Work Camp 568 L

Location: Frohnleiten (North of Graz)  

Type of work: not known

Man of Confidence: not known

Number of Men: approx. 18

Known to be present

Basil Hewin Armstrong Pte 1 Aust Cp. HQ 7088 Australia
Rex Bremner        
Samuel Francis Pte   8945 New Zealand
J.W.W (Taffy) Geddes Dvr RE 5439  
A.J. (Jack) Gilmore Dvr 6 RMT, 2NZEF 9212 New Zealand; capt'd Lybia; Italy POW
W.A.A. (Wally) Hansen Dvr   518 New Zealand
H Markham Dvr RASC 9302  
Wally Muir Pte   4475 New Zealand
Des R.W. Nelson Dvr   733 New Zealand
Tubby Prosser        
John Pryor Dvr RASC 8145  
Herbert Leslie Robertson L/Cpl   4609 New Zealand
Maurice L. (Robby) Robertson Pte   4610 New Zealand
George Shuker   HMS Gloucester   Royal Navy
Eric Smith        
Eric Toole        

Samfrancis grp.jpg (98753 bytes)

George Shuker was a Royal Navy rating, serving on HMS Gloucester which was sunk off Crete, 23 May 1941. After spending 26 hours in the water, George was picked up by the Germans. He spent some time in Stalag 18A/Z (Spittal) and Stalag 18A before being sent to the Arbeitskommando 568/L at Frohnleiten. He remained here until he escaped over the mountains into Italy in 1945. He reached Allied lines on 16 May 1945 and was back in England on 20 May. After the war he emigrated to New Zealand and joined the Royal New Zealand Navy.

(Details provided by Lois Francis, daughter of Samuel Pirimona Francis of New Zealand, and Gennie Sheer, granddaughter of Basil Armstrong. If anyone can supply further information on any of these men, then please e-mail me.)

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