Work Camp  22 GW


Location: Leitendorf

Type of work: Chalk quarry

Man of Confidence: Pte E.G. Halls (Dec. 1943)

Number of Men: 63

Known to be present

E Bailey        
F Bickerstaffe Dvr RE 2506  
E Burridge        
W Clarke        
E Collinson Gnr RA 4919  
A Cooper        
Douglas Haig Cruickshank Cpl SWB 7420  
W Currie        
H De Myers Pte 2/1 Inf. Bn. 5176 Australia
George A. Florence Tpr RAC 2884  
W Gardner        
J Gordon Dvr RASC 3164  
Ewen Gilchrist Halls Pte 1 Cps. H.Q. 3762 Australia; also 955/GW
T Holt Spr RE 2542  
T Jones        
Harry Lambert Dvr RASC 3451 Capt'd Greece; also 415/GW
Harry Martin L/Cpl RASC 6798  
J Repen Dvr RASC 2518  
Alec Robertson Dvr RASC 2532 also 955/GW
E Rowse        
Reg Simpson        
W Spellacy Pte RASC 3144  
H Stainer        
Sam A. Wearne Pte DCLI 6866 Cornwall
E Webb        
Bob Weir        
Reg Simpson Quarry E.C. Collinson

Pictures and names kindly supplied by Patricia Andrews, daughter of Harry Martin, Kaye Clough, daughter of Pte E.G. Halls, AIF, and Tamsyn Gendall, neice of Sam Wearne. The large group photo was supplied by Richard Lambert, son of Harry Lambert.

Date of visit: 2 December 1943

General Description

New wooden barrack of a good type above the village of Leitendorf near the quarry where the men work.

Interior arrangement

Three large living and sleeping quarters with 20 beds in each room. The bunks are of the double-tier wooden type, there is electric light and a good stove in each room. In the same barrack is a small mess-hall, a magazine for the Red Cross parcels, another magazine for the men's best dress, two more small rooms where at night-time the men's shoes and pants are kept, a fairly large washroom with a boiler and a latrine with 3 seats and one urinal.

Bathing and washing facilities

Satisfactory. For some time there was only little water available due to the dry weather. Now a second source has been put in action which provides plenty of water. However this water has a peculiar smell and a sample was taken by the German military doctor in order to have it examined.

Toilet facilities

Satisfactory. On the day of the visit the drains were stopped which created a bad smell all over the camp.

Food and Cooking

Satisfactory. The firm does the cooking.

Medical attention and sickness

In order. There is a Medical Orderly in camp, the German military doctor attends the sick, they have a sick-parade twice a week.


Satisfactory. Working kits are partially provided as well as gloves for the men who handle the stones.


Done by the men themselves.

Money and Pay



There is a certain issue from the guards-company.

Religious activity

The men visit a neighbouring camp whenever the padre from Stalag is there.

Recreation and exercise

There is a football-ground at the men's disposal. Swimming went on in the summer. The civilians can occasionally use a civilian recreation hall for theatres and concerts.


Mail is reported to be very slow.

Welfare work

The men are allowed to visit a neighbouring work camp when concerts or theatrical performances are given. Indoor games from the YMCA are in camp.


No serious complaints.

General impression

Materially speaking this is quite a good camp. However some of the men are a queer sort of fellows. There are continuous frictions between them and every two months they change their Man of Confidence. Unfortunately nothing could be done against this lack of common sense. Physical health is good.

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