 2519  
V.O. Wilkins Dvr   9505 New Zealand
B.S. Wilkinson Pte 1 Cp. Ptl. Pk. 3994 Australia
D. Wilkinson       Leicestershire, UK
E.. Wilkinson Pte RASC 1555 Sheffield; 11072/GW
F.C. Wilkinson Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 5398 Australia
H. Wilkinson Pte Seaf. H. 6082  
J. Wilkinson L/Sgt KOYLI 9046  
J. Wilkinson Gnr RA 6922  
D.E. Wilkinson Gnr RA 5674 Leicester; 11072/GW
D.J.S. Wilkinson     7354 18A
K.A. Wilkinson Spr RE 5372  
R. Wilkinson     5376 18A
T.E. Wilkinson Cook RN 6148  
W. Wilkinson L/Cpl Lanc. Fus. 6315  
C.E. (Eric) Willam Rfmn KRRC 6140  
J.F. Willans Pte 2/3 W. Hyg. Sec. 5106 Australia
R.A. Willard Dvr RASC 3137  
Ernest Robert Willcockson Dvr RASC 2677 capt'd Crete
C.S. Willes Sgt RASC 9386  
C. Willett Bdr RA 4560  
J. Willett Pte E. Surr. 6120  
A.C. Willey Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 8759 Australia
G. Willey Pte RAVC 2600  
G.H. Willey L/Cpl RAVC 2342 Dover, UK; capt'd Greece
R. Willey Sgt RAC 8146  
? Williams Pte 2/1 Bn. Sig. Sec. 1507 Australia
? Williams Cpl     MOC 212/L
? Williams Pte     MOC 795/L
? Williams       956/GW
A. Williams Pte 2/12 Inf. Bn. AAE 3421 Australia
A.A.E. Williams   2/1 Inf. Bn.   Australia
A.J.E. Williams L/Cpl DLI 7530  
A.R. Williams Pte RASC 5993  
Bert Williams       Manchester; 785/GW, 2056/L
C. Williams Pte RAVC 308  
C.O. Williams A/WO 2 2/8 Inf. Bn. 7051 Australia
C.R. Williams Cpl H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4082 Australia; 18D
E.A. Williams Gnr   9104 South Africa
E.G. 'Taffy' Williams Spr   780 New Zealand; 10030/GW
E.K. Williams Rfmn KRRC 8527  
E.R. Williams Gnr RA 399  
E.R. Williams Pte DCLI 6865  
E.T. Williams Gnr RA 4044  
Elvet Williams Pte Welch 5841 Wales;  2056/L785/GW86/GW; escaped Marburg Sep '44
Eric Williams       Theatre, 18A
F.T.W. Williams L/Cpl B&H 6672  
G. Williams       148/GW
G. Williams   RA   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
G. Williams Sgt RA 8998  
G. Williams   2/8 Inf. Bn.   Australia; 18A
G.C. Williams Dvr RASC 7840 Olbendorf Work Camp
G.H. Williams Sgt DLI 248925  
Ginger Williams       11096/L
H. Williams Spr RE 1562 Dorset; 11072/GW
H.E. Williams Pte RAOC 2625  
H.E. Williams Sgmn R Sigs 4203  
H.F. Williams Gnr RA 1766 Notts; 924/GW
H.G. (Darkie?) Williams Dvr   210 New Zealand; MOC 11096/GW, 10030/GW
H.W. Williams Spr RE 8380  
Harry? Williams       Dorset, UK
I.G. Williams Pte KORR 7307  
I.M. Williams Gnr RA 39736 Kent; 11072/GW
J. Williams Pte Ches. 6383  
J. Williams Tpr RAC 8134  
J.D. Williams Pte N'hamp. 6724  
J.R. Williams Cpl R Marines 6171  
John   Williams Pte 2/3 Inf. Bn. 4737 Australia
