Work Camp  80 L

Location: Mahrenburg (now Radlje ob Dravi in Slovenia)

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Pte S Smith (1943)

Number of Men: 15

Known to be present

Robert Cunliffe Gnr RA 4596 Accrington
Brian T. Deere Pte 25th Bn. 4008 Wanganui, NZ
Frank George Laws Dvr RASC 5416 possible
S Smith Pte     MOC
Mahrenburg Robert Cunliffe R. Cunliffe, 2nd left
Frank Laws group Frank Laws group Laws, Cunliffe + Unknown
  Brian Deere (centre) at Graz hospital  

(Photographs supplied by Robert Cunliffe, son of Gnr R Cunliffe, RA, Jez Levy, grandson of Dvr Frank Laws, RASC, and Brendon Deere, son of Pte Brian Deere, 25th Bn., 2NZEF. The Frank Laws photos may not be from 80/L)

Date of visit: 3 September 1943

The only complaint in this camp was about the bad ventilation in the sleeping quarters, but as the cold season will soon set in, this complaint will lose its weight.

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