Work Camp  10620 GW or 10020/GW

There is some confusion as to the correct number of this camp. Two Red Cross reports on the camp give different numbers. One may be a typographical error.

Location: Klagenfurt (South)

Type of work: Timber mill/factory (Brodnig owners)

Man of Confidence: Dvr Stanley Swift, POW 3433

Number of Men: 20 - 30

Known to be present

C Armstrong Dvr RASC 2750 Co. Durham
Harold E Barlow Dvr RE 5047  
E.S. Bates Dvr RASC 5393 Leicester
Joe Britton Dvr RASC 3545 Birmingham
Beaton D. Cowan Pte 2NZEF 3522 Waikato, New Zealand
Jim Cuthbertson       Ayrshire
D.E. Dawkins Dvr RE 2659 Malvern
B.J. (Ronnie) de Knock Dvr RASC 3447 London
Matthew W. Ellis Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7117 Victoria, Australia
Taffy Evans        
Bill Everness Dvr RASC 3531 Barry, Glamorgan
Reg P.J. Foster Pte RASC 3588 Suffolk
Norman Freebergh Pte 2/17 Inf. Bn. 8646 Australia
J Fulcher Dvr RASC 3076 Norwich
David Gillies       Blairgowrie, Scotland
J Grice       Burton-on-Trent
H Griffiths Dvr RASC 3106 Liverpool
W Haynes Dvr RASC 2701 London
Frank Baridon Hill Pte RASC 3532 High Barnet
Peter R Hook L/Cpl RE 2909 Southampton
Maurice John Hutchins Pte H.Q. 17 Inf. Bde. 3475 Australia; also 975/GW
Jimmy C Ingham Pte RAOC 3198 Blackburn
I. Ireland Pte   7880 New Zealand
Clarrie Alexander Jamieson L/Cpl 20 Bn. 7856 New Zealand
Dennis T Lambert L/Cpl RE 2743 Birmingham
E Larkin Dvr RE 3107 Sussex; transf'd to Stalag 20A
Paul Lavalee L/Cpl 2/17 Inf. Bn. 8645 Australia
Bruce Maxwell Pte 2/12 Inf. Bn. 4039 NSW, Australia
Frank Mulrow Pte RAVC 1845 Blackpool
Donald Cyril Munns Dvr RASC 2636 Surrey; also 10029/GW, 11027/GW, 27/HV
Henry Lennard Novis L/Bdr RA 3194 Eastbourne
F.J. Palmer Spr RE 2618 Loughborough
Johnny W. Pearce Spr RE 3132 London
W.J. Pitt Spr RE 2944 Southampton
Peter R. Reavill L/Cpl CMP 3160 Notts
Jimmy Reid Pte A&SH 5937 Falkirk
F.W. Shoobridge Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6446 WA, Australia
J.B. Smith Dvr RASC 2853 Salisbury
N.A. Spittle Spr RE 2694 Staffs
Stanley Swift Dvr RASC 3433 Middlesex; MOC
G White       Surrey
Lyle Leslie White Pte 2/28 Inf. Bn. 6516 WA, Australia
The first photograph below (with names attached) was supplied by Carol Hindle, friend of Stan Swift. The rest of the photographs were supplied by Janet Durbin, niece of Donald Munns, except for the two photos in the second row, from Alton Jamieson and the middle two photos in the second row which came from Keith Hook, son of Herbert Hook, Dvr, RASC.

10620grp.jpg (71849 bytes)
W. Haynes Donald Munns C. Armstrong Matthew Ellis
Peter Hook E. Larkin John Pearce J.B. Smith
G. White N.A. Spittle Joe Britton Ronald de Knock
Bill Everness E.S. Bates ? Gillies Reg Foster
J. Fulcher P. Reavill H. Griffiths D.E. Dawkins
Stan Swift F.J. Palmer Dennis Lambert Jim Cuthbertson
J. Grice Jimmy Ingham Beaton Cowan W.J. Pitt
Frank Hill Frank Mulroy Bruce Maxwell Henry Novis
Jim Reid Unknown Unknown  

Location of 10620/GW or 10020/GW

With the help of local historian Paul Angerer and Ann Plumb, daughter of Paul Lavalee, it has been possible to identify the location of the POW camp and Brodnig's timber yard. The two locations are close to each other, close to the main railway line in south Klagenfurt.

Google Earth view of south Klagenfurt, showing Sonnwendgasse, the street where Brodnig's timber mill
was located, and Seegasse, the street where the POW camp was located.
House on Sonnwendgasse on the site of the timber yard. Sign reads 'Brodnig Sohn'.
The house behind the POWs in the old photo is No. 40 Seegasse, which still stands.
USAAF aerial photograph of the camp, December 1944.


Date of visit: 24 May 1943 (In this report, the camp is designated 10620/GW)

Man of Confidence: L/Cpl D. T. Lambert, POW No. 2743

21 men.

These men do all kinds of timber work, make barracks, etc. The Man of Confidence has no complaint about conditions in his camp but rather regarding the treatment they receive on the part of their employer who pays, it would appear, little attention to whatever the military authorities order but rather wants his own way. For instance, he will not stick to any agreement regarding contract work and is loath to let the prisoners have the time off due to them. When discussing these points with the Camp Commander and the Accompanying Officer, they both instructed the Lagerfuhrer to keep an eye on the working conditions in this camp and to ensure that military orders are strictly obeyed.

Date of visit: 16 August 1943 (In this report, the camp is designated 10020/GW)

Man of Confidence: Dvr Stanley Swift, POW No. 3433

19 men.

The prisoners of this Detachment, who are engaged in industrial work, work principally on a contract basis. When the work set out in the contract is finished, the prisoners are made to undertake other work, if any time remains available to them. The officer in charge, who is benevolently disposed to the prisoners, makes it his business to see that the contracts are faithfully observed.

Date of visit: 19 November 1943

Man of Confidence: Pte S. Swift

30 men

These men are engaged with a saw-mill and the Man of Confidence made strong complaints regarding treatments. The Delegate visited the works and decided to request the immediate dissolution of the Kommando. The request has been met by the Stalag Commander, Oberstlt. von Reckow. The prisoners will now go back to Stalag pending the removal to another Kommando.

(Despite the above entry, there is another reference to 10620/GW being visited by the Red Cross on 26 June 1944. Stan Swift is still MOC and the strength was 26 men.)

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