K.H. Williams Spr 2/1 Fd. Co. 5790 Australia; C&A
L. Williams Tpr RAC 8362  
L.A. Williams   2/2 Inf. Bn. 3381 Australia; 13048/L; transf'd to Stalag 20A
L.C. Williams Dvr RASC 39043  
Marvyn Williams       11096/L
N. Williams Spr RE 1028  
N.A. Williams       Hamilton, NZ
Nigel Williams       London; 10030/GW
O.D. Williams Pte   512 New Zealand
P. Williams       11079/GW
P. Williams Spr RE 5744  
P.C. Williams Spr RE 2948  
P.E.H. Williams Pte   8066 New Zealand
Perce Williams       785/GW
R. Williams       11079/GW
R. Williams Dvr RASC 5513  
R. (Bob) Williams       York; 7001/GW
R.B. Williams Gnr RA 7326  
R.C. Williams Gnr RA 1308  
R.E. Williams Gnr RA 5214  
R.E. (Emlyn) Williams L/Cpl RAMC 8793 Capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW; 18B
R.H. (Ron or Ray) Williams Pte 1 Cp. Ptl. Pk. 3982 Australia; 10029/GW?, 980/GW
R.N.G. Williams Sgmn R Sigs 941  
Raymond Victor Williams Pte 2/12 Inf. Bn.  3413 Australia
Robert Williams   RAC   York, UK; 4th Hussars; 232/GW, 7001/GW
S.J. Williams   RASC   Portsmouth; 522/L?
S.T.G. Williams Spr RE 2753  
T. Williams Sgmn R Sigs 4116  
T.J. Williams Pte RASC 1012  
Timothy J. Williams Gnr   4227 New Zealand; 10029/GW
V (Victor?) Williams Pte   936 New Zealand; 1715/L?
V.G. Williams Dvr RASC 5408  
W. Williams Pte SWB 7083  
W.A. Williams Sgmn R Sigs 4149  
W.E. Williams Sgt RA 7462  
W.H. (Hywel) Williams Dvr RASC 2643 Capt'd Greece; 11010/GW
W.J. Williams Pte Ches. 7098  
W.R. Williams Gnr RA 6929  
Williams Pte 2/1 Bn. Sig. Sec. 1507 Australia
C.A. Williamson Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3916 Australia; 18D
Dick Williamson       Theatre, 18A
E.A. Williamson Pte   8419 New Zealand
F.H. Williamson Tpr North. Fus. 6834 2083/L
Frank Williamson Cpl R Marines 6274  
H. Williamson Tpr RAC 8571  
Harry Williamson Sgt 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3600 Australia; 1203/L; transf'd to Stalag 317
I.R. Williamson Pte   7153 New Zealand
J. Williamson       Crewe, UK
J.H. Williamson Gnr RA 3193 Crewe; 11010/GW; 11072/GW
John William Williamson Pte   7132 New Zealand
R. Williamson Dvr RASC 2459  
S.P. Williamson Sgmn R Sigs 318 10911/GW
W. Williamson Pte Bk. Watch 6068  
E.D. Willingham Pte   8246 New Zealand
A.C.C. Willis Sgmn R Sigs 5827  
C.T. Willis Pte Buffs 39635  
Sidney R.B. Willis Dvr RASC 2789 Capt'd Greece; 105/L139/L, 10105/GW955/GW
G.H. Willmett Dvr R Sigs 7824  
John B. Willmott Sgmn R Sigs 5858 945/GW
Ken Willmott L/Cpl RAC 5470 4th Hussars; Orchestra, 18A
O.C. Willmott Gnr RA 5505 18A; transf'd to Stalag 8A
W.L. Willmott Gnr RA 5835  
Alfred Willock     4537 ResLaz IIIb; enlarged liver, 8/42; repat'd?
