Work Camp  11897 L

Location: Unknown

Type of work: Farming or Forestry

Man of Confidence: Unknown

Number of Men: 11 approx.

Known to be present

Jimmy Adams L/Cpl RE 5083  
W. T. (Taffy) Curnew Spr RE 5109  
Arthur Thomas Dyer Spr RE 5041  
Jack Hampson Spr RE 5271  
Stanley Eric Harper Spr RE 4930  
H.A. (Arthur) Hutton Spr RE 5371  
Steve (E?) Lancaster Spr RE 5128?  
J. Lucas Sgt RA 5222 Transf'd to Stalag 383
Jack Owen   RE    
P. (Paddy) Spence Gnr RA 5607  

Photos provided by Vicky Harper, daughter-in-law of Eric Harper, and William Dyer, nephew of Arthur Dyer..

Eric Harper 2nd right, back row; Arthur Dyer, 2nd left, front row
Same as above, but with the little girl not erased

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