Work Camp   2083 L

Location: Glasenhütte, Trofaiach

Type of work: Forestry

Man of Confidence: Pte W. Alderdice, 4059

Number of Men: 11

Known to be present

William Alexander Alderdice Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 4059 MOC
J. Allen       Oswaldtwistle
William H. Archer Spr 6 Fld. Coy. 749 New Zealand
Bob Ashley Sgmn R Sigs 6832 Birmingham (possible)
David Gillies       Scotland
Albert Hawkins Rfmn Rifle Bde. 6815 East Barnet
G. Kewell Gnr RA 6867 Kent
Thomas Ruka Rfmn 28 Bn. 956 New Zealand
A. Thomas       Lancs
John Walby Gnr RA 6820 London
F. Williamson Tpr North. Fus. 6834  

Photos provided by Sharon Thompson and Millan Ruka.

Albert Hawkins Thomas Ruka

Dates of visit: 26 May 1943

General Description

The Man of Confidence of this small working party of 11 men doing forestry work had one main complaint. This concerned the attitude of their employer regarding the cutting and hauling of firewood as he thinks the men ought to do that after their day's work. The Accompanying Officer ordered the Lagerfuhrer to ensure that this would not happen in the future.

Furthermore, the Man of Confidence considers the size of the camp to be too small in proportion to the number of inhabitants, but it was explained to him that the measures he gave exceed those applicable to the German army.

Apart from these few matters this camp seems to be a good one.


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