Work Camp  10294 L

Location: Ossiach

Type of work: Forestry

Man of Confidence: Cpl R.B. Munroe

Number of Men: 24

Known to be present

Lewis Frederick Bailey Pte 6 Div. AASC 7086  
R.B. Munroe   6 Div. AASC 7087  
Percy William Overbury L/Cpl RAVC 2018 Capt'd Crete
Lewis Widdup Gnr RA 5799 Capt'd Crete

 The following photos were kindly provided by Jackie Fallows, daughter of Lewis Widdup, and Andrew Fisher, grandson of Lewis Bailey.

Date of visit: 22 May 1943

General Description

At the time of the visit the prisoners occupied an entire house on the lakeside but informed the Delegate of the Protecting Power that they will move to new quarters in about 10 days. An inspection of the new quarters showed them to be very satisfactory; there will be a spacious and well-aired sleeping room, a kitchen, a bathroom as well as the usual facilities for washing etc. This new compound is quite near the present camp and the prisoners will therefore continue to enjoy the advantages of living on the lakeside. The house they occupy now is a large old stone building of which the ground floor is at their disposal. The prisoners do forest work.

Interior arrangement

There is one large sleeping room with double tier wood beds which is not only used as a dormitory but affords plenty of room for recreation purposes. Heating and lighting are satisfactory.

Bathing and washing facilities

Bathing facilities are poor and there is only cold running water. In their new quarters, however, there will be a good bathroom. At present (and in the past as early as February) the men bathe in the lake which they greatly enjoy.

Toilet facilities

Adequate in the present but excellent in the new quarters.

Food and Cooking

Food is cooked by a civilian woman and brought to the camp. According to the Man of Confidence it varies very much, at times being excellent and at others, bad. For their own cooking of Red Cross food they use a stove in the dormitory; in the new quarters they will have a kitchen of their own.

Medical attention and sickness

One of the men does excellent work as sanitator though he is not acknowledged. For medical attention prisoners go to Feldkirchen (Dr. Schwarz) where they receive good and kind treatment. For dental treatment prisoners must go to Stalag.


Not every man has two uniforms yet, but the main Stalag at Wolfsberg is gradually endeavouring to supply each camp with two uniforms per man.


Laundry is done by a civilian woman in the neighbourhood.

Money and Pay

They are paid rather irregularly. The Accompanying Officer ordered the Kommandofuhrer to take up the matter and settle it at once.


There is no canteen; prisoners are allowed to go shopping in the village, though, according to them, there is not much to be bought. The Man of Confidence asked whether it would not be possible for him to go to Klagenfurt at regular intervals to do some essential shopping. The accompanying Officer granted this although such a visit would depend on one of the guards being able to accompany him.

Religious activity

The prisoners have so far not been visited by a padre but were told that Stalag XVIIIA/Z would arrange for this in the future.

Recreation and exercise

The prisoners are quite satisfied with their sports facilities; during the winter they were able to skate on the lake and now football is played, furthermore swimming in the lake is very popular.


Mail is regular in some cases, irregular in others, concerning both letters and private parcels.

Welfare work

The Man of Confidence asks for a gramophone and records from the YMCA; as they have no musical entertainment at all they would greatly appreciate such a gift. The delegate of the Protecting Power will transmit this request to the YMCA.


No special complaints.

General impression

This is a good camp.

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