Work Camp 10911 GW

Date of visit: September 1943

Location: Tainach – Stein (2 camps); (later moved to Kühnsdorf)

Men of Confidence: Cpl G Rogers and Pte F Clinton

Number of men: 82

Known to be present

D Adams   RE    
S Adams Spr RE 1264  
J.L. Baldwin Gnr RA 5490  
H.E. (Harry?) Bird   REME?   Birmingham?
Alfred Bourne   RE    
Albert F. ('Boy') Brooks Gnr RA 5138 possible (also 10020/GW)
Sidney James Brooks Gnr RA 5284  Colchester; also 10020/GW
A Brown        
R Brown      Australia
F.C. Burgoine Pte RASC 1289  
Albert Bygrave   RE   Coventry
G.B. Cardno Dvr RASC 1333  
F.H. Chapman L/Sgt R Sigs 4764 Transf'd to Stalag 383
F.W. Clark Sgmn R Sigs 448  
Mark Stanley Clarke Sgmn   4030 New Zealand
V Clausen Pte NZ 5623  
F.G. Clinton Pte RAOC 817  
A Davey        
G.M. Duncan        
D.H. Erridge Gnr RA 5520  
Jim Fowles        
T Garland     4139?  
B.E. Gooch Dvr RASC 3509  
T Grogan Pte RAOC 1402  
B Hall Dvr RASC 6313  
A Horan Gnr RA 5847  
Jock Kennedy   RE    
W Linfield Tpr RAC 1491  
M.J. Loftus Pte RAOC 1852  
A.E. Mackenzie  Dvr RASC 1338  
Geoff Mara Pte NZ 554  
Sidney Frederick Moore Dvr RASC 4271  
R.M. Polglase Tpr RAC 1431  
T Reeves        
D. J. Robertson Gnr   4206  
W.A. Rodgers Gnr RA 5676  
G Rogers Cpl      
Harold Gustav Rossow   2/6 Inf. Bn.   Australia; esc'd
W.G. Sheppeck Pte 2/16 Inf. Bn. 3912  
Harold Simmons   RSG?    
W.R.H. Sleep Dvr RASC 4261  
J.E. Smalls Sgt RASC 7758  
W Smith Pte RAVC 4823  
W.G. Smith Gnr RA 5540  
R.A. Treleaven Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3896  
William H Walsh Bdr RA 5149  
F.H. Whitehead        
J Widdings   R Sigs    
S.P. Williamson Sgmn R Sigs 318  

(Information and photographs provided by Michael Moore, son of Sydney Moore, Janet Brooks, niece of Sidney Brooks and Moira Valentine, neice of Mark Clarke.)

moore07.jpg (63183 bytes) moore05.jpg (34470 bytes) moore07rev.jpg (87424 bytes)
Group 1 Christmas Menu, 1942 Names from Group 1
moore08.jpg (68377 bytes) moore09.jpg (63837 bytes)
Group 2 Unknow, Brown, Clarke Group 3
moore13.jpg (22585 bytes) moore15.jpg (23346 bytes) moore17.jpg (16215 bytes)
Francis 'Jock' Clinton A Brown, Tasmania Arthur Smalls
moore19.jpg (19138 bytes) moore21.jpg (25874 bytes) moore23.jpg (26613 bytes)
B.E. Gooch W 'Paddy' Walsh W.R.H Sleep
brooks09.jpg (74568 bytes) brooks10.jpg (112758 bytes)
'Journey's End' cast** 'Journey's End' backstage Mark Clarke
brooks04.jpg (85440 bytes) brooks05.jpg (108405 bytes) brooks07.jpg (17841 bytes)
Brooks Group* Brooks Group* Boy Brooks Group*

* These pictures may not be from 10911/GW.

** 'Journey's End' was staged at Kühnsdorf.

General description

These 2 camps belong to the Reichsbahn (railways). They consist of wooden barracks and are rather worn out and not any more adequate. They will be closed on the 15th October and the men moved to a quite new and well-equipped camp further down the line near Kühnsdorf.

Capacity and Present Personnel

61 and 21 men

Interior arrangement

Upper camp: sleeping quarters without any accommodation for hanging up the clothes and so. Double tier beds. Electric light has just been put in.

Lower camp: the huts are very old but the Man of Confidence has done miracles with his men to make them look nice and has succeeded in giving his little camp the aspect of a friendly home.

Washing and bathing facilities

Upper camp: the washhouse with 3 taps adequate.

Lower camp: the water has to be fetched from a pump for cooking and drinking. Water for washing is carried up from the River Drau as the camp stands on the riverbanks.

Toilet facilities

Food and Cooking

The cooking is done in a special hut in the upper camp and appears to be good.

Medical attention and Sickness

The sick go to the camp in Weidsmanndorf where Captain Dr Munroe attends to them. Medical supply is in order. Dental treatment is done in Stalag.


Is good.


Done in camp but the facilities are not nearly adequate.

Money and pay



Very poor.

Religious activity

The padre came about every second month to this camp.

Recreation and exercise

There is no sports ground. In summer the men could go swimming in the nearby river Drau.


Fairly good.

Welfare work

In order.


The men complain about the very bad state of their blankets. The accompanying officer stating that this was true ordered the exchange of those blankets, which were no more fit for use. There were other complaints in connection with the very primitive state of the camp, but as the camp will be moved, these complaints will not be mentioned in this report.

17. General impression

The delegate of the Protecting Power had the occasion to meet the Reichsbahn engineer later in the day of his visit. He told him that these two camps were about the worst and shabbiest he had ever seen during his year of travelling about Germany. The engineer gave him his promise that the new camp was going to be built after the model of the camp already existing at Kühnsdorf. The spirit and the health of the men have however not been touched by the circumstances under which they have to live in this camp.

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