Work Camp  10134 GW

Location: Arnoldstein

Type of work: Railway

Man of Confidence: Pte A.G. Harvey

Number of Men: 34

Known to be present

Charles Arblaster Dvr NZASC 424 Auckland, NZ
Albert Beeby Gnr RA 411 Doncaster, UK
Edward John Bentley Pte 21 Bn. 4249 Hamilton, NZ
Wilfred John Butcher Spr RE 1523 Birkenhead, UK; also 10234/GW
James Carmichael Spr RE 1752 East Lothian, Scotland; also 10234/GW
Reginald Collins Spr RE 5735 Bristol, UK; also 10234/GW
Albert Davis Dvr RASC 2760 Bletchley, Berks, UK; also 10234/GW
Frank Ellingworth Pte RASC 1784 Enfield, Middlesex, UK; also 10234/GW
Emrys Enoch Dvr RASC 3274 Carmarthen, Wales
Horace Frank Felce Dvr RE 2046 Irchester, Northants, UK; also 10234/GW
Albert Fisher Cpl RASC 1713 London; also 853/GW, 10234/GW
Ernest Fisher Farr RAVC 1823 London; also 10234/GW
Nicholas French Gnr RA 5789 Berwickshire, Scotland
James Gallacher Dvr RASC 2076 Paisley, Scotland
James Gibson Dvr RASC 2075 Ayrshire, Scotland; also 10234/GW
Walter S. Gordon Dvr RASC 7267 Leeds, UK
Peter Gretton Gnr RA 267 Brighton, Sussex, UK
Jack M. Hall L/Cpl RASC 1712 Oldham, Lancs, UK; also 10234/GW
Alfred G. Harvey L/Cpl RASC 1711 London; also 10234/GW, 11025/GW
Albert E. Hibbard L/Cpl RASC 7282 Salisbury, Wilts, UK
James Honeyman Dvr RASC 2111 Fife, Scotland; also 10234/GW
Graham B. Hovenden L/Cpl RASC 7753 West Byfleet, Surrey, UK
John Hurst Pte RAOC 377 Wigan, Lancs, UK
Stanley Knowles Pte RE 1719 St. Helens, Lancs, UK
Thomas L.A. Locks Dvr RASC 1995 Bournemouth, Hants, UK; also 10234/GW
George Burnet Newman Pte 23 Bn. 7176 Canterbury, NZ
Ralph Overton-Hill Dvr RASC 1993 Faringdon, Bucks, UK
David Preston Tpr RAC 1678 London; also 10234/GW
William Raybould Gnr RA 557 Cradley, Staffs, UK; also 10234/GW
Jack Searl Dvr RASC 1998 Buckhurst Hill, Essex, UK; also 10234/GW
T.H.G. Seymour Pte Essex 2034 also 10234/GW
John Shaw Dvr NZASC 756 Thames, NZ
William Henry Sutton Dvr RASC 2102 Feltham, Middlesex, UK; also 11041/GW
Leonard Talliss Spr RE 1207 Birmingham, UK; also 10234/GW
Evan Thomas Dvr RASC 1988 Torquay, Devon, UK; also 10234/GW
Kenneth Till Spr RE 1187 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, UK; also 10234/GW

The names above and photos below have been kindly supplied by Stephen Hall, son of Jack Hall (pictured 1st left in 3rd row), Malcolm Fisher, grand nephew of Ernie Fisher and Peter Harvey, son of Alfred Harvey. If you have any further information on this Work Camp, please contact Peter.



Following the Wolfsberg Welcome Weekend in July 2013, Peter Harvey, son of POW Alfred Harvey, obtained the ID photo of his father taken in 1941 when he arrived at Stalag 18A. It clearly shows the strain under which the POWs were at that time. Contrast that with a photo of Alfred taken in 2006.

1941 2006


Date of visit: 

General Description

New wooden barrack with adjoining washroom and shelter for the cooking of Red Cross food.

Interior arrangement

Two sleeping rooms with double-tier beds, enough room for benches and tables.

Bathing and washing facilities


Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking


Medical attention and sickness

There is no recognised sanitator here. The accompanying officer took note that Stalag should send one up to this camp. Medical supply adequate. The civilian doctor in the village gives medical treatment. Serious cases are sent to Wolfsberg. Dental treatment done in Spittal.





Money and Pay



Very poor.

Religious activity

Padre McIvor has come twice to this camp.

Recreation and exercise

In order.


In order.

Welfare work

In order.


There is only one stove in the barrack. A second one was promised for some time but has not arrived yet. The accompanying officer gave the order to the Kommando-Fuhrer that he should urge the firm to provide this stove immediately.

General impression

The men in the camp are doing railway work. The appeared to be satisfied with the treatment they get and generally speaking had no real complaints. The camp is good and the spirit excellent.

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