Work Camp   10057 L


Location: Rieding

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Unknown

Number of Men: 25

Known to be present

Marcel Avec        
? Assis        
? Barthe        
? Budin        
Andre Colinot   506eme Rgt de Chars de Combat    
Jean Darios        
F. Debruynes        
Marcel Dimanche        
? Evrard        
? Fourest        
Marcel Gagnebe        
R. Gaudenot        
Rene Gaspard        
? Gonthier        
Joseph Lorho        
? Martin        
Charles P.H. Moreau   506eme Rgt de Chars de Combat 79716  
Marcel Peschel        
Maurice Rognon        
Andre Salesse   506eme Rgt de Chars de Combat 79710  
Marcel Salesse        
? Sicard        
Louis Tardy   506eme Rgt de Chars de Combat    

Photos provided by Clement Moreau, grandson of Charles Moreau.

  Charles Moreau  

Andre Salasse kept a journal during his time as a POW in Rieding. He continued it after the war, returning several times to the village with his family. Details provided by Josef Weinberger.
Sketch map of Rieding farms Andre Salasse Sketch of farms near Rieding

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