Work Camp 10084 GW

Location: Mallnitz/Lassach (at some point, the Work Party was at Groppenstein)

Type of work: Road work

Man of Confidence: Warrant Officer R.E. Jordan, POW no. 7423

(My POW reference book has R.E. Jordan, HQ 6th Div. AASC (Australia) as being in Stalag 357 at the end of the war. Maybe he got a transfer?)

Number of Men: 40

Known to be present

Eric Francis Barnacle Dvr RASC 7777  
Terence Joseph Bateson Spr RE 2400 also 180/GW, 1025/GW, 2056/L
Walter Edwin Betts Pte 2/2 Fld. Wkshps 5326 Australia
Nick Brady Pte 19 Bn. 478 New Zealand; also 11086/GW, 11041/GW
Archie Broadbent Sgt R Sigs 419 Musician, also  924/GW
Edwin Brown        
R.J. (Bob) Buchan Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 3329 Australia; also  11041/GW
Don Christie Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3670 Australia; also 11041/GW
John Lawrence Clarke Dvr RASC 7386 Derby; died 19.2.42
Frank Cox     3332 Australia; also 11041/GW
Don Croft Gnr 7 A/Tk Rgt 4272 New Zealand
E.J. (Jack) Dixon Pte 2/48 Inf. Bn. 3557 Australia; also 11041/GW
Wally H. Dominey Dvr RASC 3406 also 11041/GW
James Alexander Dunn Pte   4243 New Zealand
F.C. George Pte 6 Div. AASC 1439 Australia
T. Gloster Gnr RA 496  
Edward Earl Good Dvr RASC 7606 capt'd Kalamata; also 11079/GW
Percy Green S/Sgt 22 Bn. 4148 New Zealand; also 11041/GW, 11086/GW
Bernie J. Groom Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3728 Australia; also 11041/GW
E.A. Guilford Pte   793 New Zealand
W.J. Hannan     7232 also 11041/GW
Vincent Charles Hayes Pte   7557 New Zealand
R. Hopwood Sgt RASC 7630 Bury St Edmunds; also 107/L
David Ian Houston Gnr RA 466 Capt'd Greece; also 11086/GW
B.G. Hutchings Pte RASC 7279 also 11041/GW
Stanley Eric Hyett Dvr RE 2943 also 11025/GW
Ray B. Innocent Sgmn R Sigs 785 Musician, also  924/GW
Charles A.P. Johnstone Gnr   211 New Zealand;also 924/GW
R.E. Jordan WO HQ 6 Div AAAC 7423 MOC; transf'd to Stalag 357
D.A. Lawrence L/Sgt RA 479 Transf'd to Stalag 383
W. Learmouth Spr RA 3185  
Alf A. Littlejohn Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3767 Victoria, Australia; also  11041/GW
William Logie Pte 2NZEF 7532 New Zealand; also 10931/GW
T.H. McNee Sgt RASC 3489  
Frank Milton Pte Y&L 7293  
Frances George Morvell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 7398 Australia; also 11086/GW
D. Nash        
E. Nelson Gnr RA 307  
David Thomas O'Connor Pte   7519 New Zealand; also 11086/GW, 11079/GW
T. Randle Cpl RASC 7597  
Charles C. Robertson Pte 6 Div. Sigs. 840 Australia; transf'd to Stalag 383
Maurice Sheerin     4028 also 11041/GW
William Frank Stanford Dvr RASC   killed 30.9.41
Charles A.W. Strachan Spr RE 3200  
E.J. Tester Pte R Sussex 332  
Charlie A. Thollar Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3503 Australia; also 11041/GW
Percy Threfall Pte RASC 7607  
W.M. Tyler Cpl RAVC 452  
Allan J Vaughan Pte 1 Cp.Ptl. Pk. 7119 Australia; also 10029/GW
C.A. Vernon Pte   4147 New Zealand
D.I. Wakely Pte   171 New Zealand
E.F. Whitehead Gnr RA 1042  


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March, 1942      
April 1943      
Nash, Gloster, Randle ?, Brown, Croft Edwin Brown Percy Threfall
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Lassach bridge Lassach bridge 2011 Bernard, 1945 Eddy, 2011
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  1943? 2011 Lassach road
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Thanks to Eddy Good, son of E.E. Good, Alina McDonald, daughter of Allan Vaughan, and Stacey O'Connor, son of David O'Connor for the photos. The comparison photos were taken by Eddy.

