Welcome to the Exhibition


In the late afternoon of Friday, 26th July, all the visitors came from their separate hotels and gathered at the Museum im Lavanthaus to be welcomed by the Museum Director, Igor Pucker. Christian Kloesch, the creator of the Exhibition gave a short speech describing the exhibition and then, rather reluctantly, I put my two penn'orth in. Afterwards, we viewed the exhibition and began to get to know each other.


Entrance to the Museum Visitors start to arrive In the entrance Looking at the WW1 Exhibit Joe Woodward & Carole Mules from Australia Anne Moir & Laura Spencer from New Zealand Half sisters Gertraud Forsthuber & Helen Bunce Igor, Iulia & Daniel Gathering for the speeches Elizabeth Munns chats to Eric Bardsley<br/> Ex-POW Eric Bardsley & his son, Peter The speeches about to begin Igor welcomes us all to the Museum Igor Igor Christian outlines how the exhibition came together Christian Some of the visitors... ...and some more Ian prepares himself for his speech Alex, Christian, Christine & Igor wonder what will come next. Ian's speech Well received Fiona, Denise, Carol & John in the exhibition Eric & Jean Eastwood in front of William Eastwood's photo from 18A
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Friday evening: Dinner at the Kuss

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