Work Camp  942 GW

Location: Schladming

Type of work: Sawmill

Man of Confidence: Pte F. Minta, 2635

Number of Men: 52

Known to be present

Philip Oswald Beynon Dvr RE 5808 also 999/L
S. Burgess        
John A. Deacon Gnr RA 3436 London
Eric Evans Sgt RASC 2669  
S. Hawthorne        
Ivor Gordon Pte RAOC 2611  
T. Hornsby Gnr 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3816 Australia
John (Jack) William George Hutchinson Dvr RASC 2714  
W. Jarrion        
Tom Line Dvr RASC 3513  
A. Lucas        
B. Mills        
F. Minta Sgmn R Sigs 2635 MOC
A. Parker        
F. Paterson        
A. Powell        
William Campbell Russell Dvr RASC 7132 Scotland
John (Jack) Swinnerton Bdr RA 508 Liverpool; also 10030/GW
Jack Tansey Pte RASC 2485 Lancs
B. Towers        
L. Vick Spr RE 5556  
D. Welsh Spr RE 1707  
J. Young        

Photographs and names supplied by Joyce Russell, daughter of William Russell, Denice Line, daughter-in-law of Tom Line, Raine Alexander, daughter of Eric Evans and Geoff Swinnerton, son of Jack Swinnerton.

Date of visit: 16 February 1943

General Description

The prisoners live in a wooden barrack near the sawing-mill where they are engaged in work.

Interior arrangement

The interior arrangements of the barrack are rather complete as there is plenty of wood available for boxes, cupboards and other practical arrangements. The only complaint is the lack of a special drying-room.

Bathing and washing facilities

The water supply is adequate as there is always hot water available in two boilers heated with chips from the wood yard.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

The food is good.

Medical attention and sickness

Medical attention is given by one recognised medical orderly. Furthermore, the patients are allowed to go to a civil doctor in this town. He is said to be a bit slow in sending men back to Stalag when in need of lazaret treatment. Two patients were presented to the doctor delegate for medical examination. For one of them the delegates proposed the transfer to Stalag. Dental treatment is satisfactory here. The men are allowed once a week to go to a civil dentist who does extractions and fillings. For dentures the men have to be sent back to Stalag.


No overalls have been given out. The order that two kits should be in the British prisoners' of war possession has not worked. The principal Man of Confidence in Stalag XVIII will be made aware of this.


Done by the men themselves.

Money and Pay

No complaint.


There is a canteen in the work but the prisoners of war hardly use it. Some articles can be got in the nearby village.

Religious activity

No padre has ever come to this camp. It can be explained by the long and complicated trip it would mean to reach this spot.

Recreation and exercise

There is no place for outdoor games as the peasants do not want the grass, where one could play, trampled out. Walks will be oranised to procure outdoor exercise to the men. (The photos showing football teams does seem to indicate that this problem was solved.)


Not satisfactory.

Welfare work

In order.


a) The British Man of Confidence wishes to go from time to time to Stalag to confer with Sgt. Maj. Stevenson. This, however, could not be granted as the guard is not strong enough to let one man travel with Minta.
b) In this camp the German NCO commanding the Work Parties used to inflict collective punishment when one of the prisoners escaped. Also he did hold back the Red Cross parcels for lighter disciplinarian punishment. The command of this camp was taken from him a few days ago and his successor seems to be a different type of man. He is aware that these measures are strictly forbidden and the British Man of Confidence told the inspector that work with the new camp Commander was correct.

General impression

This work camp is a good one.

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