Work Camp   2054 L

Location: Lobming

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Reg Worthington, 7125

Number of Men: 10 - 11

Known to be present

Greg Bourchier Pte 2/8 Inf. Bn. 3131 Australia
Henry Davis        
'Slim' Holt        
Len Smith     5365 London
Frank Wheatcroft        
Reg A. Worthington Pte 1 Cp. Tp. Sply. Co. 7125 Australia

Photos provided by Australians at War Film Archive.

Reg Worthington   Slim Holt, Len Smith, Reg Worthington

Date of visit: 3 Sept 1943

General impression

This camp is lighted by petrol lamps and the complaint is that not enough fuel is given out. The washing conditions too are not adequate. The Chief Man of Confidence for the camps in this area who was also present at the conference and whose rank and name are CQMS G.W. Hoskins, made the following complaints. The store room where the British Red Cross parcels are kept is open to the Germa, French and British soldiers. Orders were given that a separation had to be built with planks and the keys of this room had to be in the hands of the British Man of Confidence. He also wants that a different Man of Confidence of his area should be present at the distribution of the Red Cross parcels. This was granted.

Reg Worthington's account

Open the below link to an interview that Reg gave in 1990 for the Australians at War Film Archive.


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