Work Camp  11025 GW

Location: Villach

Type of work: Railway

Man of Confidence: Sgt F. Bowman

Number of Men: 51

Known to be present

William George Baldry Sgmn R Sigs 4207 also 86/GW, 76/HV, 970/GW
Alban F. Beach Cpl H.Q. 6 Div. AASC 437 Australia
Frederick James Bowman Sgt RAC 3162 MOC
Fred Cordery Spr RE 2238 also 10234/GW
William Charles Cranmer   RASC 1600  
Alfred George Harvey L/Cpl RASC 1711 also 10134/GW, 10234/GW
Stanley Eric Hyett Dvr RE 2943 also 10084/GW
J.G. Westcott Pte RAMC 1062  
Fred Cordery group

Date of visit: 21 May 1943

General Description

This camp consists of one rather old barrack only, standing in a field on the outskirts of the small town of Villach. The men do railway work.

Interior arrangement

There is one day room and 3 sleeping rooms as well as a small room belonging to the Man of Confidence. The lighting is not satisfactory, each room having only one lamp. Furthermore, the rooms are all very low. There was no complaint regarding the heating.

Bathing and washing facilities

These are rather primitive. The POWs obtain their washing water from a pump in the small yard of the compound. As for bathing they are rather badly off, the present arrangements allowing them only two baths at a time, fuel being rather scarce and the water taking half an hour to be heated. Unhappily, this state of water supply cannot be altered for technical reasons.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

The food is cooked by a civilian woman and the POWs are satisfied with this system, their meals being well cooked. Private cooking is done on a stove in the day-room.

Medical attention and sickness

There is an acknowledged sanitator, J.G. Wescott, RAMC, POW No. 1062. He is asking for aspirins and complains that whenever he receives a consignment of disinfectants, most bottles are broken. So far there have been no serious cases of illness but only minor working accidents. Every evening there is a sick parade; those wishing to see a doctor can go to Villach where there is a Jaeger Battalion in garrison whose Stabsarzt looks after them. For dental treatment POWs must go either to Spittal or to the local dentist.


In order.


Laundry is given out and paid for by the POWs.

Money and Pay

In order.


So far no canteen has been established.

Religious activity

No padre has yet visited this camp but in due course Stalag XVIII A/Z will arrange for this.

Recreation and exercise

There is no sports-ground within the compound and the prisoners get very little football. The Accompanying Officer gave the order that the compound should be enlarged. They ask for permission to go bathing during the summer, which was granted.


Mail comes in spasmodically. Some parcels have not arrived although their dispatch has been duly advised. However, the German Post Office is making the necessary investigation.

Welfare work

In order.


The main complaint concerned the unsatisfactory ventilation possibilities of the dormitories. The ceiling being very low, the upper berths get very little air. The delegate of the Protecting Power suggested that two aeration chimneys should be built for every room. The contractor of this camp who was present when this discussion took place, promised to see with the camp architect whether this could be done.

General impression

Old but not too bad. Once the compound is enlarged according to orders, the conditions of living will be really satisfactory.

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