Eric Barnacle

Eric, one-time Driver, RASC and resident in Work Camp 10084/GW. Eddy Good visited him in 2012.

Eric in 10084/GW Eric & Eddy, 2012

(Eddy would like to hear from anyone who has any further information about this Work Camp. He can be contacted at

Date of visit: 19th May, 1943

Location: Lassach

General Description
Upon arrival, the Delegate of the Protecting Power was informed by the Man of Confidence that this camp would be closed down on Thursday, May 20th, 1943 and the POWs transferred to a new camp at Mallnitz, a small holiday resort a few miles further up the valley. The interior arrangements of this new camp were said to be satisfactory, and the POWs look forward to changing.

The present camp is pleasantly situated with fine views of the mountains.

Medical attention and sickness
The medical attention was said to be very bad. It appears that one man for instance was ill in bed 10 days before the doctor called, furthermore the POWs have had to pay for their medicaments. They also state that their dental attention is unsatisfactory. When discussing these points with the Accompanying Officer he proposed to put this matter to the Chefarzt (Senior Doctor) himself.

The Man of Confidence states that all the men have only one uniform and badly need another one. The Delegate of the Protecting Power will convey their demand to the Chief Man of Confidence at Wolfsberg who, in any case, at present is dealing with the clothing problem for all the work camps of Stalag XVIIIA.

Half of the laundry is being done by the POWs themselves and the other half is sent out.

Money and Pay
The pay is 70 Pfgs. A day and the men themselves fill out the pay-roll for the firm for which they work.

There is no canteen and nothing has been received from Stalag either.

Religious activity
It has been arranged that the padre from Spittal will visit the new camp.

Recreation and exercise
No entry.

Recreation and Exercise

The mail is said to be very slow.

Welfare work
In order

There were several complaints which the POWs put forward.

1. They complain about the food and say that the firm is to blame for it as the handling of the ration cards appears to be very casual and not always in the interests of the POWs. They are very satisfied with the civilian woman who cooks for them but there is not much she can do with the rations she receives. The Delegate of the Protecting Power discussed this with the Accompanying Officer who proposed to watch the firm closely so as to justify any steps he might take in aid of the POWs.

2. The Man of Confidence states that on several occasions private parcels by ordinary mail have been tampered with and that mostly cigarettes and chocolate are missing. The Accompanying Officer ordered an investigation by the Postal Office.

3. Often the POWs return wet through from their work but find there is not enough heating material at the camp enabling them to dry their clothes. It was arranged that more wood shall be at their disposal in the new camp.

General impression
Though an inspection of this camp was superficial the Delegate of the Protecting Power gained not too good an impression, not so much as far as the camp itself is concerned but rather the treatment of the POWs by the firm. However it remains to be seen whether conditions in the new camp improve.

Date of visit: 7th September, 1943

Location: Mallnitz

Type of work: Road work

Man of Confidence: WO R.E. Jordan

Number of Men: 44

General Description
This new camp lies near the railway station of Mallnitz. It consists of one big barrack containing three sleeping rooms and a second barrack at right angles containing a big washroom and a store-room for Red Cross parcels.

Interior arrangement
Double tier beds in normally occupied sleeping rooms containing also tables and benches. The light is adequate; heating also.

Bathing and washing facilities

Toilet facilities

Food and Cooking
The food is good. Red Cross food can be cooked in the barracks.

Medical attention and sickness
Medical attention is given by a civilian doctor in Mallnitz. The general state of health is very good. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment in Spittal. There is one recognised medical orderly in this camp.

In progress.

Part of the washing can be done outside, the rest is done by the men in camp.

Money and Pay

Very poor.

Religious activity
In order.

Recreation and exercise
A little sports ground attaining to the camp can be used for football.

Fairly good but slow.

Welfare work
In order.

Some misunderstanding about the work hours had met with discontent amongst the British POWs. This matter, however, was straightened out.

General impression
This camp is fairly good and in spite of the pretty hard work the men keep their good spirit and courage.

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