Work Camp  955 GW

Location: Hieflau

Type of work: Railway

Man of Confidence: Bill Webb, 2268

Number of Men: Not known

Known to be present

Adam J. Cairns Tpr RAC 5773 Edinburgh
Henry Ferguson Pte RASC 2219 Scotland; also 940/GW
Ewen Gilchrist Halls Pte 1 Cps. H.Q. 3762 Australia; also 22/GW
Kapene Teo (Joe) Hiroti Pte 28 Bn. 4396 New Zealand; also 7001/GW, 11094/L
Ray Lee       Darlington
William McGuinness Pte RASC 2154  
William Donald Pinder Dvr RE 2213 Lichfield, Staffs; also 107/GW
Alec Robertson Dvr RASC 2532 also 22/GW
William Francis Surtees Gnr RA 5186 Capt'd Crete; also 200/GW, 10029/GW
Norman Thompson Spr RE 2174 also 945/GW
Leonard Verrall Pte   263 New Zealand; also 10030/GW
William F. Webb SQMS RAVC 2268 Surrey
Sydney R.B. Willis Dvr RASC 2789 Droitwich; also 139/L, 10105/GW
Joe Wishart Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 5935 Australia; also 11041/GW
Edwin J. Wyatt Gnr RA 2275 London; also 373/GW

Work on the Avalanche Warning Station on Tamischbachturm.


Photos and names kindly supplied by Norman Thompson, son of Spr Norman Thompson, Kaye Clough, daughter of Pte E.G. Halls, Iulia Wishart, neice of Joe Wishart, Pauline Williams, daughter of Leonard Verrall and Joyce Purvis, daughter of Henry Ferguson. The bottom centre photo shows Alec Robertson carrying a half-bag of cement up to the Avalanche Warning Lookout Station.

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