Work Camp  11030 GW

Location: Steindorf

Type of work: Railway

Man of Confidence: L/Cpl R. Ayley, POW 3485

Number of Men: 20

Known to be present

Norman Abbot       Leeds
R.C.J. Ayley L/Cpl RASC 3485 MOC
H Beddoes Dvr RASC 1725 Birmingham
W.J. Bonner       Birmingham
Douglas Christie Dvr RASC 1729 Aberdeen; Transf'd to Stalag 20B
A Curwen       Salford
John Thomas Dixon Dvr RASC 1507 Kilmarnock
Jim Dobbs Sgmn R Sigs 1410 London
Maurice B. Fisher Spr RE 1586 Lichfield, Staffs
John Gibson Dvr RASC 1701 Doncaster
Howard Greville Sgmn R Sigs 122 Brentwood
William H. Harper       Thornhill
H.D. Horne       New Zealand
E Lamb       Braintree
Ancas R. McDougall Dvr RASC 1730  
Andrew McNeill Dvr RASC 1608 Glasgow
J.E. Miller Pte RAOC 1526 London
W Millichamp Sgt RA 1471 London; Transf'd to Stalag 383
Robert Porter Dvr RASC 1731 Aberdeen
Robert P.G. Samson Dvr RASC 1472  
Jim Steele        
John Thow L/Cpl RASC 1728 Aberdeen
Jack Wilmot Spr RE 5774 Derby

Photos supplied by Paul Angerer. On the back of both is written 'H. Beddoes  10029/GW'. The group photo may have been taken at 10029/GW as part of a series.

Date of visit: 22 May 1943

General Description

This camp is situated on the railway line passing along Lake Ossiach, consisting of just one barrack with practically no walking space to it at all. The prisoners are doing railway work starting at 7 a.m. till 5 p.m. During their lunch hour they are allowed to bathe in the lake.

Interior arrangement

The barrack contains a sleeping- and a day-room. The beds are of the wooden double-tier type. To each of them there is a cupboard.

Bathing and washing facilities

Water has to be carried into the camp from a pump on the other side of the railway line. This is a very inconvenient arrangement and it was only natural for the prisoners to complain about the bad washing and bathing facilities. It is all the more annoying since a water pipe runs directly under the camp and although the prisoners have repeatedly asked that this pipe should be tapped, their employer puts them off by telling them that they would leave the camp in a few weeks or so. The Delegate of the Protecting Powers discussed this matter with the Accompanying Officer who left definite instructions for the employer to arrange for the water supply in the camp as is desired by the prisoners.

Toilet facilities

These are not satisfactory; furthermore lime is lacking. The Kommandofuehrer was immediately ordered to procure a supply.

Food and Cooking

One of the prisoners does the cooking. They draw their own rations. Potatoes are supplied by the firm but the men complain about the complete absence of green vegetables. However this complaint no longer prevails, as some supply of this kind will be found with the peasants.

Medical attention and sickness

For medical treatment the prisoners go to Dr. Schwarz at Feldkirchen who also extracts teeth. For fillings, however, prisoners must go to Stalag. There is an adequate supply of medicaments in the camp and although there is no acknowledged sanitator, two of the men do first aid.


Most of the men have now two uniforms but urgently require overalls for their work. This point was discussed with the Accompanying Officer who promised to request from the employer that adequate work-clothing should be given out.


Laundry is done by a civilian woman outside the camp.

Money and Pay

In order.


There is no canteen; the Man of Confidence is able to buy a few things now and then in the village.

Religious activity

Stalag XVIII A/Z will arrange for a visit by a padre as soon as possible.

Recreation and exercise

The Man of Confidence asks for a football. This wish will be transmitted to the YMCA. Swimming is allowed in the lake.


Mail is coming in very slowly. Furthermore this camp always is receiving the mail of another camp as the numbers of the two camps are similar; the Accompanying Officer promised to look into the matter himself when back at the main Stalag (Wolfsberg).

Welfare work

In order.


The Man of Confidence says that often for some small offence on the part of one man, all of the prisoners are punished in some way or another.When discussing this point with the Accompanying Officer and the Kommandofuehrer, it was explained that in such cases there was no question of collective punishment or punishment at all but merely a withdrawal of certain privileges.

General impression

If it were not for the fact that the firm puts off the prisoners all the time, it could be considered as a fairly good camp.

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