D. Willock Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6649 Australia
C.F. Willoughby Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 5132 Australia
G.T. Willoughby Pte   4407 New Zealand
A. Willows Sgt R Sigs 4755 MOC 2052/L
A.P. Wills Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3762 Australia
F.C. Wills Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 5609 Australia
G.A. Wills A/Cpl 1 A/Tk. Rg. 3951 Australia; 18D
R.J.W. Wills Marine R Marines 7011  
W. Willson Tpr RAC 5472 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
Frank Wilmer       10029/GW
Jack Wilmot Spr RE 5774 Derby; 11030/GW?, 10029/GW
B.J. Wilmshurst Spr RE 5752  
G.R. Wilsher Pte Green How. 6342  
? Wilson       956/GW
A. Wilson     5436 18A
A. Wilson   RA   1046/GW; esc'd 1944
A. Wilson Marine R Marines 5866  
A. Wilson Rfmn KRRC 5786  
A. Wilson Dvr RASC 7296  
A.E. Wilson Pte RAVC 2305  
A.F. Wilson Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 55 Australia
Alwyne Wilson       Capt'd Crete; esc'd Yugoslavia 1944
Ben  J. Wilson Pte 22 Bn. 5894 New Zealand; 980/GW
D.M. Wilson Pte RASC 2672  
E.V. Wilson Tpr RAC 8468  
F.H.G.H. Wilson Spr RE 5985  
F.J. Wilson     7460 18A
Fred Wilson   2/11 Inf. Bn.   Australia; died 1944?
Fred J. Wilson Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 6414 Australia
G. Wilson Pte RAOC 5656  
G.A. Wilson Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3919 Victoria, Australia 
G.E. Wilson Gnr RA 6871  
G.H. Wilson Pte Green How. 6237  
G.L. Wilson Sgt KORR 7640  
H.A. Wilson Pte   4536 New Zealand
H.R. Wilson Pte   39141 New Zealand
J. Wilson Pte RAOC 939  
J. Wilson Dvr RASC 3148  
J. Wilson Pte DLI 6193  
John A. Wilson Fus Lanc. Fus. 6346 Capt'd Tunisia; Italy POW; Lannach, 1929/L
J. Wilson Dvr RASC 7075  
J.C. Wilson Gnr RA 1077 London; Gmund Work Camp
J.C. Wilson Dvr RASC 7624  
J.G. Wilson Pte DLI 6442  
John Henry Wilson Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3619 Australia; 10029/GW, 13048/L
J.R. Wilson L/Cpl RASC 3577  
Jack Wilson       375/L
Jack Wilson       789/L
Jack Carter Wilson       London (not 1077 - different address); 522/L?
K. Wilson Pte Linc. 6609  
L.B. Wilson Cpl E. Surr. 7677  
L.D. Wilson Pte 2/5 Inf. Bn. 3010 Australia
Leslie F. Wilson Dvr R Sigs 4647 299/GW
L.J. Wilson Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 3408 Australia
M.K. Wilson Pte   4575 New Zealand
P. Wilson Pte Green How. 119053  
R. Wilson L/Cpl RASC 6014  
R. Wilson Gdsmn SG 39839  
S.P. Wilson Pte   4155 New Zealand; 11017/GW
Tug Wilson       10029/GW
W. Wilson Spr RE 1165  
W. Wilson Pte E. Yorks. 7181  
W. Wilson Sgmn R Sigs 7205  
W. Wilson Pte 25 Bn.   New Zealand; 88/HV; esc 9/44
W.A. Wilson Gnr RA 39859  
W.C. Wilson L/Cpl RAC 7569  
W.G. Wilson Dvr RASC 6799  
W.H. Wilson Dvr RASC 1514 London; 11072/GW
William John Wilson Pte 2/3 Fd. Co. 6453 Melbourne, Australia; 940/GW
George Wilton Sgt Rifle Bde. 9198 11006/GW
Harold Russell Wilton Pte   4211 New Zealand; 10029/GW
K.J.E. Wilton Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7120 Australia
H. Wiltshire Rfmn KRRC 3830  
Peter Donald Windeler Spr RE 3021 199/GW
A. Winder CSM B&H 7757  
James Alexander (Lofty) Windsor Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3706 Australia; 10029/GW
W. Windsor Pte RAVC 1118  
Samson Wines L/Sgt RA 365 Stoke-on-Trent; capt'd Greece; 11094/L, killed 13/5/45
R. Wing Gnr RA 4731  
? Winn       956/GW
F. Winn  Gnr RA 5880 NH; 980/GW
J.S. Winning Tpr RAC 1288 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; 13048/L; transf'd to Stalag 344
T. Winrow Cpl Lanc. Fus. 9431  
J.C. Winsor       Australia; 11066/GW?
