Work Camp   821 L

Location: Vorau

Type of work: Unknown

Man of Confidence: Unknown

Number of Men: 25 approx.

Known to be present

Jim Allaway Sgmn R Sigs 319
Frank Birrell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 4225 Australia
Fred Broyd Pte Essex 1584
Percy Clark
Alex Connell L/Cpl RE 5724 Scotland; also 223/L, 863/L, 94/GW
Bob Enever Sgmn R Sigs 4658
Butch Glover
Haig Gordon Scotland
Neville Irwin Gnr 3 A/Tk. Rg. 6404 Australia
Roy Kingsley Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 4941 Australia; also 318/L, 1783/L, 94/GW
Phil Lambie
Ted Leighton Dvr 4216 New Zealand; also 318/L, 1783/L
Jock McCullum Scotland; also 94/GW
Dave Millar Spr 4947 New Zealand; also 318/L, 1783/L
Bill O'Donnell also 94/GW
Bob Parker
Jack Parkham Australia
Bill Scrogham Pte Bord. 7284 also 94/GW
Jim Scully Spr 4948 New Zealand; also 318/L, 1783/L
Morris Scully Spr 4930 New Zealand; also 318/L, 1783/L
Ron Smith Spr 4949 also 318/L, 1783/L
Ron Stafford Pte Leic. 7513 also 94/GW
Eddie Teare L/Cpl Innis. Fus. 6254 also 94/GW
John Wadsworth Pte Seaf. H. 7259 also 94/GW
John Walker
A.C. (Butch) Yardley Pte 8046 South Africa; also 94/GW

Names provided by Randall Kingsley, son of Roy Kingsley.


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