Work Camp  977 L

Location: St. Radegund

Type of work: Unknown

Man of Confidence: Unknown

Number of Men: 20 approx.

Known to be present

Tom G. Basey Pte RASC 6979 Llandovery, Wales
Robert Louis Bowman L/Cpl RASC 6204 Slough; also 113/GW, 170/GW
F. Carnall Pte     Wellington, NZ
James W. Chadwick Spr RE 6030 Manchester
Percy Gordon     7130 New Zealand
M.G. Harley       New Zealand
F.S. Jewell Dvr RASC 5566 Surrey
C.G. LeComte Dvr Div. Amn. Coy.   Bay of Plenty, NZ; esc'd Graz, 9/45
Donald Leslie Matthews Pte R. Sussex 7842 Winchester
J. McShane Cfmn REME 6882 Manchester
A.E. Middleton Dvr RASC 6880 Hull
Robert Colin Milne Gnr RA 5557 Stoke; also 91/GW
C. Norton       Manchester
T.G. Patton Pte RASC 5585 Mansfield
Ernest L.W. Phillips Pte 2/4 Inf. Bn. 4895 Sydney, Australia; also 113/GW, 300/L
G. Sampford Spr RE 7894 Essex
Leslie M. Skelton       Cheltenham
Arthur Stewart       Sheffield
Thomas Warwick Pte RASC 5586 Chesterfield
Syd Weatherill   RM   London; also 561/L

Names and photographs supplied by Jim Chadwick, son of J.W. Chadwick

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