M.T. Winsor Pte   5055 New Zealand
? Winstanley       England; Marburg (64-66/GW)
J. Winstanley Fus Lanc. Fus. 7845  
A. Winter       18A/Z
A.C.C. Winter Sgt RAOC 9353  
Claude William John (Jack) Winter Pte   4043 Te Aroha West, New Zealand
Cyril W. Winter Gnr RA 966 10049/GW; hand injury
Donald Thomas Henry Winter L/Cpl 1 Cp. Sigs. 3853 Australia; 10029/GW
G.F. Winter Dvr RASC 7798  
Les D. Winter Dvr   4549 New Zealand; 789/L
Leonard Alfred Winter Pte 21 Bn. 4084 New Zealand
Alfred E. Winton Dvr RASC 7286 Capt'd Kalamata
Eric Haig Wintrup Pte   7534 New Zealand; 18A
B.J. Wiperi Pte   4661 New Zealand
A.C.C. Wise Gnr RA 7288  
F.S. Wise Dvr RASC 2097  
Robert J. Wise Pte Inf.   Michigan, USA; capt'd Italy, 1944
Fredrick S. Wise  Dvr RASC 2097 11066/GW?
C.W. Wiseman Pte Essex 39748  
Laban William (Bill) Wiseman A/Sgt H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 533 Australia; 18A
C. Wishart Cpl RAC 7585  
Joe Wishart Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 5935 Australia; 11041/GW, 955/GW
R.G. Wisker Gnr RA 8278  
H. Witham Spr   447 New Zealand
Leonard Stanley Withey Spr   3991 New Zealand
D.L. Withnell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4807 Australia
H.F. Witsen Pte   5055 New Zealand
A.W. Witt       Wiltshire, UK
H.F. Witten Pte   5035 New Zealand; 18A/Z
Walter Joseph Gustav Wojciech Spr NZ Eng. 5759 New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 13048/L, 11094/GW
Hersey Woler Pte 603 Pal.P.C. 4589 Palestine; transf'd to Stalag 344
Henk Wolf Sgt   97114 Dutch; died 18.12.44
Ernest Robert Wolfe Pte   5088 Victoria, Australia
S.B. Wolfe Pte   7916 New Zealand
Samuel English Wolfenden Pte NZMC 4956 New Zealand; died 21.8.41
Ronald Victor Wollaston Gnr RA 5651 Capt'd Crete; 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
John William Wolstenholme Dvr RASC 5980 Capt'd Crete
L. Wolter L/Sgt 2/24 Inf. Bn. 7430 Australia
A. Wood Pte N'hamp. 6251  
Arthur Wood Rfmn Rifle Bde. 6766 Nottingham; capt'd N. Africa; Italy POW; 1042/GW
A. Wood Gnr RA 6998  
Arthur Wood       789/L
Bernard Wood Gnr RA 6245 Morecambe; capt'd Tobruk; Italy POW
B.D.C. Wood Cpl 7 Div. Rec. Co. 5135 Australia
C.B. Wood Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 4163 Australia
David Frew Wood Capt RAMC 50 Killed in Air Raid, 18.12.44; (could be POW 30); 10030/GW
Ewen Wood Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3828 Australia; 18D
Ernest Wood L/Cpl   4665 New Zealand; 109/L
E.W.E. Wood Gnr RA 538 Maldon; 10030/GW
F. Wood Pte RAVC 7052  
F.G. Wood Pte     MOC 724/L
G. Wood Pte Foresters 6966  
H. Wood Gnr RA    
Henry Wood Pte Ches.   died 8.11.44
J. Wood L/Cpl RAC 5550  
L. Wood Tpr RAC 6207  
Lionel Herbert Battinson Wood Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 7308 Australia; joined British Free Corps
L.T. Wood Pte 2/7 Inf. Bn. 3980 Australia
Len Wood Dvr R Sigs 710 10049/GW; 956/GW
S. Wood       Hawkes Bay, NZ; 10030/GW
S.R. Wood Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3673 Australia
T. Wood Gnr RA 7593  
T.H. Wood Cpl KOYLI 7362  
V. Wood Tpr   8762 South Africa
W. Wood Spr RE 5498  
W. Wood Gnr RA 6049  
W. Wood     7268 18A
W.L. Wood Fus North. Fus. 6800  
W.T. Wood Pte RAMC 7836  
