Work Camp  224 L

Location: Nestelbach

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Sgt Skip(p)worth

Number of Men: 12

Known to be present

Robert Bibby Marine Royal Marines 5877  
Paddy Craney        
Jack Davies        
John W. (Jack) Dennis        
Eric Gurney        
John A. Jarrett Marine Royal Marines 6826  
Charles F. Jones Tpr RAC 2922  
Rhys Jones        
Harold Marshall L/Cpl RAC 8120  
John William O'Brien   Royal Marines    
Ronald Skip(p)worth Sgt     MOC
James Thomas Wildes Dvr RASC 7668 also 331/L, 107/GW
R. Bibby on left James Wildes

Date of visit: 9 September 1943

General Description

Big, very pleasant farmhouse

Interior arrangement

Big room with 8 windows, whitewashed. There is electric light. The men sleep in single beds.

Bathing and washing facilities

There is no boiler for hot water and no bath tub. Both have to be procured.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking


Medical attention and sickness

Medical treatment is given by a civilian doctor at Ilz 5 kilometers from the camp. Medical supply adequate.. Dental treatment at the Stalag.


Rather bad. This will be fixed up by the Stalag.


Done in the village.

Money and Pay



Very poor. Some beer can be bought in the village.

Religious activity

No visit.

Recreation and exercise

During the summer, the men went swimming. During the cold season, walks will be organised.


Some private parcels were missing. Otherwise the mail is fairly good.

Welfare work

In order.


No complaint.

General impression

This is a very fine camp and accordingly the spirit is good and the state of health is excellent.

Extract from Diary of Dvr James Thomas Wildes, RASC

JULY 1941

16th  Arrived in Austria. Slept night in train.

17th   Arrived at camp in Marburg.

18th  Cig issue of 100 (brown bombers).

19th  Taken away my name and given a number. Working in camp putting up barbed wire.

20th  Sunday. Working until 11 o’clock. Dinner:-soup. Tea:-bread, marge and mint tea.

22nd Deloused again. Finger prints taken and inoculated.

23rd  Photograph taken. Cup of coffee without milk or sugar for breakfast.

26th  Went out working on a garden for the morning. Gardener gave me a finger of bread.

27th Sunday. Dinner:-Sauerkraut. Tea:-tea, bread and jam.

28th  Moved to another camp 100 yards down the road.

29th  Sent letter card home. Arose in morning at 4 o’clock. Coffee at 5 o’clock.

30th  Had names taken for farm work.



1st     Today will live on in our memories as we had a wonderful parcel of food stuff from the Red Cross. Also cigarettes. Moved from Marburg.

3rd    Set out with guard to farm in Nestleburg (Nestelbach). Semi freedom at last.

4th    Up at 4.45am. Started work at 6 o’clock after ¾ hour walk.

7th    Cut the corn today. Very tedious craft.

8th    Cut more corn. Hands getting a few blisters now.

10th  Sunday. Best day of all. Up at 7 o’clock and to the farm for dinner.

12th  Work still hard. Can’t seem to get used to it. 15th week of POW. 106 days.

13th  Rain this morning which gave me a break.

15th   Thinking about giving it up. Too much of a good thing. 6 o’clock in the morning till 9:30 at night.

17th   Day of rest.

22nd Little easier today.

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