Work Camp  1731 L

Location: Spitz

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Spr J. Gillott, Gnr J. McD. Cope

Number of Men: 10 approx.

Known to be present

C.H. Cook Gnr   4977 New Zealand
J. McD. Cope Gnr   4081 New Zealand
R. Cornwall Spr RE 5644 Scotland
Reg Doggett Gnr RA 4172 Sussex
J.F. Egan Pte 1 Cps. H.Q. 5141 Australia
J. Gillott Spr RE 5809  
William Bruce Gleeson Gnr 2/1 Fd. Rg. 4394 Australia
W. Kells     4955 New Zealand
D. Macfarlane Dvr RASC 7774  
Harold Rupert Potter Pte H.Q. Gd. Bn. 5189 Australia

Names and photos provided by Hedley Potter, son of Harold Potter, Jason Tremble, grandson of Gnr John Tremble, RA, and Robyn Brunton, daughter of William Gleeson. Some of the photos may not apply to this camp.

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