Work Camp 91 GW

Location: Sauerbrunn bei Pols

Type of work: Paper Factory

Man of Confidence: Sgt E.H. Croft

Number of Men: 28

Known to be present

Alan Baker Gnr RA 359  
Albert Bloomer Dvr RASC 2414 Birmingham?
Walter William Bunnett Sgt RAC 3086  
E.H. Croft Sgt RASC 2713  
Colin Henry Greiner Pte   450 New Zealand; also 10030/GW, 200/GW
Tommy Scoble Spr RE 2203 Manchester 
Joseph Eric Webster Pte Leic. 5711 Notts; also 200/GW, 10044/GW

Photos provided by Graham Westerling, son of Walter Bunnett, Dennis Bevin, son-in-law of Colin Greiner and John Hunter, grandson of Tommy Scoble.

March 1943 September 1942 October 1942 Christmas 1942  
Walter Bunnett Tommy Scoble     'Sunday.
No work.' 

Date of visit: 14 September 1943

General Description

Barrack of brick and wood in the factory's compound. Separate cookhouse, washhouse and latrine.

Interior arrangement

Two sleeping and living rooms. Electric light. Two stoves for heating with sawdust. Double-tier beds.

Bathing and washing facilities


Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

Done by the British cook in the camp.

Medical attention and sickness

A civilian doctor in Pols attends to the sick. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment: the men go to Judenberg to a civilian dentist.


In order.


Done by the firm.

Money and Pay



Poor. Some articles can be bought in Judenberg.

Religious activity

The Padre's visit is announced in the near future.

Recreation and exercise

The men went swimming in summer. Walks are organised.



Welfare work

In order.


No Geneva Convention. Stalag will send one.

General impression

This is an excellent camp. The British Man of Confidence by his splendid spirit and sense of humour keeps the moral standard in this camp very high. As the director of the works told the delegate, he is highly esteemed by both his own men and the works staff.

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