Work Camp  10234 GW

Location: Dellach

Type of work: Quarry

Man of Confidence: Unknown

Number of Men: 34 approx.

Known to be present

L. Almond Tpr RAC 9201  
F.W. Bailey Spr RE 1618  
? Bond        
? Bradshaw        
Lew P. Bray Spr RE 1617  
Wilfred John Butcher Spr RE 1523 Birkenhead, UK; also 10134/GW
James Carmichael Spr RE 1752 East Lothian, Scotland; also 10134/GW
Reginald Collins Spr RE 5735 Bristol, UK; also 10134/GW
Fred Cordery Spr RE 2238 also 11025/GW
William Charles Cranmer   RASC 1600  
Albert Davis Dvr RASC 2760 Bletchley, Berks, UK; also 10134/GW
? Dicks        
Frank Ellingworth Pte RASC 1784 Enfield, Middlesex, UK; also 10134/GW
Horace Frank Felce Dvr RE 2046 Irchester, Northants, UK; also 10134/GW
A.C. (Bert) Fisher Cpl RASC 1713 also 853/GW, 10134/GW
Ernest Fisher Farr RAVC 1823 London; also 10134/GW
F.J. Foyle Tpr RAC 1695  
James Gibson Dvr RASC 2075 Ayrshire, Scotland; also 10134/GW
Jack M. Hall L/Cpl RASC 1712 Oldham, Lancs, UK; also 10134/GW
Alfred G. Harvey L/Cpl RASC 1711 London; also 10134/GW, 11025/GW
? Hill        
James Honeyman Dvr RASC 2111 Fife, Scotland; also 10134/GW
? Hosker        
? Jones        
Thomas L.A. Locks Dvr RASC 1995 Bournemouth, Hants, UK; also 10134/GW
David Preston Tpr RAC 1678 London; also 10134/GW
William Raybould Gnr RA 557 Cradley, Staffs, UK; also 10134/GW
Jack Searl Dvr RASC 1998 Buckhurst Hill, Essex, UK; also 10134/GW
T.H.G. Seymour Pte Essex 2034 also 10134/GW
Leonard Talliss Spr RE 1207 Birmingham, UK; also 10134/GW
Evan Thomas Dvr RASC 1988 Torquay, Devon, UK; also 10134/GW
Kenneth Till Spr RE 1187 Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, UK; also 10134/GW
? Tucker        
? Turner        

Photo provided by John Targett and Peter Harvey. If you have any further information on this Work Camp, please contact Peter.


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