Work Camp   1929 L

Location: Graz-Wetzeldorf/ Schloss Guthardt

Type of work: Farming

 Man of Confidence: Pte D.H. Self, 8144; F. Donohue, 8131 (Oct 1944)

Number of Men: 18 approx.

Known to be present

Pre-October 1944

L. Abbott       Southampton
W. Adcock Dvr RASC 8191 Norwich
S. Anderson       Liverpool
Harold Bain Gnr RA 5999 Sheffield
J. Canham Dvr RASC 7588 Norwich
Bernard Cox       Birmingham
John A. Fitzgerald L/Cpl Essex 7470  
E. Hay Dvr RASC 7769 Cambridge
Edward McDermott Tpr RAC 5926 Leeds
Tom R. Poole Gnr RA 4589 Sheffield
Alec Renwick Sgmn R Sigs 8183 St Helens
G. Scott Dvr RASC 8192 Wisbech
D.H. Self Pte RASC 8144  
T. Spalton L/Bdr RA 4590 Sheffield
A. Todd Gnr RA 6000 Sheffield

October 1944 - April 1945

Charles James Beech Tpr RAC 5516  
L. Bowyer Dvr RASC 5414  
Jack William Canham Dvr RASC 7588 Norwich
F. Donohue Dvr RASC 8131 MOC
A. Durrant Bdr RA 6964  
A.E. Forester Pte H.Q. Gd.Bn. 5223 Victoria, Australia
G. Fraser Pte Bk. Watch 2345 Scotland
W. Hill L/Cpl Green How. 7832  
L.E. Howard Pte RASC 6205  
G. Jackson Dvr RASC 6174  
A. Manning Gnr RA 6894  
T.J. May Spr RE 8238  
W.J. Rutter Pte Green How. 7823  
George Henry Scott Dvr RASC 8192  
Dennis H. Self Dvr RASC 8144  
W.F. Terry Rfmn R Ulster Rif. 6328  
C.J. Terry Gnr RA 6846  
John A. Wilson Fus Lanc. Fus. 6346  
C.S. Young Pte   4210 New Zealand

Photos and names supplied by John Bain, son of Harold Bain, and Terry Beech, son of Charles Beech. Some of the photos may not be from 1929/L.

Clothing list from April 1945

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