Work Camp 199 GW

Location: Sunk (near Hohentauern)

Type of work: Magnesite quarry

Man of Confidence: Driver W Evans

Number of Men: 41

Known to be present

R.C. Baker L/Cpl RE 2956  
James A Brannigan Gnr RA 3257  
John Brown        
W.B. Burchoski Spr RE 2936 Transf'd to Stalag 17B
William (Bill) Chalker Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3465 NSW, Australia
Joffre Cormie L/Cpl RASC 3074 Moray, Scotland
? Cosgrove        
T.G. Coulson L/Cpl RASC 2927  
Doug R. Cox Dvr RASC 2906  
John C. Davey L/Sgt H.Q. 1 Cps. Arty. 3964 Australia
? Davies        
? Evans        
William G Evans Dvr RASC 2817 Camp Leader
? Fisher        
L Frampton Pte KORR 6639 possible
Robert Ellis Fraser L/Cpl RASC 2828  
Alan Freeman Dvr RASC 3135  
B.W. Godfrey Dvr RASC 2794 possible
Alan Hammond Tpr RAC 2425  
Frank Reginald Albert Holmes Dvr RASC 2998  
? Hopkins        
? Johnson        
? Keen        
? Kennedy        
? Kitchen        
W.H. (Bill) Libby Spr RE 2959  
Joe Mildenhall Spr RE 2682  
Ken A. Millington Spr RE 2654  
George J. Millwater L/Sgt RE 2991  
F Nichols Dvr RASC 2989  
Ray W Reeves Spr RE 2798  
E.W. Robertson Dvr RASC 2950  
G.H. Sheaff Gnr RA 1965 possible
Frank J Skelton Dvr RASC 2829  
Edgar John Smith Dvr RASC 3602  
Gerry Spaull        
W.J. Wagstaff Spr RE 2968  
Tommy Watson        
? Wild        
Peter Duncan Windeler Spr RE 3021  
? Young        

The names and photographs have been sent by Matthew Smith, grandson of Spr Ken Millington, Ian Fraser, son of L/Cpl Robert Fraser and Sheila Russell, Linda Smit and Kevin Brannigan, the children of Gnr James Brannigan, and Dianne Hammond.

Camp Group with names Camp Group Same Group with names
gerryspaull.jpg (7460 bytes) joemildenhall.jpg (16092 bytes)
Gerry Spaull Joe Mildenhall Ken Millington
p84windeler.jpg (88298 bytes) p86millwaterwindeler.jpg (19481 bytes)
George Millwater Peter Windeler Millwater & Windeler
  Alan Hammond  
Group with beer Camp Group G.H. Sheaff
kmviolin.jpg (10150 bytes)
G. Millwater + 2 Band Group in snow
kmgroup.jpg (33178 bytes)
Group Frank Holmes Bill Chalker

Ian Fraser, son of L/Cpl R.E. Fraser, RASC, has sent me the following sequence of photographs of the funeral of an unknown US airman who was shot down near to 199/GW.


General Description
New wooden barracks below a magnesite quarry which covers with its terraces the whole mountainside.

Interior arrangement
Electric light. Heating adequate. The barrack is now a bit overcrowded, but the work is just building a special hut for the guards outside the barbed wire area which will give the POWs the disposition of the guards' room and resolve thus the problem of overcrowding.

Bathing and washing facilities
There is an excellent washroom in the barrack.

Toilet facilities
Adequate. A separate shed contains 4 cabins with flush-type WCs.

Food and Cooking
British orderly cooks the food for the POWs in the camp. They get correct heavy workers' rations.

Medical attention and sickness
A civilian doctor in Trieben cares for the sick. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment is also given in Trieben. The Man of Confidence and a sanitator look after the sick in the camp and give first aid and they also decide whether a man is able to go to work or not.

In progress. The working uniform is in a very bad condition as the work in the quarry is very straining on the material. The boots are in order.

Done by two women.

Money and Pay

Poor. The men can get beer. They are allowed to sit in the works canteen every evening for 1 hour.

Religious activity
When Padre Ledgerwood visited the camp in Trieben, the POWs in Sunk were allowed to go down there and join the service.

Recreation and exercise
Near the barn where the POWs live there is a yard where they can get some sport. Swimming is also possible in the nearby river.

Recreation and Exercise
No complaint. They go to a little lake nearby in the summer for swimming; in the cold season walks are organised and when snow has fallen they have got a bobsleigh at their disposition and some skis which sport they appreciate very much.


Welfare work
In order.

The Man of Confidence asked for some books on electricity and motor mechanics as some of his men want to study during the winter evenings. The YMCA will be advised of this.

General impression
This is a very good camp. The men are all in splendid physical condition and the spirit is excellent. The works director who is a colonel in the army has a fair understanding for the needs of the British POWs and as these keep up excellent soldierly discipline, he gives them very much freedom. Although this camp is situated in a rough and far-away mountain valley, no escapes were noted here which seems to come from the fair treatment the POWs are getting here.

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