Work Camp  10232 GW

Location: Zauchen

Type of work: Stone quarry

Man of Confidence: Pte Jack Lewis, 5257 (Sept 1942)

Number of Men: 6 - 9

Known to be present

Frank Stanley Garraway Gnr RA 5057 7/41 to 11/43; also 10931/GW
Jack Lewis Pte   5257 2NZEF; MOC 9/42
Ken Stevenson Cpl     MOC 9/43

Date of visit: 12 September 1942

General Description

Six men are working here in a stone quarry.

Interior arrangement

 They are living in a large room  (the back room of an inn) with ample light and air. Each man has an iron bed, with mattresses and 3 or 4 blankets. There is one stove in the middle of the room, used for heating and cooking private food. Also a large table and a sufficient number of chairs.

Bathing and washing facilities

Washing facilities and toilet are adequate, but there is no possibility for bath or showers. This matter will be taken up with the Commander of stalag XVIIIA.

Food and Cooking

The food with the heavy workers' ration seems to be sufficient.

Medical attention and sickness

The health of the men is good. If sick, they are treated by a German military doctor. For dental treatment they are sent to Stalag.

Recreation and exercise

As there is no open space for the men to move around, they asked if they could not be taken for a walk on Saturday or Sunday. This was immediately granted by the accompanying officer. The Man of Confidence asked for some indoor games, such as cards, dominoes, also a dartboard and, if possible, a football.


The only complaint was that they were told that they could not get more than 25 kilos of coal weekly during the winter. This, of course, is quite insufficient and the matter will be brought to the attention of the Stalag Commander.

General impression

This is quite a good camp.

Date of visit: 7 September 1943

Man of Confidence: Cpl Ken Stevenson

9 men

Further comments:

No running water. The water for the bath,  which is taken in a wooden tub, has to be heated on the kitchen stove. About two men can bathe in one day.

Very primitive latrine away from the house in the orchard.

The food is brought to the quarry where the men work. In the evening the men do their own cooking in the camp.

No padre's visit yet.

The men go for walks in the surrounding woods. Swimming was organised in a nearby river in the summer.

This camp will be closed as it does not fit in with the rules regarding prisoner camps. Although the living-room where the POWs live is pretty comfortable, the room where the guard sleeps can only be reached by crossing the prisoners' quarters. The sanitary installations are definitely unsatisfactory. The spirit in this camp is not bad but the discomfort begins to show on these men.

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