T. Wood  L/Cpl RAC 5550 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
E.W.E. Woodage Dvr RASC 7374  
G.R. Woodall Cpl Green How. 7632 18C
S. Woodall SSM RAC 2797 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
Butch Woodall       18A/Z (theatre)
Sidney Woodcock Dvr RASC 5329 Wigan, Lancs; 18D
T. Woodend Pte RASC 5420  
G.A.W. Woodfin Cpl RE 2386 Aldershot, UK
H. Woodgate Gnr RA 8560  
Rex J. Woodgate Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3932 Australia; 18D; transf'd to Stalag 357
W. Woodgate Tpr RAC 5655 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR
H. Woodhams Pte Green How. 7942  
J. Woodhouse       10029/GW
D.R. Woodhouse-Adolphills Spr RE 5384  
F.J. Woodroof Sgmn R Sigs 4266 London; 571/L
? Woods       13048/L
Jimmy Woods Cpl     MOC 1971/L
Arnold E. Woods Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3883 Victoria, Australia; 1046/GW; esc'd 1944
C. Woods       10029/GW
F.B. Woods Dvr RASC 3554 10029/GW
F.E. Woods Dvr   1571 New Zealand
F.J. Woods       Great Yarmouth; 11086/GW, 11041/GW
'Ginger' Woods       London; 924/GW
J.H. Woods Dvr RE 6044  
Jock Woods       10029/GW
Les Woods       10029/GW
S.J. Woods L/Cpl RAC 5575 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
S.W. Woods Dvr RASC 7615  
Ted Woods        
W. Woods Dvr RASC 6790  
A. Woodward Gnr RA 3603  
A.E. Woodward Tpr RAC 8315 Italy POW; 18A/Z
A.W. Woodward       11010/GW
C. Woodward Gnr RA 5732  
F. Woodward Gnr RA 6685  
Graham Percy Woodward Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3753 NSW, Australia; 18D,  576/L
Jack Woodward Pte 1 Cps.Tp. Sply.  4030 Brisbane, Australia; capt'd Kalamata; violin player; 11072/GW, Matrei
Leslie Woodward Pte RASC 3098 Manchester; 10105/GW, 11078/GW
W.C.A. Woodward Pte 26 Bn. 4256 New Zealand
Jack Woodyard Pte 2/32 Inf. Bn. 7398 Australia; 373/GW, 107/GW, 218/GW, 975/GW
J.W. Woolam Pte Bk. Watch 6250  
Frank James Woolcock Spr NZ Eng. 172 New Zealand; capt'd Greece; 11034/GW
D.F. Woolf Pte   8585 South Africa
J.A.E. Woolman S/Sgt REME 9252  
F.A. Woolmer Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 7420 Australia; 10029/GW
R. Wooltorton Dvr RASC 6793  
J.S. (Jack) Wooster Pte   347 Christchurch, New Zealand; 10030/GW
F.U. Wootton Rfmn KRRC 8093  
Les J. Wootton Pte RASC 2674 London; saxophone, 924/GW
Tom Worfolk Pte RASC 2507 Stage electrician, 924/GW
W.J. Worgan Dvr RASC 1557 London
F.J.S. Workman Pte 4 Fld Amb 4264 New Zealand
J. Wormald Pte DLI 6018  
D.M. Worman Pte Welch 3555  
N. Worral Dvr R Sigs 949  
Cyril James Worrell Dvr RASC 7271 18A
C.E. Worshop A/Sgt 6 Div. ASC 7385 Australia
Jack Worsnop Dvr RASC 2299 785/GW
J.A. Worth Spr RE 5803  
A. Worthington       Ayr, Scotland; 11086/GW
B. Worthington        
R. Worthington Gnr RA 5844  
Reg A. Worthington Pte 1 Cp. Tp. Sply. Co. 7125 Australia; capt'd Greece; MOC 2054/L
Jack Woster       Capt'd Greece
H. Wragg L/Sgt RA 4553  
R. Wrathall L/Cpl   76 New Zealand
A.J. Wray Spr 2/1 Fd. Co. 3624 Australia
Frank Wray       Eastbourne; 571/L
S.A. Wray Spr RE 1927  
T.A. Wren Pte Green How. 39787  
A. Wright Spr RE 8192  
A.G. (Arthur?) Wright Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3561 Australia; 10925/GW?
