Work Camp  11086 GW

Location: Nikolsdorf

Type of work: Railway repair

Man of Confidence: Cpl L.G. Gower

Number of Men: 87

Known to be present

Alexander Anderson Dvr RASC 7382 Glasgow, Scotland
Nicholas Leonard Brady Pte 19 Bn. 478 New Zealand, also 11041/GW, 10084/GW
A. Bremner       North Berwick
C. Brown       England
F. Cliff       Staffs
Johnny Cocker     7648 Motherwell, Scotland
J.McD. Cope Gnr   4081 New Zealand
K.L. Etchells       England
P.C. Gane Pte   7501 New Zealand
Leonard Gower Cpl   7214 New Zealand; MOC
Percy Green S/Sgt 22 Bn. 4148 New Zealand; also 11041/GW, 10084/GW
J.S. Hanrahan L/Cpl   7164 Otago, NZ
David Ian Houston Gnr RA 466 Scotland; also 10925/GW
William Houston Tpr RAC 7601 Glasgow, Scotland
Stanley F. Kennon Gnr 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3768 Victoria, Australia
Nevil A. Large Sgt RAC 7292  
Frances George Morvell Pte H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 7398 Australia; also 10084/GW
J. Nash       England
Robert Eigil Nielson Pte   4100 New Zealand
David Thomas O'Connor Pte   7519 New Zealand; also 11079/GW, 10084/GW
Ronald James Shaw Pte   7207 Auckland, NZ
Hugh Smillie Dvr RASC 3177 Scotland
F.J. Woods       Great Yarmouth
A. Worthington       Ayr, Scotland
Bob Yeats L/Cpl RE 1739 East Lothian, Scotland
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(Photographs and names kindly supplied by Giselle McAndrew, daughter of Ian Houston, Lance Green, son of Percy Green, Andrew Gower and Jim Rennie.)

Date of visit: 20 May 1943

General Description

This camp is situated near the River Drau. The country around the camp is rather flat but there are splendid views of the mountains on either side of the Drau valley. The POWs are doing repair work along rail tracks.

Interior arrangement

The camp's three barracks are divided into five sleeping rooms, one room for the sick and one washroom. The light is not too good but the heating is satisfactory.

Bathing and washing facilities

The washroom is too small for a camp with 87 men and cannot be considered adequate. Furthermore there is never enough hot water for showers or for sufficient baths.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

The prisoners complain about having no control over their rations. It appears that Cpt. Unfried, commander of the guards company, had arranged some time ago for two men to work in the kitchen and thus be able to control their rations daily, but the Kontrollführer cancelled this arrangement later and arranged for the same food to be cooked for the civilians and the POWs. In this way no further control is possible for the POWs. The food, however, is well prepared and the absence of control does affect neither quality or quantity.

Red cross food can be cooked on stoves installed in the sleeping quarters. The POWs are not very satisfied with this arrangement and would like to know whether a stove could be installed in the day-room so as to have more agreeable sleeping quarters. The accompanying Officer arranged that a new day-room will be put at the prisoners' disposal, where a real cooking stove will be placed.

Medical attention and sickness

There is no recognised sanitator in this camp but one of the men is experienced in giving first aid. Every evening there is a sick parade; any sick POWs go either to Spittal or to Dr. Fuchs in Lienz for treatment. At present the camp does not dispose of sufficient medical supplies. The Man of Confidence will go to Spittal regularly to get the necessary medicine.

Dental treatment is given in Spittal, Stalag XVIII A/Z.

One man, Pte. Cope (4081) was operated of appendicitis 4 weeks ago. he wound is still not closed. it was arranged that he should stay in camp and do light work. If the wound is not healed in a fortnight, he will be sent back to Stalag.

Pte. Gane (7501) will be sent to Stalag as the Doctor forbids work in dusty conditions. He is suffering from his eyes.


Boots (sizes 8 and 9, also smaller ones) and trousers are badly needed.


The men do their own laundry but find it difficult to wash properly as there is no hot water provided. The Accompanying Officer gave order that the work should provide another boiler for the washhouse.

Money and Pay

In order.


There is no canteen at the camp; beer can be bought. The POWs complain that not even from Stalag XVIIIA can they receive certain supplies.

Religious activity

The POWs were informed by the Delegate of the Protecting Power that Stalag XVIIIA is arranging for a visit by a padre.

Recreation and exercise

Football is being played on a nearby field. For indoor games the camp is rather badly off; among other things the POWs ask for ping-pong balls.


The Man of Confidence states that all mail arrives very irregularly.

Welfare work

In order.


The barracks nearest the road is infested with bugs. Orders were given for disinfection but the Camp Commander is doubtful about the result, as the huts are rather old and do not fit anymore so that the gas used for disinfection quickly gets too weak for destruction.

General impression

This camp placed near the railway line where last year an accident occurred, had to be built up rapidly and keeps a character of improvisation. Moreover, it was used by civilians before and does not seem to have been disinfected adequately. Therefore it must be designated as not satisfactory.

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