Work Camp  11094 L

Location: Silberegg

Type of work: Farmwork

Man of Confidence: Sgt Andrew Findlay, 5781

Number of Men: 26

Known to be present

Finlay John Campbell Cpl 2/11 Inf. Bn. 3666 Australia
Andrew Findlay Sgt RA 5781 MOC
Paul Lavender Bdr RA 5343 Capt'd Crete; married a local Austrian girl
Harry J. Proud Pte 2/6 Inf. Bn. 3427 Australia
Samson Wines L/Sgt RA 365 Stoke; murdered 13.5.45

Photos provided by Linda Allen, daughter of Finlay Campbell.

Finlay Campbell   Harry Proud

Date of visit: 3 September 1943

General Description

The prisoners of war live in a big building above the stables in three rooms. The building belongs to a number of farm-houses forming the big estate of Silberegg belonging to a Mrs Thomasberger who manages the whole property.

Interior arrangement

Two sleeping rooms with double tier beds. One day-room and one washroom.

Bathing and washing facilities

There is a boiler for hot water and some taps for running cold water.

Toilet facilities


Food and Cooking

The food is cooked in the farm. The material is excellent but the way of cooking does not please the prisoners. They asked to have their own cook and cookhouse, but this is not possible.

Medical attention and sickness

There is a civilian doctor in the village of Treibach about three kilometers away. Medical supply adequate. Dental treatment is given in Spittal.




The washing is done by a woman.

Money and Pay



There is no canteen.

Religious activity

No padre has visited this camp up to now.

Recreation and exercise

The men play football regularly.


No complaint.

Welfare work

In order.


The prisoners complained that always the same two men had to do the milking on Sundays. The delegate discussed the matter with the estate's manager who promised to train some others for milking so as to make the prisoners work in turns every third or fourth Sunday. There is also no Geneva Convention in this camp. The accompanying officer took note of this.

General impression

This is an excellent camp where the prisoners enjoy nearly complete freedom. The state of health and the spirit are as good as possible.

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