Work Camp  956 GW

Location: Mitterdorf

Type of work: Building Factory

Senior NCO: Sgt Maj John Broom, POW 573

Man of Confidence: Ossie Phillips, POW 698

Number of Men: 39 (1942); 47 (1943)

Known to be present

F.C. Barron Pte   961 New Zealand
Jack Bavister Pte 21 Bn. 4192 New Zealand
Harry Belfield Tpr RAC 1196  
W.M. (Merv) Bramble Pte   651 New Zealand
John R. Broom WO 2   573 New Zealand
Dave Butcher Spr RE 1482 disappeared at end of war; also 1014/GW
? Clark(e)        
H. Coles L/Cpl R Sigs 613  
? Collins        
P. Deaves Pte 6 Div. AASC 766 Australia
G. Elliman Spr RE 1651  
Stanley Glazebrook Sgmn R Sigs 700  
O.A.J. Gough Dvr R Sigs 715  
Arthur Victor Gross Dvr RASC 1346  
P.R. Hamilton Pte RAVC 1319  
S.M. (Max) Hammond Tpr   565 New Zealand
? Harrison        
B.W. Haylock Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 556 Australia
? Hennesy   RE    
Peter J.H. Howden Sgt NZ Pay Corps 593 New Zealand; transf'd to Stalag 18C
? Jackson        
? Kelly        
? Konst        
B.A. Lacy L/Cpl 19 Bn. 222 New Zealand
Jack E. Lapworth Tpr RAC 1158  
Andrew D. MacIntosh Sgmn R Sigs 706 Leith, Scotland
? McGregor        
? McKinley        
Frank Melbourne SM R Sigs 634 10049/GW?
E.H. Nainby Sgmn R Sigs 665  
F.J.F. Newald Spr   369 New Zealand
? Oliver        
? Pepperell        
Thomas Oswald (Ossie) Phillips Tpr   698 New Zealand; MOC
E.H.R. (Ernie?) Rudd Sgmn R Sigs 568  
F.J. Schaab Tpr   703 New Zealand
E? Sillence Tpr RAC 396? Transferred to Stalag 20B? (possible)
? Stokoe        
Edward Stroner Dvr RASC 3250  
I.C. Taylor Spr   742 New Zealand
H.R. Thorne Dvr RASC 1128 possible
? Turner        
? Williams        
? Wilson        
? Winn        
Len Wood Dvr R Sigs 710 10049/GW
G. (Pop?) Yearsley Tpr RAC 1318 Transferred to Stalag 344?

The following photographs were kindly supplied by Ann Wood, daughter of Dvr Len Wood, Royal Sigs, except for the Group with names, which was supplied by John Gross, son of Dvr Arthur Gross, RASC. Bill Bourke has also sent a copy of the smaller group taken at Mitterdorf. On the far right of the picture is Spr Dave Butcher, RE, who disappeared at the very end of the war and didn't get home. Further photographs have been supplied by Tom Phillips, son of Ossie Phillips of New Zealand.

Taken at Kindberg Taken at Mitterdorf Taken at Mitterdorf
  Group with names Taken at Mitterdorf
Melbourne, Wood Work Party + Guard Wood, Melbourne, Unknown
Merv Bramble Ossie Phillips  
  Lapworth, Yearsley, Belfield  

Dates of visits: 12 September 1942 & 13 September 1943

General Description

1942: 39 POWs are working in this camp, of which 5 are Australians and 12 New Zealanders. The men are working for a building factory whose management takes good care of the prisoners. They do contract work and are never working more than 6 - 8 hours daily. Sundays are always free. They are here since June.

Interior arrangement

1942: The men are living in 3 rooms which are well furnished with beds, tables, chairs and lockers. Good stoves are in all the rooms and coal seems to be here in sufficient quantities. Each man has two blankets.
1943: Electric light, double-tier beds. Four rooms used a living and sleeping quarters.

Bathing and washing facilities

1942: Good
1943: Two hot showers per week. Cold water supply adequate.

Toilet facilities

1942: Good
1943: Adequate.

Food and Cooking

1942: food is prepared in a good kitchen where 2 women are cooking. One of the prisoners is working there to prepare the cabbage in English fashion.
1943: Food cooked by the factory does not satisfy the POWs. The Works Director agrees with the proposition of the Delegate to build a little cookhouse for the British POWs and let them do their cooking themselves. This kitchen will be inside the barrack and will also serve for the preparation of Red cross food.

Medical attention and sickness

1942: One Sanitator in the camp was looking on the day of our visit after 6 patients, all with minor diseases. The British Man of Confidence at Stalag has been asked to send some medical parcels and some invalid comfort parcels to this camp. Dental treatment is given by a civilian dentist in the village.
1943: One Sanitator in the camp. A civilian doctor comes to the factory every day and attends to the sick. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment adequate.


1943: In progress.


1943: Done in camp.

Money and Pay

1943: Correct.


1943: Beer available, otherwise nothing.

Religious activity

1942: A visit from the Padre from Stalag was asked for.
1943: In order.

Recreation and exercise

1942: No sporting goods or games have ever arrived here. The men especially asked for a football, a cricket set, boxing gloves, chess, card games and musical instruments. Also for some topical music, new songs about home life and the war. This will be mentioned to the Y.M.C.A.
1943: Outdoor games adequate. No recreation room. There is a big concert hall in one of the barracks for civilian workers; this will be open for the British POWs some evenings each week.


1943: Satisfactory.

Welfare work

1943: In order.


1942: There were no complaints.
1943: No complaints.

General impression

1942: This is a good camp.
1943: This is a very good camp. Physical and moral health are perfect. The British Man of Confidence could show a little more grit as the discipline seems to be slackening a bit.

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