Work Camp  110 L

Location: Urscha

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Sgmn Thomas Sullivan?

Number of Men: 10

Known to be present

Eric Barnes        
Richard Barton   RASC    
John A. Couper Pte 21 Bn. 7522 New Zealand
Fred Cozens Tpr RAC 6022 Dorset
John Halley Pte 2/11 Inf. Bn. 7053 Australia; also 223/L
Percy Harris Dvr RASC 7831  
John Harvey   RASC 3012  
V.J. Saunders Gnr RA 2233 Islington, London
Ronald Sharp   RASC    
Thomas Stone Dvr RASC 7837  
Reg J. Stow Pte 6 Div. AASC 7444 Australia
Thomas Daniel Sullivan Sgmn NZ Div. Sigs. 4246 New Zealand
C.W. (Bobby) Tull Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 7440 Australia
Names and photos supplied by Denis Sullivan, son of Thomas Sullivan.

Date of visit: 22nd January 1943 (taken from a report on several small Work Parties)

Interior arrangement

One or two large rooms in a farm. The POWs have beds or plank beds of one or two tiers furnished with palliases or mattresses. The peasants give them blankets or eiderdowns in sufficient quantity. Lighting is only supplied by oil lamps, filled with difficulty. The delegates obtained an assurance from the competent authorities that the quantity of fuel supplied for lighting purposes shall be doubled. The prisoners do not complain of the cold and when the temperature is very low the prisoners stay as long as possible in the houses of their employers. They return to their barracks only to sleep.

Toilet facilities

Very primitive. The prisoners have some basins and wash themselves either at the laundry or in the courtyard of the farm. Each week they can heat water up for a bath..

Food and Cooking

The prisoners share their employers' meals and they do not complain about the food.. On Sundays the prisoners prepare the foodstuffs which come from the personal and collective parcels at their own quarters.


All the prisoners possess one complete uniform. This is in more or less good condition depending on the date of their last stay in the Stalag where it is possible to exchange worn clothes for some in better condition. Certain men stll have some articles of French, Belgian or Yugoslav uniform which they were given at some time or other at Stalag XVIIID. The Delegates were assured that each prisoner will receive a complete new outfit which will come from the stocks in the old camps XVIIIB (annexe, ex-XVIIID) and XVIIIB, which are about to be closed down.


Done by such prisoners as can heat the necessary water. In the winter the clothing has to be dried in the prisoners' rooms.

Money and Pay

The usual pay is RM 18.20 per month.


The prisoners complain that they do not get enough time for their mid-day meals. They only get from 10 to 15 minutes instead of the regulation half hour. The delegates were assured that this question would very soon be gone into and settled.

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