Work Camp   11094 GW

Location: Faakersee

Type of work: Saw-mill

Man of Confidence: Pte Fred Ruddell, 7530

Number of Men: 12

Known to be present

Fred Ruddell Pte 18 Bn. 7530 New Zealand; MOC
Walter Wojciech Spr NZ Eng. 5759 New Zealand; also 13048/L

Photo provided by Patricia McEvoy, daughter of Walter Wojciech.

Date of visit: September 1943

General Description

This camp consists of a new concrete wooden-walled house. The surroundings near the lake are very pleasant. The men are working in a saw-mill. The house contains on the ground floor a kitchen and a living room. First floor and attic contain two sleeping rooms.

Interior arrangement

Single beds. Light adequate. Living room furnished with tables and benches and book-shelves.

 Bathing and washing facilities

Running water with three taps but no boiler for hot water. The works director promised to procure one.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

The food is done by the men themselves and is said to be very good.

 Medical attention and sickness

A civilian doctor living next door to the camp is available for medical treatment Medical supply in order. Dental treatment: extractions can be done by the civilian doctor while conservative work and dentures are done in Spittal.



 Religious activity

No visit yet. The men asked to be allowed to go to one of the Villach camps when the padre comes there from Spittal.

 Recreation and exercise

The men went swimming every day in the near-by lake. As there is no football or sportsground available, walks will be organised during the cold season.

 General impression

But for the barbed wire, this place could be called a very agreeable dwelling. This is also the opinion of the prisoners of war living in it, who insisted on the good treatment they receive from the chief of the firm.


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