Work Camp  10105 GW


Location: Radenthein

Type of work: Forestry?

Man of Confidence: SSM A.D. Aris, 2821?

Number of Men: 21 approx.

Known to be present

A.D. Aris SSM RAC 2821 MOC? also 139/L
Norman Barton Pte RAOC 3199 Blackburn; also 11088/GW?
George Bodman Spr RE 2761 also 11088/GW
Edward H. Calver Spr RE 3069 Essex
Gilbert T. Campion Dvr RASC 3422 also 11088/GW
? Clark   RASC    
Augustine. G. (Gus) Curtin Gnr 1 Cps Ary 3682 Australia
John H. Dunham Dvr RASC 2786 London
W.J. Henderson Pte RASC 2539 possible
? Hill   RASC    
Leonard Kitching Pte   4115 New Zealand; also 11088/GW
Clemence Percy Moore Pte   3474 New Zealand; also 11088/GW
L.T.H. Narborough L/Cpl RAC 1198 possible; transf'd to Stalag 344
John Lewis Reynolds Pte 6 Div., AASC 3478 Australia
Gordon G. Rigby   Pte 258 New Zealand; also 10030/GW
Joseph Stafford L/Cpl CMP 2809 Derbyshire; also 11057/GW
'Blue' Roddy Pte H.Q. 6 Div., AASC 3537 Australia
Sydney R.B. Willis Dvr RASC 2789 Droitwich; also 139/L, 955/GW
Leslie Woodward Pte RASC 3098 Manchester; also 11078/GW

Information and photos supplied by Matt Pooler, grandson of Sydney Willis, Ken Curtin, son of Gus Curtin, Patricia Rigby, granddaughter of Leslie Woodward and Harry Stafford, son of Joseph Stafford .


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