A.G.H. Wright Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7491 Australia
C.S.W. Wright Sgt RASC 2704 18A Theatre; transferred to Stalag 383
Don Wright WO2 Army Ed. Corps 1122 18A School; transferred to Stalag 383
Ernest Wright Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3781 Australia; 11022/GW
E. Wright Pte B&H 7300  
F.E. Wright Tpr RAC 1136 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR ; transf'd to Stalag 344
F.S. Wright Pte   4791 New Zealand
Frank   Wright Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 2997 NSW, Australia; 223/L, 232/GW, 101/GW, 863/L
Frank Wright Sgt?     Theatre, 18A
G.F. Wright L/Cpl N'hamp. 7236  
G.K. Wright Pte   642 New Zealand
George Wright       789/L
H. Wright Cpl Welch Fus. 39548  
H.G. Wright Pte   39824 New Zealand
J.H. Wright Sgt RA 7476  
J.T.F. Wright Pte RAOC 484  
J.W. Wright Dvr RASC 5288  
J.W.R. Wright Bdr RA 7647  
K.A. Wright Pte   799 New Zealand
Kenneth P. Wright L/Bdr RA 8454 Northumberland; Italy POW; transf'd to Stalag 344
K.W. Wright Sgmn R Sigs 412  
L. Wright Pte RASC 7236  
L.H. Wright Pte   693 New Zealand; 11017/GW; transf'd to Stalag 18C
P. Wright Pte HLI 6755  
R.G. Wright Gnr RA 6771  
R.P. Wright Fus Lanc. Fus. 6341  
R.T. Wright Gnr   9545 New Zealand
Reginald Ernest Wright Gnr 2/1 Fld. Rgt. 689 Australia; Died 22.11.41
Ronald Wright       789/L
S. Wright Pte Foresters 6909  
S.C. Wright Pte Green How. 6826 Essex
T. Wright Pte RASC 5691  
W.J. Wright Dvr RASC 7692  
W.McL. Wright Pte   8889 New Zealand
W.R. Wright Sgt RAC 5761 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 383
Ellis Wroe Pte RAVC 823 Manchester; Stage make-up & wigs, 924/GW
Charles W. Wroot Gnr RA 7081 Capt'd Libya; Italy POW; 415/GW
D.C. Wyatt Gnr RA 6356  
Edwin J. Wyatt Gnr RA 2275 London; 955/GW, 373/GW
R.S. Wyatt CSM RE 5736 MOC 2124/L
S.J.R. Wyatt Rfmn KRRC 9603  
William S. Wyatt Sgmn 6 Div. Sigs. 4002 Australia; 18D
S. Wye Pte QRR 8052  
T.F. Wyld Tpr RAC 5889 Capt'd Greece; 3RTR; transf'd to Stalag 344
? Wylie       11010/GW
John Wylie Dvr RASC 1667 Glasgow; capt'd Greece
G.E. Wynn Tpr RAC 6004  
J.W. Wynne Marine R Marines   6104

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