Work Camp  10205 GW


Location: Wietersdorf, Klein St. Paul

Type of work: Cement factory

Man of Confidence: Tpr Thomas Wardley, 1254 (Sep. '43)
                                  Tpr John Spence, 1117 (Oct. '44)

Number of Men: 18 - 24

Known to be present

Thomas Aitken L/Cpl RE 1411 Peebles, Scotland
Henry Dunn Spr RE 1145 also 10049/GW
Raymond L. Ellis Pte B&H 1135 Beds
Godfrey W. Hicks Tpr RAC 1159  
Lewis Raymond Horscroft Tpr NZ Div. Cav. 1001 New Zealand
Ernie Hunter       Fife, Scotland
Sam Jackson Spr RE 1163  
Charles A.W. Smy Gnr RA 7172  
John Spence Tpr RAC 1117 MOC Oct. '44
Tommy Walker Spr RE 1162 Scotland
Thomas Wardley Tpr RAC 1254 MOC Sep. '43
Neville A. Whitman Gnr RA 7173  
Lewis Horscroft Charles Smy Neville Whitman
John Spence Thomas Aitken Raymond Ellis
Ernie Hunter   Unknown

(Thanks to Diana Watts and Bronwyn Stackpole for the photographs.)

Date of visit: 3 September 1943

General Description

Sleeping and living room in a farm house on the first floor. The building is very healthy. In the courtyard there are two sheds for washhouse and latrine.

Interior arrangement

The men sleep in double-tier beds. Lighting and heating are adequate.

Bathing and washing facilities

The washhouse has running cold water.Hot showers can be taken every day at the works.

Toilet facilities

The latrines are rather primitive, but the delegate was able to obtain that orders should be given to arrange them properly.

Food and Cooking

The food comes from the work-canteen. It is not quite to the taste of the British prisoners of war, but it seems to be clean and well cooked for the taste of the country. Red Cross food can be cooked on an excellent stove in the sleeping quarters.

Medical attention and sickness

Medical treatment is available every day in the works where a civilian doctor is looking after the prisoners of war. Medical supply is adequate. For dental treatment the men go to Stalag XVIIIA.


In progress.


Done by the men.

Money and Pay



Some beer can be bought in the works-canteen.

Religious activity

No visit from the padre so far.

Recreation and exercise

As there is no sports field available the delegate was promised that walks would be organised.


Fairly good.

Welfare work

In order.


There was no copy of the Geneva Convention in this camp. This will be fixed. There is no drying room for the clothing when the men had to work in the rain. The accompanying officer gave orders that the work had to supply one room to that effect.

General impression

This camp is fairly pleasant as the men are lodged outside of the factory's compound near the village and surrounded by orchards. The men have no complaint to make about the work and the treatment they receive and seem to be in good condition morally and physically.

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