Work Camp  10012 GW

Location: Seebach (Villach)

Type of work: Turbo-electric power plant

Man of Confidence: Sgt P. Murtagh, 7224

Number of Men: 50

Known to be present

Ernest Raymond Banton Pte RAOC 6270 Italy POW; also 1025/GW, 180/GW
P. Murtagh Sgt IG 7224 Italy POW; MOC
William Nisbet Paton Gnr RA 6879  
? Walters Gnr RA    
George White Pte DLI 7232  
G. White 2nd L, Front row G. White lying on L

Date of visit: 24 November 1943

General Description

This is a new Work Camp opened only six weeks ago. The men there are all newcomers from Italy. The camp is situated on the outskirts of Seebach, a suburb of Villach, and is actually erected quite close to the men's working place. It consists of one large barrack with four sleeping and living rooms, the adjoining washroom and a separate hut with the latrines. The kitchen building, the Red Cross parcel store room and the guard's barrack are outside the barbed wire. The ground space is rather small and the Delegate objected to that. Fifty British prisoners of war are living here. They are engaged in foundation work for a turbo-electric power plant. Working hours are from 7 to 12 a.m. and from 1 to 5 p.m. - 9 hours actual work. Saturday afternoon and Sunday are free.

Interior arrangement

The barracks are furnished with double tier beds of the wooden type, benches and tables, wardrobes, fairly good stoves and electric light.

Bathing and washing facilities

Adequate. Hot water is available, and there is a boiler in the washroom.

Toilet facilities

Primitive. An improvement was ordered by the Accompanying Officer.

Food and Cooking

The cooking is done by a German woman and is reported to be good. The Red Cross parcel issue is organised and a fair stock is available.

Medical attention and sickness

There is a medical orderly in camp who was working up to the day of the delegate's visit. From now on he will stay in camp and do his job as sanitator. Medical treatment is given by a German military doctor.


The clothing and shoe position is very bad, this due to the fact that all the men are newcomers from Italian captivity and had their extra clothing and shoes confiscated.


The laundry is done by the men and they have a soap issue by the firm.

Money and Pay



No canteen so far, beer only is available at the work's canteen. The Kommandofuhrer was told to give the Man of Confidence every possible assistance for shopping.

Religious activity


Recreation and exercise

Sunday walks are organised. No other facilities.


Outgoing mail is in order. No incoming mail so far.

Welfare work

Unsettled. The Delegate raised this point at the conference with the camp authorities and was able to procure cinema performance once a month for all the British prisoners of war of the Villach area.


No complaint. This is a fairly good camp. Once the prisoners of war will have settled down they will find conditions satisfactory. Morale and discipline are excellent.

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