Work Camp  11088 GW


Location: Gummern

Type of work: Railway?

Man of Confidence: Spr H. Dodd

Number of Men: 69

Known to be present

George Aitken Spr? RE? 2691?  
Norman Barton Pte RAOC 3199 Blackburn; possible; also 10105/GW
Jake Blair Spr? RE? 2723?  
George Bodman Spr RE 2761 also 10105/GW
Gilbert T. Campion Dvr RASC 3422 also 10105/GW
H Dodd Spr   2706 MOC
Charles Garratt Dvr RASC 3469 London
Bernard Gibson Dvr RE 2658 Cumbria, UK
Gordon Heriot        
'Jock' McLean       Stranraer, Scotland
Clemence Percy Moore Pte   3474 New Zealand; also 10105/GW
Maurice T Robinson Dvr RASC 2802  
Alfred Henry Russell Pte RASC 2670  
George Scott Spr RE   East Lothian, Scotland
John Scott Spr RE 2676 East Lothian, Scotland
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Maurice Robinson Jock McLean Bernard Gibson

The above photographs have kindly been supplied by Jennifer Snell, daughter of Maurice Robinson. There is a possibility that they were not taken at 11088/GW, but at some other Work Camp.

Date of visit: 7 September 1943

General Description

Large compound along the railway. Five huts including kitchen, washhouse and drying room.

Interior arrangement

Sleeping barracks of the ordinary type with cardboard isolation. Double-tier beds. The lighting is rather bad.

Bathing and washing facilities

There is one water pump for the whole camp. There is a hot bath available.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

A British cook with two orderlies does the cooking.

Medical attention and sickness

The men go to the military doctor in Villach for medical treatment. The medical supply is adequate. Dental treatment in Spittal. There is a recognised sanitator in the camp.


In order.


In order.

Money and Pay

In order.



Religious activity

There was no visit of the padre yet, but as the men have applied for one, Padre McIvor will certainly come here very soon.

Recreation and exercise

Adequate. In Summer the men were swimming and now they play football. For this Winter the men will have a special barrack for recreation.


Fairly regular.

Welfare work

In order.


Some of the sleeping rooms are still infested with bugs as the camp had been used before by Italian civilian workers. Orders were given to disinfect these quarters thoroughly.

General impression

This camp is a good camp and the spirit of the men and their discipline is excellent.

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