Work Camp   29 L

Location: Ebersdorf bei Hartberg

Type of work: Farming

 Man of Confidence: W. Stilling

Number of Men: 21

Known to be present

George S ('Snow')  Kirman  Pte  24 Bn.  4650  New Zealand 
W.  Stilling  Dvr  RASC  7366  MOC 

Photos kindly supplied by Fred Kirman, son of Snow Kirman. Although these photos are from Ebersdorf, they may not be from 29/L.

Snow Kirman     

Date of visits: September 1943

General Description

The POWs live in two rooms in an old farmhouse which would be quite adequate, were it not for the ceiling which is too low. The men also complained of the presence of fleas. There is no other complaint. 


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