Work Camp  Klein Kirchheim

Location: Klein Kirchheim

Type of work: Road work

Man of Confidence: Sgt L.S. Jago

Number of Men: 40

Known to be present

J. Chisholm Cpl Cam. H. 39876 Italy POW
T.L. Frizell CQMS DCLI 39886 Italy POW
L.V. Harrold RQMS RAC 39897 Italy POW
? Hatton     39437? Italy POW
G. Heron Sgt RAC 39295 Italy POW
L.J. Jago Sgt RAC 39284 Italy POW; MOC
Gordon Mackay L/Bdr RAC 39856 Italy POW
W.F. Pritchard Sgt RAC 39562 Italy POW
J. Sheader Cpl Green How. 39433 Italy POW
S.D. (?) Smith Gnr RA 39710 Italy POW
? Thompson       Italy POW
A. Turner CQMS E. Yorks. 39296 Italy POW
W. Wayling L/Cpl RAC 39462 Italy POW

Date of visit: 23 November 1943

General Description

This is an entirely new camp situated about 30km north-east of Spittal in a mountain valley roughly about 3600 feet above sea level. The camp consists of one large barrack with four bedrooms of which two are occupied now, one smaller room for the Man of Confidence, and another small room for the sick. Outside the barbed wire is the guards barrack with a little room for the Red Cross parcels and the barrack kitchen. The whole camp is quite new and the barrack is very solidly built with double walls, double windows and a veranda. It is situated in the woods on the bank of a small river and quite pleasant. The camp was opened one week ago and has not yet its Kommando number. 40 British non-commissioned officers who volunteer for work are living there. They work for a syndicate and are constructing a road further up the valley. All the non-commissioned officers were formerly in Italy/

Interior arrangement

Two large bedrooms with 20 iron bedsteads in each room. Benches and tables are provided. There is a big and good stove in each room, plenty of fuel is available. Petrol lamps. An increase of kerosene was granted by the firm.

Bathing and washing facilities

Satisfactory. One wash-basin to share between two men. there is a boiler in the washroom and a big tub for hot baths was promised.

Toilet facilities

The latrine is within the barbed wire at a little distance from the quarters with two seats and a urinal (Pit-type).

Food and Cooking

Food and cooking is reported to be quite good. Red Cross parcel issue is organised.

Medical attention and sickness

There is a sanitator in the camp. Medical supply is available. The Delegate of the Protecting Power was able to organise means of transport to the next doctor in emergency cases. dental treatment will be done at Spittal.


Satisfactory. Up to now every man has one complete uniform.


The men do their own washing. Soap will be supplied by the firm.

Money and Pay

Unsettled as the men began to work only five days ago.


The Man of Confidence is allowed to go shopping in the village about 30 minutes away from the camp.

Religious activity

Padre McIvor will come on regular visits.

Recreation and exercise

The Non-commissioned officers are allowed to go out for walks on Sundays.


In order.

Welfare work



The men had no complaints so far. A few minor points were settled with the Lagerfuhrer in presence of the Accompanying Officer.

General impression
Materially speaking this is a very good camp. Once the non-commissioned officers are settled down they will certainly find things quite pleasant; the Man of Confidence stated that they will certainly make the best out of it for the time being. Moral and physical health is good.

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