Work Camp  571 L

Location: Mitterlassnitz

Type of work: Farming?

Man of Confidence: Cpl A. Armitt (Arnott in Red Cross Report)

Number of Men: 20 (2 camps of 12 and 8 men)

Known to be present

Albert Armitt Cpl RAOC 7308 Salford; MOC
Roy Ashley Sgmn R Sigs 6832 Australia?
John Oliver Braysher Gnr RA 5938  
Harold James (Jim) Chantrey   R Marines 6144 MOC
Jack Chester L/Sgt RA 9157  
Douglas Edward Sanders Hill Gnr 2 A/Tk. Rg. 7830 Durban, S. Africa
Baggie Holland        
Alec Holt Gnr RA 6934 London
James Armstrong Jackson Sgt RA 9158  
Dennis Neal/Neil Dvr RASC 5505  
Dick Pleace Gnr RA 6819 London
Thomas Kevin Vetch Ross Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 3897 Sydney, Australia
Gordon Smeaton Pte 25 Bn. 7549 New Zealand
Tommy Twort L/Bdr RA 6837  
Frank Wray       Eastbourne; 'Tiny Tanker'
Freddie Woodroof Sgmn R Sigs 4266 London

Photos have been supplied by Chris Braysher, son of John Braysher, Karen Chantry Wood, daughter of Jim Chantrey and Teresa Jackson, daughter-in-law of James Jackson. Names supplied by Karen Chantrey Wood. Jim Chantrey remembers that the POWs were 'billeted' in the tap room of a Gasthaus called Gasthaus zum Obersteir in Mitterlassnitz. A sign outside the Gasthaus warned that 'Any fraternisation with the POWs was strictly forbidden'.

chantrey01.jpg (61555 bytes) chantrey02.jpg (23385 bytes)  
In the tap room Outside the Gasthaus  
John Braysher James Jackson Doug Hill

Date of visit: 3 September 1943

The sub-lager (smaller camp) is two hours walk away from the main camp. The men from this camp ask that they should be allowed to fetch their private and Red Cross parcels during the working hours in the main camp.

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